Turning Blue

Charles was still out sick today, and Chris said his brother Bradley was sick as well! When I got to Base Class, Teddy said he talked with Charles last night, and he was feeling a bit better and might be back to school tomorrow. I asked if Teddy was feeling OK, and he said, “So far.”

Sitting next to Ben in Chapel, he asked me who the new Acolyte was, and why he was smiling at me. I well rolled my eyes and told him that was Marcus’ room mate, Jason. And Ben WAS right! Jason kept staring at me and smiling. He even bumped into the other Acolytes because he wasn’t looking what he was doing!

Maths Prof told me he got a bit dizzy going over Marcus’ paper with all the colors! I told him there should only be four colors, and he said two would be plenty. But he did say Marcus got 3 right, and I told the Prof that the colors must be helping! He just rolled his eyes at me. But it was also well sweet that Ben kept his hand on my leg well near all during Maths! He even teased me and tried to sneak it up closer to my noodle, but I kept playfully pushing his hand back. My Ben, the Daring One!

Erik inched Scotty out of the way at lunch, and ended up spilling his milk all down the front of his trousers! Everyone else had a well good laugh, but Erik, his eyes brimming with tears, ran from the lunch room. Scotty said he was well sorry, but I told him it wasn’t his fault, and that Erik was being a bit rude butting between us. I took the beef sandwich off Erik’s tray, and his cup of pudding, and put it on my tray as I stood up. Ben knew where I was going, and gave me a well nice wink.

Erik was sitting on his bed when I eased open his door. It was well funny, but I bit my lip not to laugh. He had his shirt on, and his tie was still somewhat tied, but his pants and skivs were in a little pile next to his bed. He looked up at me, pouting a bit, as I set the tray down and told him to eat his sandwich. I sat on his bed, with the tray between us, and we ate our sandwiches, shared my fried chips, and gobbled our puddings.

After we ate, I told him he should get a clean pair of skivs and trousers on. He grunted that he was out of skivs! I told him, “Erik! It’s only Wednesday! You can’t be out of skivs three days before the weekend. That’s when he admitted that he didn’t pick up his clean laundry at the beginning of the week like all boarders are supposed to. I told him I well should smack his bum for forgetting. Curiously, he grinned at that! I told him to finish his pudding as I got a clean pair of trousers from his dresser, telling him to put them on.

“Without skivs??” He questioned, smirking. I nodded, holding out the trousers for him. “My willie will not be happy the rest of the day!” He snickered before he slipped into his clean trousers. I told him to make sure he picked up his laundry from the laundry room right at last chimes. I also cautioned him that he’d well be doing his own laundry when he came to stay at our house during holiday if he didn’t help Mum out and take his clean clothes back to his room, adding he best be responsible in his chores.

“And tuck in your shirt well proper,” I told him, as I picked up the lunch tray and headed for the door. He grunted, “Are you going to be a mean big brother when I come to live with you for holiday?” I turned and looked at his pouting face. I said, “No, Erik. I’m just going to be your big brother.” I winked at him as I left, but he ran after me and gave me a big wet kiss, nearly knocking the tray out of my hands! I told him to put his shoes on and get ready for his next class!

Marcus was well out of sorts last period! I asked him what was buggering him, and he told me the Lits Prof told him to quit squirming in his seat and then made him read out loud! “I don’t like reading out loud to the lads!” Marcus grunted to me. “Cuz I can’t do it bloody well and they make fun of me!” I put my arm around his shoulder and he rested his head against me. I told him I bet he was a well good reader, telling him I well liked the way he talked with his accent and all. He looked at me with his wide eyes and said, “Really?” I nodded.

But as we got down to work on Maths, I could tell the index cards and drawing thing was well getting old in Marcus’ mind. Even walking around the table three times instead of two, didn’t make a big difference. So for the last 20 minutes, I told him he could doodle, but all his doodles and drawings had to be in the form of a number. He thought that was well grand, and the ending results were . . . 2 cats with the number 3 in them, 1 flower with the number 8, and 4 lad’s noodles with the numbers 1, 6, 7, and 9 in them!

