A Chat With Kyle

Another chilly, drizzly day today! But there were lots of bright spots!

Charles got on the tram this morning!! It was well grand to see him, and he was bundled up against the chill with a thick jacket and even a sweater over his shirt and tie! But he was all smiles and we hugged each other and I told him it was well nice to have him back! He told me it was WELL NICE to be back, after spending all week sick and then half that week with his sick brother, Bradley!

It was nice to see Teddy and Charles have a hug in Base Class, and it was well grand when I got a hug from Ben and Scotty as well!

Maths Prof was back in class, and it seemed he was back to his old tricks of “harping” on me to “straighten your tie!” and he even made me wash the boards!!! Grrrrr! Ben said he thinks he’s taking it out on me for reporting the problem with Marcus to the Dean Master.

At lunch, I made sure Marcus sat next to me. I gave him a hug, and he returned a well tight one. I asked how things were going, and he said they were well different, but “kind of interesting.” It was well weird cuz he seemed so . . . “mellow” and I figured that was maybe from the medication he was taking or something. I told him I saw him on Saturday, but he was asleep. He said I should have woke him up, but I told him he looked well cute laying there in his bed. He blushed but smirked well nice, saying I should have woke him with a kiss.  I winked at him and squeezed his leg.

AURGH!! Gyms was awful, and everyone figured it was going to be well awful for the next two weeks until holiday. Coach showed us some videos of Gymnastics! He told us we’d be doing lots of different things like tumbling, trampoline, a horse thing, bars and the beam, and even some of the better lads would try the rings!

He told us we wouldn’t be having a tournament, but would just be competing on our own against each other. He said we could have a partner to switch as a “spotter”, and that partnered couples could group together and help compete and spot. Some of us whispered that we’d rather take the chance of having our eggs smashed playing Dodger Balls!


Kyle was like a WELL different lad when he walked into Study Chamber 2. OMG!! He sat up proper and was calling me “Sir”, and he even kept his hands folded on the table in front of him after he handed me his paper of Maths problems from today. Since this was the first time I’d seen his work, I was mostly impressed. He only had 4 out of 10 problems wrong.

I let out a sigh, and then chatted with him about our “rules”, and how we would spend the period. He kept saying, “Yes, Sir,” and “No, Sir”, that I finally had to stop and turn him to look at me, asking why he was being so well formal.

He gulped and his eyes began to water, and I well melted as he said, “I don’t want to fail you, and I don’t want to fail Maths. I want to do everything right from the beginning. Just like you made Erik get well better in Maths, I want to do the same.” Even though he didn’t blink his wide brown eyes, a tear brimmed and ran down his cheek. He quickly brushed it away and I smiled at him, giving him a well tight hug. He loosened up and hugged back.


I said, “Kyle? You’ll do well fine. I like you as a chum and I’ll tutor you the best I can. I won’t let you fail Maths or anything else, because if you fail, then I fail. In fact, I bet once I get to know where you are struggling the most, we’ll work on that and see your Maths points well rise before holiday.” He beamed at me and I wiped the tears from his cheeks with my thumbs and kissed his cute little pug nose, adding, “And stop calling me “Sir.” We both had a well grand laugh at that!

As we worked through the four problems Kyle missed, he was well attentive – unlike Marcus. I told Kyle that his problem might be that he tried to rush through the numbers without trying to figure out what order they should go in. By ending chimes, he had three of the four problems solved! I was well proud of him and told him so as he gave me a hug and said, “See you tomorrow, Sir . . . I mean, Amar!” He giggled and I even got another hug.

Then, as Kyle left, I was gathering my things when Marcus appeared, well surprising me! I said, “Hey, how did things go today?” He closed the door and just shrugged and calmly said, “OK.” Then out of the blue, he walked up to me and gave me a well big kiss right on the lips, then hugged me real tight! When we parted, he looked at me and smiled and all he said was, “Thanks for helping me, Amar.” I was well speechless as he turned and walked away, leaving me standing there in a daze. O! M! G!


