Late Post – No Post!

It was by far a surprise day and quite a meaningful day for all those of us taking Physics for A-Level courses!

Caught off guard by our Profs, we were surprised with a learning field trip to the University of Amsterdam where we spent the entire day involved in classes and touring the Physics Lab at the University!

University of Amsterdam

We were bussed off to the University first period and it spent quite the long day of it – not returning to school until nearly 7:00!

Trust me, I was in heaven ALL day!!

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4 Responses to Late Post – No Post!

  1. Day says:

    What a nice surprise! As challenging as your A-levels are, they are presenting some unique opportunities, such as this field trip to the University of Amsterdam to get a hands on feel of university education. I well imagine you were floating on air!

    I hope to hear more about it in future posts. Thanks for taking the time to tantalize us with a taste of this exciting day!


    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  2. JerBear says:

    I am glad that you had an unexpected trip to physics heaven. Were you able to unlock the mystery of dark matter or detect Higgs boson (although that might require a side trip to CERN)? In any case, welcome back from physics heaven!


    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  3. Doug says:

    My dad arranged trips for my school class to the nuclear reactor at the University of California at Berkely and the linear particle accelerator at Stanford University. They were great fun but I’m no scientist. I bet you got a lot more out of your trip today… cool!

    Sub-atomic hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Yes, it was LOADS of fun! ;)

  4. Nikki says:

    Hallo Readers from USA,
    Me brought the picture to one thought:
    Riding in the U.S., also so many students and teachers by bicycle to university?
    Just curious.

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