The Other Liaisons & The Fate of Marcus

Everyone wanted to know why I was wearing my dark blue blazer over the normal shirt and tie. I told them I had “a well important business luncheon to attend.” Everyone got a kick out of that and had a grand laugh. Ben winked and gave me a secret kiss. Scotty said I looked well dapper in my blazer, blushing right after he said that. I gave him a hug and said thanks. Teddy nudged me and said I looked better than dapper, that I was “well dashing!” He got a hug and a cheek kiss from me!

It was well curious that the Maths Prof wasn’t there today, but we had a different substitute, a well strict older man with a mop of gray hair. He well put us to the task and made us work harder than ever, which I liked, but I don’t think the other lads did!

When I walked into the office at lunch, the secretary smiled at me and told me I looked well handsome in my blazer! I blushed and said thank you. She told me to go on into the conference room. Everyone else was already there, chatting, and I felt well bad that I might have been late, but the Dean Master greeted me with a clap on the back, as all the other lads looked at me and I felt well uncomfortable as their studying eyes examined every inch of me! Ugh! I was the only one in a blazer!

There was a nice buffet table with lunch displayed in large stainless steel kettles over a flame, and we were able to fill our plates with meatballs and chicken and beans and such. It was well nice, and tasted delicious. I now knew how the staff ate! LOL

After lunch, the Dean Master had the table cleared and we began by rounding the table and introducing ourselves. Brent was Liaison for the 12th Form, Matthew (Matt) for the 11th Form, Robert for the 10th Form, Steven for the 9th Form, and me. Oh! Amar for the 8th Form! LOL !!

I was well worried the Dean Master would “glorify” me at the beginning, as being
“an example”, and I was glad he didn’t! He explained that he just wanted us to “become acquainted and exchange ideas”.

Brent, a strapping “jock” from the 12th, vented that he thought the cell phone ban in the upper Forms (10th thru 12th) should be abolished. The Dean Master calmly said that cell phones were allowed off campus, but not on school grounds or in the dorms.

Robert from the 10th Form said girls should be allowed on campus. That caused “here, here’s” from a few of the other lads. Again, seeming more agitated, the Dean Master recited the policies about off campus guests if they were not affiliated with the school.

Matthew from the 11th Form complimented me and the new sections at lunch, saying it well helped with the other forms getting to know each other better. I smiled and blushed when Matthew winked at me.

Steven from the 9th Form agreed with Matthew, adding that the lunches have improved greatly, and said his Form was well looking forward to the swimming pool addition to be completed, hopefully ahead of schedule. The Dean Master said it WAS ahead of schedule, but was still a good year from completion. Steven added that maybe we could “outsource” to find a swimming pool we could use. The Dean Master said that was commendable, and would look into it.

Then suddenly, all eyes were on me! OMG! The little kid in the blazer! I took a deep breath and began. It was the report I wrote on boarding that I had in mind. I asked everyone “who was a boarder?” Steven was the only one who said he was. I was well glad he was sitting next to me. I then asked the others how well they knew their boarding chums. Brent seemed a bit irritated (but he was a “jock!”), but Matt and Robert kind of shrugged.

I told them about my experience being a boarder for a few days, saying it was well different. That it was a different world the lads were living that needed to be understood. Primadonna Brent grunted that I was right about the different worlds, and said, “Boarders live there lives, and non boarders live ours!”

I stared Brent down and told him that was exactly what I was talking about, and that he well didn’t’ understand! He shrugged me off and that pissered me even more. I looked at him and told him he should spend a few days as a boarder to see the other side! Brent told me to bugger off, and the Dean Master suddenly quieted the room, telling Brent he was well out of line.

Both Robert and Matt spoke up, saying they well wondered what the difference was with boarders and transits. Despite Brent rolling his eyes and snarling at me the entire time, I gave a quick description of what it was like for me, a transit student, to spend a few nights in the dorm. It was well sweet that Steven clapped me on the back in agreement, and both Matt and Robert nodded with understanding.