At least he concentrated on numbers for those 20 minutes!


As soon as I walked into the front door, I smelled fresh paint! Walking into the kitchen, smelling dinner (and paint), I dropped my tote on the chair and gave Mum a kiss and hug. I asked about the smell, and she told me the painters came today to paint Erik’s room. I was well pleased that she actually called it “Erik’s room”! And I ran upstairs to take a look!

It was well wonderful!!!! It was such a grand blue color I already knew Erik would love it! All the furniture was moved to the center of the room, and had a well large canvas over it. I just looked at all the walls and started to think about turning my room blue!

After dinner, Mum, dad and I set up Erik’s room in the way we (I) thought he would like it. Dad and me carried the desk up and put it into place. Mum said she would give it a good dusting and polishing tomorrow. Mum also wanted to hang pictures on the walls, but both dad and I said to wait until Erik was staying here and ask him what he’d like on his walls. Then I asked if he could come this weekend. Mum said she could have the room ready by then! It was well sweet that we had a grand group hug just then . . . in Erik’s new blue room!

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8 Responses to Turning Blue

  1. Kevin says:

    Your math teacher really does strike me as not particularly caring about Marcus. As for Erik, somehow it doesn’t surprise me that he forgot to pick up his clean clothing this week. I bet it isn’t the first time that he’s forgotten either. heh He has absolutely grand taste in bedroom colours as I have always though blue the perfect colour for sleeping. It’s such a good tranquil colour. Course my house is done in almost nothing but blues and greens so…

    AMAR SAYS: I well can’t wait for Erik to see his new room!

  2. twinny says:

    Wow, that really is blue! I would get all dissy. I bet you are not gonna tell him untill he steps into his new room? That will be a grand surprise.

    AMAR SAYS: It’s really not THAT blue. It’s more navy blue but couldn’t find a pic but I am looking for some. I’ll ask Mum and dad if he can come this weekend.

  3. ken says:

    ohh lot’s of Erik today. I miss him. Marcus showed progress and then lack of interest.
    oh my! Now Jason fancies you. It’s just a well sweet post today. Thank you.

  4. Kevin says:

    I bet Erik will be cute when he does. Wow. Navy Blue is dark here in the states. It’s a shade above midnight blue which is almost black. I used to have to wear navy blue trousers back in my Catholic school child days. heh

  5. yugo 13 (french) says:

    who is Erik for Amar? a little brother or a friend ?

    I don’t understand!

    AMAR SAYS: He is a school chum that is well like a little brother to me.

  6. Jan says:

    I really like the way you look after Eric. It reminds me every time that I want to have a little brother, too…

    As I said yesterday you should have a talk with the Dean Master about Marcus. He has a probem with his attention that you can’t deny and I don’t think it is only because he is in puberty because than he wouldn’t only be bad in math (and maybe reading).

    Hugs, Jan

    AMAR SAYS: I have a meeting with the Dean Master tomorrow because my report on my boarding experience is due. I will have a chat with him about Marcus as well.

  7. Little Mark says:

    At least Jason didn’t knock over any candles and start the place on fire. Though it does look like he’s hot for you, that wouldn’t be a good way to show it. lol

    It’s good you’re going to talk with the Dean Master about Marcus so he knows what’s going on. Somethings you can’t fix all by yourself, but by making the school aware of Marcus’ problem, you’re helping him more than you know.

    Good luck with Erik during break. He’s going to be a handful and a bundle of constant energy. I hope he doesn’t wear you out.



  8. midnight says:

    You can tell Marcus not to worry about reading out loud. I never have been any good at it. It is because I am a fast reader so when I read out loud my brain is about 10 word ahead of my mouth. That causes me to trip up on my words. Maybe he has the same problem.

    Love the blue colour of Erik’s room. It is about the same colour blue that our bedroom is. We decided on that colour because it is very calming and relaxing. At least most of the time…..hehe ;)


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