So Much Planning to do!

“But I don’t know how to be one of these leesoons, Amar.” Joopey said as I watched him and Erik help clean off the breakfast table.

“It’s called lee-AY-sone Joop.” Erik giggled.

“Liaison,” Joop corrected himself.

“See, you’re already learning.” I said.

“But just because I can SAY it, doesn’t mean I can DO it.”

“Don’t fret, Joopey.” I said. “You have nearly two weeks to prepare, and Carel will be helping you and you will have loads of chances to observe Erik and me and some of the other liaisons. You can watch Cam and Brody in your Form as well.”

“I’ll help you answer questions you have as well, Joop.” Erik gave him a hug.


But today, Saturday, was my day to meet at the Care Facility with the Dean Master’s wife where her father was. Erik and Joopey were going to head to the care facility to see Opa Hendrick.

This was also the day Erik and Joop would catch up with Parker, Sven, Oliver, and Reece and make up the day they missed last weekend by going to the baths and maybe do a bit of bowling!

I will say though, the difference between the two care facilities was like night and day! It made me realize that if you were wealthy, or could afford to put an adult in a facility such as the one Mrs. DM’s father was, one would definitely be getting the best of care.

In a state-run facility where Opa Hendrick was, I would assume a patient would be getting minimal care – at least.

But I was indeed impressed that Mrs. DM was well aware – and she told me that is where we needed to hone our priorities.

“I only tell you this, Amar,” She said, “Because I am well aware facilities that offer minimal care exist everywhere. With your Whispers of Hope Mission, you won’t change all the facilities over night all at once, but you surely can make a difference and begin to turn around one.”

“So we’ll start on the high end and learn there?” I asked, “And eventually bring the low end more into our reach for reasonable improvement, correct?”

“Now I know why my husband admires you so, Amar.” She smiled gracefully. “You do think with your heart, and we’ll get along brilliantly.”


The first thing we did was visit her father – a stoic, but dwindled gentleman with mops of white hair aside his head.

I was well curious how he recognized his daughter right away, and that brought a bright smile to both their lips. She introduced him to me, but he knew not who I was, but forced a vacant smile all the same.

As we pushed him around the facility in a wheelchair, Mrs. DM explained each of the brightly coloured rooms and areas – far brighter and more cheery than the facility Opa Hendrick as in.

I was busily observing and taking notes like mad!

We had lunch in the large-windowed, brightly lit cafeteria, Mrs. DM calmly feeding her child-like father until he fussed about finishing his peas.

Upon our departure, Mrs. DM said she wanted to pay a visit to the facility where Joop’s Opa was – and mentioned that would most likely be where my Whisper of Hope Mission could start.

For some reason, I couldn’t help give this wonderful, caring lady a grand hug!


The others did fulfil their promise and ended up meeting at the bowling lanes for a few rounds of bowling, and had a grand time of it.

We had to stick with a strict study mode today, so it was low key, and after Erik and I worked with Joopey a little bit on being a “Dutch” Liaison, he was off to school before lunch so he could spend time with Reece.

“Do we get some kind of badge that tells all the new lads that Carel and I are the new Dutch Liaisons, Amar?” Joop grinned sheepishly.

“I’ll see what I can do, Joop!” I winked at him as he skipped out the door to catch the tram.


“I do want to use Ben to help me design some of the booths and get them laid out well proper for Spirit Day, Amar.” Erik sat next to me in the snuggle chair.

“That’s a pretty great choice, little buddy. I said, kissing his cheek.

I was going over my reviews for Psychology, and Erik was reviewing last year’s notes and such on Spirit Day. I also spent a bit of time going over my Orientation Day speeches and helping Erik organize parts of his committees – or at least who he might consider choosing to help out in various areas.

It was going to be “fun” busy planning on getting everything prepared!

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4 Responses to So Much Planning to do!

  1. Day says:

    Joopey is such a trooper. He may not say Liaison well proper, but he has the spirit and drive to do a grand job of it no matter how you say it — give that lad a badge!

    I’m sure your visit to the care facility with Mrs. DM to visit her dad was eye opening. I’m glad that she wants to visit Opa Hendrick’s care facility. Your observations and discussion with her will help sharpen the priorities for your program. I sense you have forged a strong caring partnership.

    Erik has quickly grasped the reins of leadership for Spirit Day planning. And enlisting Ben’s support with layout and booths is brilliant.

    So much to do, but I sense you are excited and optimistic about what lies ahead!


    AMAR SAYS: It will be well exciting! ;)

  2. JerBear says:

    I can imagine it was quite the contrast between the facility where Mrs. DM’s father is and the facility where Joop’s opa lives. Unfortunatly there will always be better facilities for those who can afford it. You will help bridge the gap when Whisper of Hope begins. Your team will be able to bring joy to all the patients they interact with.

    I had to chuckle when you described the planning you had to do as “fun.” I don’t doubt for one minute that you meant it. You would probably be very frustrated if you had a day or to with nothing to do. I suspect that before the first day was done you would have a plan to be of help to someone the next day!

    Take good care of yourself and get some good rest to recharge your batteries for the week ahead. We’ll be here, along for the ride, as your academic and heart journeys progress. Sweet Dreams my friend!


    AMAR SAYS ;)

  3. Nikki says:

    Hallo Amar,
    I have a question:
    Who operates the “nursing homes” in the Netherlands?
    the community?
    private companies?
    or private “nonprofit organizations”? (church-oriented, such as Caritas and Diakonia – trade-union-oriented – the aid organizations , “Red Cross”, “John”, “Malta”)
    Do youhave today on Whit Monday off from school?
    Gruß Nikki

    AMAR SAYS: I’m sure there are several run by most all you mentioned above. Also State owned.

    And White Monday is celebrated in the Netherlands, but it is not a recognized British Holiday.

  4. Doug says:


    It appears you and Mrs. DM hit it off immediately. It was helpful that she understood and showed you the difference that resources (or the lack of them) can make. The bluegrass song on NSS last week about money not buying happiness is true, but it’s also true that poverty can buy misery.

    I can just picture you trailing behind Mrs. DM, green eyes darting furiously here and there, pencil scribbling madly as you took everything in. Something tells me there’ll be a paint-the-walls-brightly project for the Whispers volunteers coming soon. Ben and the other artists/scenery painters from “The Prince & the Pauper” could be a big help.

    What a privilege, to be introduced to her father AND to have her visit the other facility where Opa Hendrick is. I suggest you formally invite her to be the “Faculty” Advisor for whispers. Bet she’d appreciate the gesture…

    Joopey’s idea of Lee-ay-zon name tags was a good one, both for Orientation Day and for the first week or two of the new Term. That kid’s resilience and energy are so touching, especially considering his past.

    Gotta run… hugs!

    AMAR SAYS: Well spoken, Doug! ;)

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