That’s when the Dean Master looked at Brent, and asked him if he would be willing to do what “Mr. ****, (me) did.” Brent snorted, saying he well knew all the lads in his class and didn’t need to “take that kind of test, because it’s not his business how the boarders live”.

I took a well drastic dare just then as I looked at Brent and asked, “Then why are you a Liaison Officer for your Form? The other lads gave an “ooohh” sound as Brent shot me dagger looks. Steven clapped me softly on the back for standing up to Brent.

The Dean Master stepped in. “I think it would be a grand idea for Mr’s. **** (Brent, Matt, and Robert) to spend a few nights in the dorm with the boarders. Steven and I looked at each other and smirked. “I can make the arrangements with your parents, and we can begin this little test after holiday.”

The meeting ended, but Brent made sure he pointed his finger in my face telling me, “You’ll pay for this, you little poofer!” I told him to have a nice day, but gulped with worry. But it was Steven that said he was well proud how I stood up to Brent, adding it was well brave, since he was “the main man of the 12th Form.” Steven told me I could drop by the 9th Dorm anytime for a visit. I told him thanks, that I might just do that. And Matt and Robert were also on my side, Matt telling me not to let Brent bully me, and if I needed “assistance”, to let him know.

I was ready to exit with the other lads, but the Dean Master told me to hold back, and we walked into his office. I sat in my chair as he sat behind his desk with two folders. Then he looked at me and let out a low sigh. “I feel it best at this time to assign another lad for you to tutor, Mr. ****”. I felt my eyes start to water as I asked, “Marcus has that disorder, doesn’t he, Sir?” The Dean Master nodded, “The initial diagnosis is ADD, but he will be given a few more tests and be put on some mild medication that will help him concentrate a bit better and also help with his attention span.”

I asked, “Then if he’s on medication that will help, why can’t I still tutor him?” The Dean Master smiled, “Your dedication is outstanding, Mr. ****! But there are reasons to the fact that Marcus will need more professional help than you can give him right now. There are expert tutors that deal with this kind of problem. You are an excellent tutor, but right now Marcus needs someone with fine-tuned skills in working with lads who have this disorder so they can give him the attention he needs at this point in his life. Do you understand?” I nodded, asking, “Marcus will still be here at school, won’t he? I mean I can still see him?” The Dean Master said, “Absolutely! He will just have a different class schedule, that’s all. You’ll see him at lunch, and you can visit him in his Dorm.”

I said, Thank you, Sir,” as he opened one of the folders and told me starting Monday, I would be tutoring Kyle during last period.

Last period, since I didn’t have Marcus or anyone to tutor, I walked up to Study Chamber 2 and just sat there thinking about this last week. The scare with Ben that turned out better in the end. working with Marcus and coming up with new ideas to help him understand and concentrate. Getting Erik’s room ready for him for the upcoming holiday. Finishing my big report! Meeting the other Liaison Officers and well liking them (except Brent!), and now learning that I would be tutoring Kyle for the next two weeks before Holiday started.

I went to Base Class before last chimes and got my tote ready. Just as chimes rang, I waited in the hall for Ben, grabbing him and taking him into the loo. I was well glad it was empty because I needed one of his kisses WELL badly! He asked what that was all about, and I just told him it was because I had a well strange week, and that I loved him! We walked back to Base to get our totes and headed to the trams.

I am WELL glad it is Friday!!!!

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12 Responses to The Other Liaisons & The Fate of Marcus

  1. alx says:

    will have a deserve break this weekend, maybe you can go visit Marcus when pick Erik.
    Luck & animo.

    AMAR SAYS: I well plan to peek in on Marcus to see how he’s doing before Erik comes home!

