Memorable Monday

Mum and dad really liked Carl, and told me I could invite him back any time.

“He is such a polite, sweet and quite good looking lad, Honey.” Mum said at breakfast.

“He’s also quite knowledgeable and can carry on a logical conversation.” Dad added.

“That’s one of the many reasons I like him so much.” I said, noticing Erik giving me his smirking look out of the corner of my eye as he nudged my leg under the table!


When we got on the tram, Erik just looked at me until I looked at him.

“Parker and I didn’t bother you and Carl in the mornings he was here because we figured you two were. . .”

“Don’t even say it, little buddy!” I growled. “And stop thinking that way!”

“So you two didn’t?” Erik asked.

“Erik! If we did or didn’t, it really isn’t any of your business now is it?” I said. “Does Kyle ask you and Parker if you two did anything when Parker sleeps over?”

“Yeah,” Erik smirked. “But we don’t say anything.”

“My point exactly, little buddy.” I said.

“I understand, Amar.” Erik whispered – still smirking.


The Dean Master made the announcements in Chapel this morning, and it was quite thrilling what he said was coming up in March!

“Since last year was such a grand success, thanks to all those who participated,” The Dean Master said, “I would like to expand this year’s Career Day by adding more opportunities for those lads interested. Since there are many more lads attending ***** School this year than last, I will begin reviewing requests for those of you who want to fulfil a staff position for that day.

“There will be a list of all available positions posted in each Base Classroom by lunch time today. Request Forms for positions will be available in the Office first thing tomorrow morning – but I want each of you interested to give this some thought overnight.”

“How was Shayne when you returned to the Dorms on Sunday morning, Carl?” I asked as we walked back to our Bases.

“Other than driving me bloody nuts with all his questions?” Carl rolled his eyes. “He said he was going to talk to you sometime today, so be on the ready, Amar.”

“Thanks for the warning, Carl.”

“I really had the best time ever, Amar.” Carl said. “I like your parents and loved the entire weekend. Thanks again.”

“My parents grew quite fond of you too, Carl.” I said. “It was a special weekend for me too. Are you going to put in for one of the Coaches positions again for Career Day this year?”

“I’m thinking about going for something different this year, Amar.” Carl winked. “You’re surely going to be our Dean Master for the day, aren’t you?”

“I’m not sure, yet, Carl. I might not go for anything this time around, so everyone else gets a chance.” I said as chimes sounded and he looked at me as if I was daft before we both hurried into our Bases.


After lunch, Shayne literally pounced!

“Did you get to kiss Carl, Amar?” Shayne asked breathlessly with a set of rapid-fire questions. “Did you have a good time together? What did you talk about? Did you two shower together? Did Carl talk about me? Did YOU talk about me to Carl? Did you. . .”

“SHAYNE!” I stopped him in mid sentence. “Take a deep breath, please!”

He held his breath as he looked at me seriously.

“Carl and I had a good time together.” I said calmly. “He came over to my house, he had dinner with my family, and we went to the Symphony and came home after a wonderful evening of music. We slept and woke up the next morning and had breakfast. We rode bikes to the Music Store and then over to see Ben. BEN, my love – you do remember we are a couple, don’t you, Shayne?”

Shayne gulped and nodded slightly.

“I asked Carl if he would like to spend the night again on Saturday, and he agreed.” I continued. “We listened to classical music all evening, I taught him how to play chess, and we chatted and went to bed – to SLEEP. Are you satisfied now?”

“That’s exactly what Carl told me.” Shayne lowered his head.

“Because that’s exactly what happened, Shayne.” I said, putting my hand on his shoulder. “It hurts your heart more to be so jealous when there isn’t anything to be jealous about.”

“I guess I’m a bloody prat, huh, Amar.” Shayne sighed.

“No you’re not, Shayne.” I said. “But you just need to stop trying so hard for Carl to like you. Relax a bit and let him like you the way HE wants to like you, not the way YOU want him to like you. Does that make sense to you?”

Shayne nodded before he gave me a quick kiss and hurried off.


In Gyms, Percy had to pay for his unsportsmanlike conduct last Friday. Not only did he portray a bad example to his team mates as a Captain, he also ripped his Gyms shirt so badly that it had to be thrown out!

His punishment from the Coach was not being able to dress OR participate in Gyms all this week, AND he had to write a 1000 word essay on good sportsmanlike behaviour while he watched the rest of us participate in Gyms.

Also, James’ Jets won the Championship game over Tom’s Titans by 5 points. We were happy for James and his team, but we were also well proud of Tom’s team for putting up a grand fight to the very end!


“What in the world did you say to Shayne, Amar?” Carl asked me as we walked to the Commons Room last period. “He’s been acting “normal” around me since lunch.”

“I just told him to quit trying so hard to be chums with you, Carl.” I said. “He has to realize that things need to happen naturally, not just the way he wants things to be.”