Final chimes snapped me out of it and I panicked, running to Base Class to gather my things, fumbling everything I touched and getting more and more pissered! Everyone was gone and as I ran out into the rain, the trams had already left! Grrrrrrrr! 20 minutes to the next one! So I went back inside the school and sat in the vacant lobby. I mulled over the day again in my head. The Maths Prof “picking”on me again. Marcus. Kyle. Gymnastics – UGH! The rain . . .

“Are you OK, Amar?” A soft voice asked. I looked up and saw Steven, the Liaison Officer for the 9th Form. “Oh, Steven,” I stammered. “Uh, yeah, I’m well fine. Just missed the tram is all.”

Then I asked, “What are you doing down here? You’re a boarder and a Liaison.” He kind of stammered a bit and said, “I was just checking about for you, that’s all.” I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and asked why. Steven blinked well quickly and blurted, “Just know that the other Liaisons – You know? Matt, Robert and me have your back, OK?”

I looked Steven right in the eye. “What’s this all about? Is it Brent?” Steven sat next to me on the bench and nodded his head. “He’s a total arse, Amar. He shouldn’t be a Liason.” I said, “STEVEN! What’s this all about?” Steven looked at me and bit his lower lip. “He wants to bring you down, Amar,” He whispered. My mouth dropped open. “Bring me down?” I asked, “How?” Steven let out a long sigh. “Matt, Robert, and I think he wants to somehow ‘discredit’ you – make you look bad like you made him look bad in front of us.” I was stunned, but almost expected something like that from Brent. “It’s not going to happen, Steven. I well won’t let it.” Steven said the other Liaisons were on my side and were there for me. I told Steven thanks and clapped him on the back. He put his hand on my shoulder and kept it there, looking me in the eyes. “Just be careful.” He said. I told him, “Thanks. You’re a swell chum. I won’t let it happen. I won’t let Brent get the best of me.”

I heard the tram horn as I looked at Steven while standing up and heading to the door. “No way in bloody hell, Steven. No way in bloody hell!” I shouted before I got on the tram, looking back to see Steven watching me from the school doorway.

I talked to Ben about the encounter with Steven. Ben said I didn’t have anything to worry about. He said it was probably Brent’s way of breaking me down so I would come crawling back to him and kiss his arse! I had to laugh at the way Ben said that! But I started to maybe think that was well true! Brent might be using “scare tactics” to make me fear him so he could prove he had more “power” over me. I well don’t know. I guess I need to keep an eye out, and if Brent does try something, I have to make sure it well backfires in his face. Now I need to think and sleep on this new problem in my life. GRRRR!

It’s well nice to know I have chums like Matt and Robert in the upper forms who support me, and I will also have to make sure I get to the 9th Dorm to pay a visit to Steven.

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11 Responses to A Chat With Kyle

  1. John says:

    Seems like a day of surprises. With Charles back, Kyles behavior, I rather enjoyed the “sir” bit, the nice kiss you got from Marcus, and now finding out about what a prick Brent is. Ben is right, and I strongly suggest you don’t back down. If you do he will keep you under his thumb the rest of the school year. I would also suggest not to go to the Dean Master on this one, I know it would be the logical thing to do; however, it would also put in the students minds that with all problems you take it to him. Being the Liaison Officer you will need to lead on this. My suggestion is to pull in the ranks, meaning get all those that covers your back together and explain the situation, so it isn’t just you that has to keep that eye out for Brent. Then get all the various other forms to pull in their ranks and get those to understand what is happening, like you and the other lower forms, you have made friends with those of other forms, the same goes with the higher ones. So there should be some in Brent’s form that doesn’t much like or agree with Brent. Brent will have it rough if he only has a smaller group to cause problems if most of the school disagrees with him. You have gained friends from all the boarder’s, and the Liaison Officers, except for Brent, let them help you now as you have help those around you. Hope you had a great weekend, I did and was nice to see some of my family again.