  2. ken says:

    You accomplished a lot with Marcus, you should be proud. You will still have him as a friend. You made some new friends in the liaision meeting except for Brent and He doesn’t sound like he is worth knowing anyway. Well have a grand weekend. I hope you get to spend sometime with Ben and Erik. I am glad Kyle is your next student. He was my first choice after Erik.
    to clarify yesterdays comment; Your “magic” is loving kindness. When you spread it around you cure alot of ills. Thank yoyu for sharing it with me.

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks and hugs, Ken!

  3. yugo 13 says:

    You are lucky Amar for this Friday. It’s a good day for you.Me l had a very poor day which I shall like to forget.


    AMAR SAYS: I’m well sorry, Yugo. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Hugs

  4. Ray says:

    I think Brent somehow recognised himself in you. That’s why he so arrogant.
    But that’s not mean you resemble him. Just he think’s that.
    But he arrogant too, cuz you hurt him some of your words. Like “Then why are you a Liaison Officer for your Form?”

    AMAR SAYS: I said that because he well doesn’t seem to care about his boarding chums. He just likes the popularity!

  5. Ray says:

    I understand why are you say that. But not so clever thing hurt someone who have more authority than you.
    He is not a good person, but he is the main laison officer. That’s like if you are a politician in a small country and say to Putyin to f**k you. :D

  6. twinny says:

    Quite overwelming your little flashback over the last week. You’re damn right, you deserve a relaxing weekend.

    I liked the little stand of you had with Brent. He might have a bigger problem with a well younger lad contradicting him and earning credit while doing so than with staying a few nights as a border. I don’t think Brent won’t be a big problem for you. He might be trying to bully you around in the halls, but you have more than enough friends through all forms to back you off. During classes and liason meetings he can’t confront you cause teachers and the DM will be on your side. Just watch that he doesn’t get on your good side. I mean you are a very sensitive person open for others feelings and needs and not only the good ones. Don’t let anybody hurt you with words. But again I’m meeting trouble half way. Maybe he’ll come around and turns out to be a nice guy.

    It’s great to hear the Marcus is getting professional help now. Just let him know that you still are his friend and didn’t want to get a new student. That you actually fought to stay his tutor. And you yourself shouldn’t be sad too. You achieved so much for Marcus in just one week and now you can lock after and help another sweet chum of you who also is a good friend of your little brother.

    Talking of which, I wish you both a great weekend. Enjoy some fun time together. I think it is out of question that he will like his room. I bet he will want you to share “his” bet with him.


    PS.: Did I miss something? Since when is Brent the main liason officer? He is the oldest, but main. Don’t think so. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    AMAR SAYS: No, there is NO main Liaison Officer. Ray just worded it wrong since he well doesn’t speak good English. Brent is the Liaison Officer ONLY for his Form, the 12th.

  7. Doug says:

    Quite a week indeed. For all the good you’ve done I hope your weekend’s a bit calmer. You don’t have to save the world every day – it’s too exhausting! Glad you were able to find Ben for a little comfort. (A lot of comfort would be better! LOL).

    Brent scares me a little, and you stuck the knife of logic right in the heart of him. It’s not exactly like Ray said, Brent has no more “authority” than you or any other student. A school is not a democracy, it’s a (hopefully benevolent) dictatorship. The only authority any L.O. has is what the D.M. gives him, and that’s based on what value the L.O. brings to him. You bring him a ton, thanks to your magical loving heart AND your intellect. You may give kind love, as to Ben’s dad, or tough love, as to Brent, but you’re always giving and that makes the DM’s job easier and his school better. Further, you don’t waste his time with silly complaints, which every leader of every organization hates. He’ll be your lifelong friend long after you graduate, seriously. What value Brent brings him is unclear, and fortunately not a problem you have to think about.