“You’re amazing, Amar.” Carl smiled.

“I’m just letting my heart call the shots, Carl.” I winked.

“AMAR!” Reece ran up to me. “I saved a place on my new cast for you to sign!”

He held out his felt pen to me as he showed the “reserved” place right on the side below his thumb. I added a heart at the end of my name before giving Reece a little kiss on the cheek!

We were able to get in Act I almost entirely in today’s rehearsal, and only went over last chimes by a couple minutes.

So far, Ben had etched scenes on five of the canvas flats, and tomorrow the more experienced artist from his Art Club would begin painting them. The less experienced lads finished painting the jail cell and palace gate today!

I reminded my cast that by March 1st, I wanted them off their scripts, telling them we could feed them lines if they got stuck here and there. That’s where I would begin using Reece to follow closely with a script so he could give hints about their lines if any of the actors stumbled.

“That’s ACE, Amar!” Reece beamed, giving me a hug.


“How big is this platform going to be, Amar?” Erik asked as we sat in the snuggle chair.

Terra was lying across both our laps as we petted her.

“I’m not quite sure, little buddy.” I said. “It has to be high enough and big enough for your spotlight and the table with the sound and light boards to see the stage above the audience. It also has to be wide enough so everyone fits comfortably. Teddy will be running sound, Spencer will be on the light board, and you will be moving and aiming your spotlight on the stage. Ben and his dad are drawing up the plans.”

“You know, Amar, I’m glad I’m operating the spot, but I was wondering if maybe one time I could operate the light board and have Spencer do the spotlight.”

I put my arm around Erik’s shoulder and looked at him. “All you need to do is ask Spencer if that would be OK, little buddy. I have a good feeling he’d agree.”

Erik beamed as he let out a satisfied sigh and leaned his head on my shoulder.

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8 Responses to Memorable Monday

  1. Roger says:

    Hi Amar,

    It’s great that your weekend with Carl went so well. I can really feel for Shayne though. It might be good to point out to him that Lars might feel bad when Shayne pines for/lusts for Carl in front of him. He might feel like the old rejected shoe when Shayne does that. Did you and Carl agree not to tell Shayne about the wanking?

    My younger son just got done being on the crew of “Annie” at the middle school. It was a musical well done by 6-8th graders. The high school immediately moved into stage area the next week to start sets for “42nd Street”. I am looking forwards to that production as well.


    AMAR SAYS: I would think doing a musical would be a HUGE challenge! :-?

  2. Roger says:

    Sorry, after reading yesterdays post again, I realized you and Carl did agree to keep it between just you 2 (and Ben). But can’t Erik (and David) read your blog too? I am pretty sure Carl does not know about your blog.


    AMAR SAYS: Surprisingly, Erik hardly ever reads my blog (unless he wrote it! LOL), and Ben and David and I have an understanding. Carl does NOT know about my blog.

  3. Ringvejen says:

    I am beginning to think that you and your family are going to have to get a bigger house as it seems that your parents are enjoying having half the school to stay for the weekend.
    I am glad that Carl gave you advance warning about Shayne and I think that you handled the situation absolutely brilliantly as it made Shayne obviously think and change his attitude towards Carl.
    I think that the Dean Master will have already pencilled in your name for his job on Careers Day as he will after all be expecting a days rest as such, but I can well imagine that you would consider letting someone else apply and maybe you have an idea to apply for some other position instead.
    Very happy that Reece is now in the lighter cast and it seems that he made sure to hold a space on it for you to sign which was a nice gesture.
    I think that Erik is really getting into the role of lighting man that he wants to try everything and I think that he will be looking for a permanent position in all the future productions.
    Regards and hugs

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Ring. ;)

  4. Jerbear says:

    Memorable Monday indeed but nearly every day with you has something memorable in it. So, first you were informed about career day and now have a decision to make. If you decide not to seek the Dean Master’s job then perhaps you should seek to be a professor for the day – you would do well in Literature, Creative Writing and Math as well as several other subjects. It would give you a New experience and help with your personal career and higher education decision making.

    Poor Shayne, when he has a crush he really “has it bad ” as we used to say. I wonder if Shayne and Lars are more like “sisters” then a potential couple. It is not uncommon for more flamboyant lads to seek out more masculine lads. This is not always the case of course but it is not uncommon either. It might be helpful for Shayne to clarify how he feels about Lars and what he is looking for in a boyfriend. He will become more mature in time and will be more capable of clarifying what he is looking for in a partner by helping him deal with it now, as you already have begun, will save him some future heartache.

    Your play rehearsals seem to be going well. It also seems that Reece is thrilled to be given responsibility for feeding lines when needed. As for Erik and the spotlight; he will need a fair amount of room to operate the Spotlight. I ran one for a play in college and we had the spit in the balcony so there was room and enough distance from the stage so the whole apparatus didn’t have to be moved from side just the spotlight itself. It might not hurt to have Erik try to work it from the floor so you are sure the platform is wide enough, (which may already be planned).

