Tender Tuesday

Sometimes I have such a hard time coming up with titles for my posts, and other times it is well easy! Maybe I could get title suggestions from my readers as well as your ideas of what to post about. That’s just a thought.

I know things keep evolving at school, and sometimes it’s just so hard to cover everything that happens in a day or a week, so I end up not posting about some things or chums at all and eventually end up forgetting to mention them.


The weather has really been warming up here lately. I know it’s not even March yet, but Erik is starting to get excited about the upcoming growing season!

“I think I want to save some room in my garden at home for Mum to plant some more herbs, Amar.” Erik said as we rode the tram. “Her little herb garden is just so small, so I want to make more room in my garden.”

“That’s admirable of you, little buddy.” I said. “But I don’t think herbs take up that much room, do they? If you make more room in your garden for more herbs, Mum might end up with more herbs than she can use.”

“So then we’ll give the extra herbs to the homeless shelter, Amar.” Erik grinned.

“Carl was looking for you, Love.” Ben said as I put my tote at my Station before he gave me a hug. “It looks like there may be a bit of trouble in paradise.”

“What do you mean, Ben?” I asked.

“Shayne and Lars aren’t speaking to each other.” David said.

“Oh, no,” I groaned.

“You just know those two will be climbing the walls by lunchtime if they’re still not on speaking terms.” Ben said.

“I’ll see you in Chapel.” I said as I hurried out of Base.


“What’s the problem with them, Carl?” I asked as Carl met me at the door to his Base. I looked around and didn’t see either Shayne or Lars.

“I don’t know, Amar,” Carl said as we started to walk slowly to Chapel. “They both got into a small tiff last night about me and other silly stuff, and before I knew it, Lars stormed out of our room and slammed the door. Then Shayne turned into a basket case and was pretty much crying off and on for the rest of the night before he went to bed early. He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. I knew it was well serious when he wouldn’t even let me give him a hug.”

“Whoa, that IS serious!” I said, nudging him.


The mystery continued at lunch when I searched the Dining Hall, but Shayne and Lars were nowhere in sight. I thought then that maybe they had reconciled and were spending some private time together to work things through.

But when I asked Rick, Lars’ roommate, where the two could be, he told me he had no idea.

“Unless Lars went to the infirmary, Amar,” Rick said. “He had a crying spell for some reason last night and I didn’t know if he was homesick or just plain sick. What I think is Lars is just plain LOVE sick.”

I quickly had a few bites of my lunch before telling Ben and David to keep a lookout for Shayne, and that I was going to check the infirmary to see if Lars was there.

“He doesn’t have a fever, and his tum area isn’t tender, Amar.” The Nurse told me. “I think he’s just tired since he told me he couldn’t sleep last night. It’s nice of you to come see him. He’s in the fourth bed.”

“Thanks, Ma’am,” I said. “I won’t be long.”

The infirmary has eight beds total, four on each side of the large room, and each bed could be separated from the others by pulling a curtain on a track around the entire bed area to make it a bit more private – much like an emergency room in a hospital.

There was no one else in any of the beds, so I walked to bed 4 and poked my head through the curtain to see Lars lying on his side with his back toward me.

“How are you feeling, Lars?” I whispered, walking around the bed to look at him.

As soon as he saw me, tears filled his eyes and his bottom lip began to quiver.

“What’s the matter, buddy? Do you want to talk?” I said, sitting on the edge of his bed before he scooted up enough to give me a hug.

I let him cry a bit on my shoulder as we hugged silently.

“Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?” I asked, handing him a couple of tissues from the night stand as he wiped his eyes and nose.

“Shayne doesn’t like me anymore, Amar.” Lars whispered as more tears welled in his eyes and slowly crept down his flushed cheeks.

“Why do you say that, Lars? You and Shayne are best chums.”

Lars slowly shook his head. “He likes Carl more than me. He’s always talking about him. Carl this and Carl that.”

“You like Shayne more than just a chum, don’t you, Lars?” I asked softly.

Lars lowered his head and nodded.

“I think deep down, Shayne likes you more than just a chum too, Lars.” I said. “He doesn’t like Carl better than you. Shayne is just infatuated with Carl, that’s all. Even I’M infatuated with Carl because Carl is easy to like. He’s smart, popular, intelligent, not to mention cuter than anything.”

Lars cracked a bit of a smile just then.

“You and Shayne are like two peas in a pod.” I went on. “You both get along so well and you complement each other. You two make the others laugh, and everyone accepts both of you for WHO you are, not what you are. You and Shayne are a team, and without each other, everyone loses.”

“I wish Shayne and me were like you and Ben, Amar.” Lars said.

