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Amar is still busy.

Amar told me to post this if he wasn’t home from the university place yet, so since he isn’t, then I am not doing a post but just letting you know he won’t be going a post today. He is … Continue reading

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Real Class Mates

I will admit, yesterday was a real eye-opener in actually getting to sit in on University classes! It was so grand to have David and Miguel along, and we became real class mate and University chums for the long day … Continue reading

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Late Post – No Post!

It was by far a surprise day and quite a meaningful day for all those of us taking Physics for A-Level courses! Caught off guard by our Profs, we were surprised with a learning field trip to the University of … Continue reading

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A Moving Monday!

It seemed as if the minute I walked onto the tram this morning, the next minute I was stepping off and heading home! The day moved by quite briskly, but I actually didn’t mind one bit – because within in … Continue reading

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So Much Planning to do!

“But I don’t know how to be one of these leesoons, Amar.” Joopey said as I watched him and Erik help clean off the breakfast table. “It’s called lee-AY-sone Joop.” Erik giggled. “Liaison,” Joop corrected himself. “See, you’re already learning.” … Continue reading

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Are You a bit Lost?

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