    Thanks once again for taking the time to post. Cheers!


    AMAR SAYS: Shayne has a crush on ANYONE who is cute and popular. And I also plan to have a chat with both Shayne and Lars – separately. ;)

  5. Day says:

    I was not surprised that there was so much eager curiosity about your stellar weekend with Carl. I can understand why Shayne has such a crush on him from your parents description of Carl — polite, sweet and quite good looking , knowledgeable, and logical. What’s not to love!

    Unlike Shayne, you have built a friendship with Carl based on shared interests, and you have been there to help realize his dreams about playing the violin when he thought he had to abandon them. What you shared this weekend was something that was an extension of the bond and appreciation you have built — something that happened quite naturally.

    When you mentioned the upcoming Career Day, I felt that you might not sign up for Dean Master, having filled those shoes last year — signing some well important documents, as I recall. You have constantly spread your leadership wings, now perhaps, you may wish to explore your talents as a teacher, or school psychologist.

    Congratulations to James’ Jets for winning the basketball tournament and to Tom’s Titans for putting up a good fight. And congratulations to Percy for getting what he deserved. I hope they all took away something positive from the experience.

    I beamed in hearing that little Reece came running up to get your signature on his new cast. And I was pleased all the more at hearing that he will be feeding lines as needed to cast members beginning in March. You and Carl have done a grand job of finding meaningful tasks for this once shy lad. And he has comported himself admirably and grown in self confidence — well done one and all!

    Ben’s set designs are now coming to fruition — how exciting! And the platform he is building with his dad sounds like quite the formidable structure. And I would well imagine that Spencer, “the gentle giant” would let Erik run the light board.

    Things like this happen all the time — quite naturally!


    AMAR SAYS: I well don’t think I am qualified to be the School Psychologist on Career Day. I’m not even sure that position is open to request it. :-?

  6. tinricky says:

    Curious Erik with all the questions and smirks. Little brothers. It was also good advice to tell Erik all he had to do was talk to Spencer. By the end of the play Erik will have made a new chum.
    Poor Shayne is still pushing to force things but was reminded by you again to just chill and let things progress as they will. Good advice. I think that Shayne and Lars are now so close that they are overlooking each other.
    Play is going full steam ahead and still on track, thanks to the wise conductor/director and all his staff.

    AMAR SAYS: I think you are right about Shayne and Lars! ;)

  7. steevo says:

    Percy’s punishment includes too much humiliation for my tastes. But your coach can do as he likes I guess.

    How open will Percy be to a change in attitude if he is subjected to another situation that makes him get so angry? He might just bury it deep inside where it will smolder and rot and make him even less able to consider a better way to handle such losses and disappointments. Coach may be “old school” but I think Percy needs to know someone cares about him and wants to help him see that he is surely capable of better behavior with both guidance and encouragement. He may have one of those domineering dads who demand perfection and see failure as weakness. And now so does he.

    I think he needs someone to talk to… Let’s see, who is there that has a good track record with belligerent boys? Hmmmm… Or maybe James and Carl might be able to share their “dad” history with him. Perhaps Percy needs to “hang out” with your dad… Just a thought! (Which I bet you have already had!)


    AMAR SAYS: Most of us consider Percy’s punishment proper! Think of the humiliation he caused his teammates by not even saying “Good job!” or “Nice try, we gave it our best.” Besides, damaging school property is against the rules.

    And yes, I have considered talking to Percy. ;)

  8. Devon says:


    The next Time you go to the Symphony. Ask if you can meet the Conductor and the members of the symphony and talk to then’ You also might want to get there Autographs. I have a box full of autograph programs . Most have passed away but I can say I saw him or her at a concerts.

    As for the Light and Sound Booth it should be at least 10′x10′ so you can have 2 tables
    for the sound and light boards to sit on and room enough to place 2 box fans on the floor. ( it will get hot in the booth ) I would also put a door on with a lock . I would also get 2 covers for the light and sond boards and you can store the spot in there as well .

    Something to think about When your ready to do your first full run of the play . Get everybody on stage . They can sit or stand do just lines only and time it . You then start to use props and set changes as you add new stuff time it . You will then know where you need to cut time off . You should do at least 4 maybe more full runs of the play useing everything and time them. The group I am with. We do 4 plays a year There is this one Play we are doing for Christmas it’s a Charles Dickens. Its called
    Cricket on the Hearth . This would be good play for your school to do.


    AMAR SAYS: It is a Commons Room, not a Theatre. We have no light or sound BOOTH, that’s why a platform needs to be made so the spotlight can shine ABOVE the heads in the audience, not on the back of them. :-?

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