“Do you love Shayne?” I asked.

More tears welled up in Lars’ eyes as he looked at me and nodded.

“Then you should tell him you love him, Lars.” I said simply.

“But how can I if we’re not talking to each other, Amar?” Lars reasoned.

“Someone needs to break the ice first, Lars.” I said. “If the two of you walked out on a frozen pond and suddenly you both fell through, wouldn’t each of you want to make an effort to save the other as fast as you could?”

Lars nodded.

“Then I think it’s time to save your friendship as fast as you can before both of you get too cold.” I smiled, giving his cheek a kiss. “Come on now, get out of bed and put your trousers and shirt and tie back on. You have some saving to do.”

“Thanks, Amar,” Lars said, giving me a tight hug and a kiss of his own just as chimes sounded and he hopped out of bed in just his skivs before he started putting on his clothes.

“Lars is cured, Ma’am.” I told the Nurse as I was leaving. “He’ll be heading back to class as soon as he gets dressed.”

“Thank you, Doctor Amar.” She winked at me.


In Gyms, the Coach was debating sending us out on the fields to play a bit of rugby, but he decided the fields were still a bit too wet, so he conceded to let us have free swim for the rest of the week – unless he changed his mind later!

“What did you do, Amar?” Carl asked me as I walked into the Commons Room final period for rehearsal.

“Um, I don’t know, Carl. You tell me,” I said, not really knowing what he was talking about at first.

“I might need to ask the Dorm Master to switch roommates again.” Carl whispered. “Because I might just be better off rooming with Rick so Shayne and Lars can room together.” He added, slightly nodding over his shoulder toward the tables where all the lads were gathering.

I looked past Carl to see Shayne and Lars sitting closely together, chatting and giggling and carrying on QUITE tenderly with each other.

“Better start packing your things to change rooms, Carl.” I winked at him before turning to the crowd of lads.

“PLACES for Act II, everyone!” I shouted.

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12 Responses to Tender Tuesday

  1. John says:

    Quite the match maker are`nt we ? lol
    And I see no need to change anything that you do here just be you, is all !

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  2. Day says:

    First off, I well like the fact that you blog about what’s on your mind and heart. Your life story is filled with some many rich and wonderful characters it would be impossible to mention them all on a daily basis. If you want to do a bit of catching up you could do it as a potpourri, or an ace reporter recently said, “elsewhere in the news.”

    As far as post titles, I enjoy the alliterative one’s, like today’s, as well as others you choose to reflect the posts content. Saving the title as the last thing to write is helpful when something doesn’t come quickly to mind, once you have digested the full flavor of the post.

    Speaking of digestion and full flavor, it was quite sweet of Erik to volunteer to a lot more space for herbs for your mum in the home garden, and to share the bounty with the homeless. Erik’s got the caring heart of his family.

    The Shayne and Lars saga took another turn today as you had a heart to heart session with Lars in the infirmary. You saw that Lars had deeper feelings for Shayne and helped him get up and rescue their friendship. Something tells me the bond will be ever greater now, and that “date” you spoke of for them may soon come to fruition.

    Sometimes love is staring you right in face and you don’t even see it! Nice work, Dr. Amar. I still think you would make an exceptional school psychologist or counselor for Career Day!


    AMAR SAYS: Thanks for your grand thoughts and suggestions, Day. ;)

  3. Greg says:

    Is it just me or are Shayne and Lars finally starting to notice how good of a match they are?

    Looks like Dr. Amar the matchmaker has struck again!

    Anyway, good luck with the play and I hope things are and continue to go well!

    AMAR SAYS: I think Shayne and Lars will figure out QUITE quickly what a grand match they are together. ;)

  4. Jerbear says:

    So, you are adding relationship therapist to your many professions? Either that or you became cupid for the day :-)

    Seriously though, what you did for Lars ended up helping 3 lads, Lars, Shayne and Carl. You performed a wonderful service today! I do hope Shayne has learned a valuable lesson about caring and commitment. His frequent obsession with the cute boy of the month nearly caused him to miss his one true love. Thankfully your heart to heart chat with Lars while he lay, quite literally, love sick. I am glad you were able to reach Lars and help him confess his deep love for Shayne. Then he let his heart lead him back to Shayne. I imagine your cupid-like duties may be pressed into service another time or two. I hope I’m wrong and that Shayne recognizes the difference between infatuation and true love. Maybe it would be a sweet gesture to go on a double date, you and Ben along with Lars and Shayne? I think seeing you and Ben as a couple, modeling love, honesty and commitment would do a world of good for the burgeoning couple. ;-)


    AMAR SAYS: I prefer “cupid for the day”. Therapist sounds well too serious. ;)

  5. tinricky says:

    It looks like Shayne and Lars finally saw each other in a different light. Thanks to Amar. Also looks like Carl may need to seek a room with Rick if these two really do hit it off. Hope Carl doesn’t think he is losing a friend now, but Carl seem pretty level headed and mature.
    Erik the thoughtfull one.
    As far as your post content, I agree with Day and think you are doing a well grand job.