    Hugs lil bro,

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, John! I well wasn’t planning on going to the Dean Master with this. I know I do have the other Liaisons on my side, Steven, Matt, and Robert. I like your suggestion and will see what I can do. It’s just well creepy cuz it seems Brent would stab me in the back the first chance he gets! Grrrr!

  2. alx says:

    Welcome to the world of politics, where there is always someone like Brent: (
    Take care and would be good to tell your friends, not just Ben, so they are forewarned.
    Luck & animo

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks Alx!

  3. rudyyy says:

    yes amar just tell all your friends that way they can look out for you like you do them..I am sure they will make sure nothing happens to you..Like they say it only takes one person to stand up to a bully to make others realize that they can do the same thing …and most the time bullies are all talk and no go…you should maybe talk to you mum and dad about it tho to make sure some adults know just in case ….
    and have a great week amar also thanks again for your blog lol i love to read about you and you friends

  4. twinny says:

    Hi Amar,

    It’s allways hard to find good advice after Johns comment has been approved. As usuall he pointed out the most important points allready.

    Don’t worry too much. The odds are on your side. Or how would you explain that of all days you could have missed the tram it’s today, just when Steven is comming around to tell you about intriguing Brent. Or at least that he believes Brent is planing something.
    It might be helpful to think about the worst thing Brent could do to you. This way he can’t hit you unprepared. One thing which comes to my mind is your special relationship to your close chums. Less understanding parents like yours could well freak out if it comes to their attention and who knows what could result from that.

    But first Brent has to find out about that and again, Steven only said he thinks Brent wants to discredit you.

    If it comforts you, I would also cover your back stand next or in front of you. Just like Ben did before and many people of your environment would again.


    PS.: I amsterdam – lol

  5. Kevin says:

    Alx is right. This is a political thing. Not sure what Brent is up to but you know it won’t be good. However, this would not be solved by the Dean Master as there’s nothing he can actively do unless Brent violates a school rule. He’d tell you the same thing we’re telling you. Circle ranks and try to find some way to protect yourself and others. He might decide to play nasty by not going after you, but rather by attacking people like Ben, or Erik, or one of your other friends. I can really see him picking on Charles for instance. Charles would make an easy target for a disgusting person such as Brent.

    Try not to be alone when walking the halls is all I can really suggest. Brent might be the brute type. If he ‘accidentally’ bumped into you it would be your word versus his and that’s not a good thing. If you have someone with you, he might be less likely to try something.

  6. Daysurfer says:

    Hi Amar,

    There is an old proverb that says “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” It only pays to try and defeat your enemies when you can eliminate them. You can’t with Brent as long as long as he is a student, and since you are both Liaison Officers, your paths will cross.

    Brent has a need to be in front – in control. He approaches all situations as a competition. He uses bulling tactics to try to create fear and ward off challenges to his self image as the guy in charge – THE LEADER.

    But great leaders (and I consider you to be one) are compassionate, courageous, and someone others follow willingly. They do not always lead from the front. Sometimes they lead side as a coach or tutor, or from the back as a good follower.

    You have many allies within the Liaison Officers group, and you have the Dean Master and wonderful parents as great advisers. And there is Ben your counselor.

    Decide where you want to end up with Brent. He doesn’t share your compassion for others (probably sees it as weakness). That doesn’t mean that you can’t respect each others differences.

    A good course is to find some common ground, something you can all support and be on the same side with. When you’re on the same side Brent won’t view you as an opponent.

    Enough said. Good luck. Hugs.


  7. Little Mark says:

    Amar, it’s just as I figured, if Brent tries something, it’s going to be something cowardly. He’s spreading rumors with others doing his dirty work for him. A man would talk to you face to face. John’s right, you need to strengthen your friend base around you. The more eyes and ears you have helping you out the better.

    What Marcus did was real sweet! I hope this answers your question on if you did the right thing for him. That kiss he gave you came straight from his heart and not his eggs. You’ve definitely changed his life for the better. :)



    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Mark!

  8. Doug says:

    Glad that Charles is back, and that Teddy welcomed him.

