A Moving Monday!

It seemed as if the minute I walked onto the tram this morning, the next minute I was stepping off and heading home!

The day moved by quite briskly, but I actually didn’t mind one bit – because within in all there were a LOAD of things accomplished!


First of all, before everyone starts asking, yes, it was Whit Monday today, and Whit Sunday was yesterday.

Whit Sunday is exactly seven weeks after Easter Sunday where it commemorates the Holy Spirit’s descent from heaven unto Jesus’ followers.

Whit Monday is also a popular day for doing outdoor activities, or just spending time outside with family of friends.

WHIT Sunday AND Monday are considered Holidays in the Netherlands, but they are not recognized by the British, therefore it was just a normal day and we DID attend school.


I could definitely tell things were happening behind the scenes at school today, for certain. There were whispers among everyone about Sprit Day, and Erik seemed to be floating a few centimetres above the ground as he started rallying his troupes!

The Dean Master asked me to follow him back to his office after Chapel.

“You very much impressed my wife, Amar.” He winked. “But if anyone out of the entire school could to that, I surely knew it could be you.” He said.

“I was very much impressed with her knowledge, Sir.” I answered. “She appeared right on top of things when explaining herself, and I look forward to working with her. How long has she been involved with the Care Centre Where your father-in-law is at?”

“She has been diligent to the cause here in Amsterdam for nearly three years, Amar.” The man smiled. “She is also a volunteer for Netherlands Foundation for Alzheimer, so she has a lot of knowledge to share with you.”

“I do look forward to absorbing as much as I possibly can through her, Sir.”

Ben caught up to me on our way to Maths and gave me a surprise shoulder hug and kiss on the cheek.

“I like that so early on a Monday morning, Ben.” I smiled at his wink.

“I’m going to join you, Love.” He said.

“Join me?”

“I want to be the first volunteer to sign up for your Whisper of Hope Mission.” He beamed, causing me to uncontrollably give him a hug and a kiss.

“That’s lovely, Ben!” I nearly squealed, giving him another hug. “We’ll make a great team, for sure!”

“AND, I have my volunteer radar tuned all the way up.” He beamed.

I was going to give him another hug, but the Maths Prof was giving us the “don’t dally and sit down lads look”, so we hurried to our seats, giving each other a cute smirk once there.


“Well, I think that is a brilliant idea, Erik,” I said as Erik spread out a few cut out squares on my bed. “But just like you need stores for your village, you still need someone to work in those stores, little buddy. Just like you can’t set up a booth for Spirit Day without someone or two to run them for you. Remember, a mayor gets people to run his town and run his stores for him, he just doesn’t hand them the keys and say make popcorn and sell it from your store.”

“I know exactly what you are going to say next, Amar.” Erik smirked at me.

“In answer to your question about running the town alone, little buddy?” I playfully knocked him back on the bed. “Yes, you need an assistant Mayor to help you!”

We both had a laugh over that!

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3 Responses to A Moving Monday!

  1. JerBear says:

    I would never have thought to ask you about Whit Sunday and Monday as I have never heard of the holiday. Then again, I can never seem to keep up with religious holidays. We do have a holiday today called Memorial Day. It honors the those lost while serving in the military.

    We, of course knew Mrs. DM would be impressed with you. It is not very common to have a lad like you take an interest in a cause like care for those afflicted by Alzheimer You ALWAYS make us proud of you for your selfless devotion to serving others in need. It must have been special to have Ben on board as a volunteer. I have a feeling that you two will be involved in various charities for the rest of your lives!

    It is gratifing to see Erik follow in the footsteps of his big brother and do a wonderful job in organizing Spirit Day. He seems to have cleverly added you on as his assistant, unless I am clueless about the meaning of the last paragraph.

    You are a remarkable person and it shows in the two lads you are closest to following in your footsteps. Your love and your little brother are by your side now and WELL into the future!


    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  2. Day says:

    You have now confirmed my belief that with Mrs. DM’s breadth of experience and your strong project management skills, you have formed a dynamic partnership to make the Whispers of Hope Mission a grand success.

    There’s a term that applies here. “Work local, think global.” What you are building locally may well serve as a model for other schools to assist in other state run care facilities. With Mrs. DM’s ties to Netherlands Foundation to Alzheimer, there is the potential for building a network of support.

    And who would be the first to volunteer for the Whispers of Hope Mission? — Your Ben, of course! Your rock is always there to support you!

    What a brilliant plan Erik has come up with for Spirit Day! To create a town with shops. With Ben’s help in layout and construction, and your guidance in planning and delegation I think this will be one ace Spirit Day!

    Now if you can only find a grand Mayor and Vice Mayor — this is going to be fun!


    AMAR SAYS: A village WILL be born! :)

  3. Doug says:

    Shame on you two for disrupting Maths class that way. Why if that had ever haappened when I was 16 I’d have… err… umm… helped!

    Great job, Erik. Keep thinking one step ahead of Amar and you’ll be TWO steps ahead of me!

    Hugs all,

    AMAR SAYS: I well believe he is off and running!! ;)

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