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, tinricky. ;) And I don’t think Carl looks at it in that light. I think he will be more glad to have Shayne backing off some and doing less “fawning”. ;)

  6. LittleMark says:

    I guess Spring is in the air in more ways than one. It’s almost planting time, for plants and the seeds of love. :)

    It certainly was a Tender Tuesday. Nothing wrong with that title at all. You worked your magic once again. Carl must be quite the handsome and charming lad!

    Good job healing hearts! I have a funny feeling if Lars and Shayne become roomies, you’re going to be making more house calls…. ;)



    AMAR SAYS: If Shayne and Lars become roommates, even the Dorm Master will need a key to enter their room! ;)

  7. Gimpy says:

    I consider today’s post a metaphor for what you always do, Amar – lead with your heart. And by doing so, you allow others to do the same.

    You may not realize it at your age, but following your heart takes enormous courage, of which you have plenty. I know, because you always do the right thing, never flinch, and know instincively the right course to set, and then stay on it.

    It’s what makes you special, Amar. Here I am, a senior citizen (but not old!) in another country, who avidly reads and often comments on your life story. Why? Because I have been touched by your special magic and by the example you set, through your words on a computer screen which have made me care! I have seen so many people stop listening to their heart as they grow older, but I know you will not be one of them.

    So, whether titled or not, I will continue to read your story – not so much because of what you write about, but because of where it comes from.

    Warm hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Awww, that was well sweet, Gimpy. Thank you! :oops:

  8. steevo says:

    I have been wondering if L & S are just plain stumbling down the very normal romance road! Talk of “deep love” and “one true love” may, in a round about way, give your readers of the same age the idea that they are nearly seeking a mate for life. In my experience working with lads like “that” it often starts out as fun in the loo with trousers and skivs asunder. Gay boys (and str8 ones too) in their early teens naturally seek each other out for a bit of fun. Then maybe it becomes more, maybe not. It may last a week, month or year. That’s how they learn and explore. Love at 13 is very different than at 16 or 17. (There’s a topic for a post)!

    It’s a good thing for Amar to do an “intervention. But all he or anyone can do is reassure them that whatever feelings they have are OK and the confusion is normal so be real. AND don’t “use” the “other” lad. Hills and valleys, ups and downs, etc. are usually part of nature’s way. Each special chum, bf, whatever name we use helps us learn and gain experience for maybe another person that enters our life. Ask Tom, right Amar? Carry on to your base, then.


    AMAR SAYS: :roll:

  9. Bryan says:

    Hi Amar,

    Don’t worry about not covering absolutely everything. I think you do a great job of it as it is. There’s only so much time in a day, and there’s only so much one person can observe and be involved in — and you’re already involved in a lot. All things considered, it’s pretty stunning how much you do manage to write.

    If Lars & Shayne end up rooming together, you may end up tutoring one or both of them later on. I have a little second-hand experience of this from boarding school. The involved couple were both, um, physical enthusiasts and their grade points suffered for it. It worked out well in the end, as I’m sure it will for Shayne & Lars, but having all that desire and no barrier to fulfilling it may make them lose track of other things that are important, for a while.

    As for titles, do that last if you don’t do it that way already. Write what’s on your mind and in your heart, and when it gels, I’m sure you’ll have your choice of titles each time.


    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  10. van says:

    Amar, This post made me cry, and I thank you, Bye.

  11. nikki says:

    Amar = Amor = Cupid = Eros = Greek God
    Hi Amar, have you ever visited Mount Olympus in Greece?

    AMAR SAYS: No, but I would love to. :)

  12. Evan says:

    Quite a successful treatment Dr. Amar! ;)

    Interesting that when Lars is feeling distressed, he seems to get physically ill. Your advice to him was wonderful and it seemed to have worked as Shayne and Lars are even closer together now. But Shayne still needs a chat – I still don’t think he understands how his behaviour can make people feel at times. I don’t think he made the connection between his raving about Carl and Lars getting upset. But it may also be time for a talk with both of them together – perhaps with Ben as well. I think those two really need to know how to build their relationship and you and Ben would be a great model.


    AMAR SAYS: The process began today. ;)

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