Problems Solved!

Just to let you know, the issues with Go Daddy (our server) seem to have been resolved and rectified.

It appears the entire server site was “hacked” by a group known as Anonymous. They caused havoc to the entire server base as well as hosting companies such as WordPress – which hosts my site and goes through Go Daddy.

So I decided to leave the post from yesterday up, since many of you might not have even been able to see or read it and leave comments.

Thanks for your understanding.


Also, to those in the United States, you are in the thoughts and prayers of Erik, Ben, my chums, and me.

From your British counterparts – We Also Remember!

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4 Responses to Problems Solved!

  1. MikeH says:

    Did you change your password(s)?

    AMAR SAYS: :-|

  2. Ringvejen says:

    I was a little worried yesterday when I could not get into your blog but then realised that the response from you server was not the same as in the past as I was getting the message that the server was not answering so just left it till to today, so was very pleased to see your message.
    Hang in there Erik and hope that your upcoming visit to the North Sea gives you the peace of mind that you need to work through the situation. I am sure that you will have the support of your family at this time and especially suport from Amar.
    Regards and hugs

  3. Day says:

    Thanks for the server update and the remembrance of those who lost their lives eleven years ago. Let us never forget!

    Hugs, Healing, and Hope — Always Hope,

  4. Doug says:

    Thank you for the remembrance, Amar. Of course it was not only Americans who were killed. Over 300 British citizens died in the twin towers’ collapse. It truly was a world trade center.

    To Erik, I recommend a famous line from the great English poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

    It may take time to feel the truth of that but the time will come. We are never more alive than when we’re in love. Treasure the memory of those perfect days with your perfect friend.

    Hugs from a distant yet neighborly shore,

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

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