    My concern is that Brent might be SO homophobic he decides to hurt you. He won’t do it himself, he knows the D.M. would figure that out. But he may have jock friends who are even stupider than he is and will do what he tells them. He obviously knows something about your personal life, calling you a “poof” (though I’ll bet you’re a cute poof!). Unfortunately, the reality is there are boys and men (mostly) who find guys like us so threatening they’re driven to violence. I don’t understand it (well, I do in my head but not in my heart) but I’ve been there. It was 3 of them against 1 of me and I didn’t win. I was very lucky they had no weapons and stopped when they did.

    Please watch your back. Don’t end up somewhere where one of them could get you alone. I hesitate to even mention the name Matthew Shepard, that’s getting very serious indeed, but if you don’t know his story you should Google it up.

    Wow. I’m sorry if that scares you, but you’re mature enough to hear it and brave enough to need to.

    Have a fabulous weekend with Erik. Life’s good and life with fancied chums and a loving family is better!

    Morning hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: I well don’t think Brent meant “poofer” that way. Lot’s of lads I hear calling each other that as a joke or in a kidding way. I guess kind of like saying “that’s well gay” or something. My concern is that I put Brent down in front of the others and it pissered him off. I’ve been thinking of apologizing to him, but don’t want to be caught off guard with other 12th Former chums of Brent. It’s well nice to know that the other Liaisons, Matt, Robert, and Steven “have my back.”
    Thanks, Doug. Hugs!

  8. Doug says:

    I well hope you’re right. You were there and heard his tone of voice, so you know best.

    Apologizing to Brent would be a good idea, especially if you could do it in front of some of the other LO’s. It’s not clear you did anything wrong, but he thinks you did and an apology may help clear the air. If you followed with a request for his advice on some topic it would show you respect his opinion. At the moment he thinks you don’t. Almost everyone has something of value to offer.

  9. midnight says:

    WOW Amar….what a week you had. I love the way you got the upper from guys to try the boarding life to see how it is. I think one of them, Brent will get his just rewards as a boarder. And I agree with you answer to the earlier poster about the threat. I wouldn’t really worry about it either since he felt a bit put out by a younger guy. He seems the type that s all mouth and no brain.But I do think that a good dose of the boarding life will do him good.

    As for Marcus, I am glad he will be getting some help for ADD. And I agree with the Dean Master that the tutoring he needs with somebody who is an expert in it. He will be getting counseling and tutoring at the same time. But the most important thing he needs right now is to let him know that you are his friend and are there for him. And the next time you visit him you need to give him a great big hug and maybe even a kiss too and tell him that. If you find a way to do it that would be the best.

    So now that the weekend is here you need time to relax, not think about things for a bit and do things for Amar. Call it Amar’s Time. And you need Ben there, either on phone or in person. I think he is the calming and relaxing medicine for you.

    Take care, my friend and have a quiet and relaxing weekend.


  10. Little Mark says:

    Great job with Marcus. He may not understand how much you’ve helped him until much later on, but you should be proud of yourself. If he’s a little pissered at you now, don’t take it to heart. The correct road is seldom the one easily traveled.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Brent and I wouldn’t play into his self-absorption by apologizing. He’ll either do the dorm thing or he’ll resign. I’m guessing you don’t interact very much with 12th formers anyway. If he tries something against you, it will probably be something very cowardly and he’ll get kicked out of school. That seems his style. Remember, Brent is only going to be there for a very short time, the DM is looking for lads like you that he can support to make the school better in the years to come.

    You deserve a well needed rest this weekend. Don’t be surprised if Erik loves his room, but still wants to sneak into your bedroom. :)



  11. Mathias says:

    I read the story of Matthew Shepard :o
    I am in shock !!
    Thats so terrible !

  12. John says:

    A`h Amar I`m afraid you may have made a enemy !
    Brent is diff to big for his bricthes and a 12 Fomer too !
    But fore warned is fore armed just use you head and you`ll be fine.
    I`d like to Thank You for sharing all of this with us ! It`s reall grand to see how
    all of this unfolds.
    Your a really good son and friend and all around person ! Cheers !

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