Our Good Chums

These are LOOK-A-LIKE photos of our good chums. They are in Thumbnail format, so clicking on the image will enlarge the photo.

(updated 2/23/12)


                                David                                      Danny (David’s little brother)



                                Pieter                                                           Robin


                                Carel                                                            Joopey


                               Parker                                        Sven (Parker’s little brother)


                               Shayne                                                          Lars


                                  Carl                                            Reece (Reece’s Pieces)


                            Teddy                                                             Scotty


                             Jason                                                            Marcus


Oliver (Marcus’ little brother)

                            Charles                                Bradley (Charles’ little bother)


                            Brody                                                        Cameron


                            Miguel                                Pedro (Miguel’s little brother)


                            Noah                                      Dalton (Pieter’s roommate)


2 Responses to Our Good Chums

  1. Jake says:

    o yea if u wouldnt mind could u tell me what posts has about eric getting adopted i only saw a part of 1. was it u 2 met at school and adopted him? so if u could thatd b great

    AMAR SAYS: Well, there is a lot leading up to everything, Jake. But you can go to the Archives in the sidebar and start with the August 31, 2009 post Unexpected Trip to Gyms Class. That is the first time I met Erik. From there, we developed our friendship/relationship, and that led up to the eventual adoption of Erik in the April 22, 2010 post April 22, 2010 – And Erik Makes Four. Hope that helps. ;)

    And remember, it is Erik with a ‘K’ ;)

  2. Jake says:

    thx man, and yea k il have remember that.

    AMAR SAYS: ;)