    Not much you can do about the Maths Prof, except whatever he tells you. Oddly, he’s actually helping you learn because the adult working world is full of his sort. I work for multiple attorneys and constantly find errors in their work or judgement, errors which I have to correct. The smart ones value and respect that. The insecure few I carefully work around because the boss attorney understands my value – just like you and the D. M. Do show him respect, always. Embarassing him could only hurt you. If he’s ever wrong (again!) about something important just ASK him – don’t tell him – if he could explain again. Privately if you can, and “important” means something like Marcus’s situation, not just a math problem. If he figures out a better answer he might take credit for himself. That’s okay. You don’t need his approval, you only need him not to mess with you.

    Marcus does appear to be affected by new meds. It may take a while for him to adjust or for the dose to be adjusted. Everyone reacts differently. Really sweet that he recognizes all you did for him. It was just like you to seek him out at lunch to reassure, and then he shocked you with simple gratitude. It’s that magic thing again…

    Really funny how Kyle reacted, Sir!, but with a little coaching he’ll get more confident. I predict good results with your latest student. Your ability to zero in on the heart of someone’s difficulty is really impressive.

    Brent. Well, we knew he’d try to make trouble. We don’t know what kind yet, but Steven did you a big favor. I’d suggest quietly solidifying friendships with the other L.O.’s and their friends too. They already respect you (and Steven apparently fancies you a bit). Offer to help them if you can and out of friendship they’ll continue to share anything they hear about Brent’s plans. Outwitting an opponent is much easier if you know what their move will be! As alx said, welcome to politics. Dealing with jerks also comes with leadership, and a deft touch usually works better than a club.

    I liked your “GRRRR!” A good heart does not necessarily mean a weak one. ;-)

    Morning hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Doug, and hugs!

  9. Hazedge says:

    Wow! Marcus seems attracted to you. :) Ben, Erik, Teddy, Charles, Scotty…and now Marcus..maybe Jason and Kyle will be on your chums list after this..and steven could be next…lol I really jealous with your ability to attract a lot of cute chums…hahaha…

    Just be careful with Brent. I am scared that if he find out about your sexual orientation than he might use that to his advantage. So makesure you watch your back and be extra careful with your behaviour in public. People like Brent will do everything that he can to fulfill his revenge.

    LOVES, Hazedge

  10. anon says:

    Being from California I am well removed from ex-patriot UK/EEU youth culture there in your city. You talk a lot about kissing (cheeks?) as a common greeting among your chums. Lip kisses seem to be in private. No problem for me btw. But I would never see that here. Wish I did actually. Many guys now hug and it is taken as not at all gay.

    I ask because maybe Brent wants to out you as one who “fancies boys” or gay. I can’t imagine as many boys as you have as chums with privileges not being noticed as perhaps less than 100% straight if you were all over here. But perhaps among students there it is not anything to notice. Can you explain? He may know or suspect something and spread it around or just flat make up lies and get some of his stooges to back him up.

    Then too maybe being outed at your school is not an issue. I just don’t know. Perhaps also you do not think of yourselves or your chums as gay and 69, BJs, and mutual wanking is just a way to have some fun and express affection. Or maybe labels don’t matter which I think would be the ideal.

    Good luck.

    AMAR SAYS: I well think it being an all boy’s school has a bit to do with it.

  11. midnight says:

    Its nice that Charles is feeling better and back to school again. Not sure about your Maths Prof though. He seems to have a thing for picking on you, but I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Its Brent that I’m just a bit worried about. It seems like he is out for revenge. But its nice that the others are on your side and looking out for you. I still think you should be alert though but not so much that it is the only thing on your mind.

    I think that its cool that you are going to be having gymnastic now. It can be pretty fun if you find one of the things that you like. Try the ones that seem fun and not painful work. That is what I did and I found I liked tumbling or floor exercises. Never was good enough for any of the teams but I had fun doing it in class. Another thing that is fun is the trampoline.

    Have a good day, Amar


    AMAR SAYS: Nothing well new about the Maths Prof. At the beginning of school, he was on me every day! LOL

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