About Amar

This Website blog is about the many happenings that take place on a daily basis in my life.  From my Mum, dad, little brother Erik, and our trusty companion, Terra (a mini Goldendoodle) –  and to my many chums who I share so much with, to the love of my life, Ben, as well as my life at private school.

All the photos I portray of my chums are only look-a-likes. I do not post real photos of me or any of them – only to protect our privacy. I hope you respect that as well.

So I will allow you to take a peek inside my life, to share a hug, a laugh, some happy and sad tears, or just to walk along side as I go through my life. Please enjoy!



9 Responses to About Amar

  1. Richard Collins says:

    Amar I am amazed at your writing and your candor. Your wonderful personality clearly shows through and I am pleased to have this personal glimpse of what life is like for a young gay in these times. My life at age 15 was so very different.

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you for your comment, Richard. Hugs.

  2. Jesse says:

    I am a 16yo gay male. I love to hear all of your storys and your so full of life and adventure. You provide inspiration to all gays out there to be comfortable with themselves.

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you, Jesse! I am glad you read my blog! Big hugs to you! ;)

  3. Hey Amar my name’s Dylan and im from germany!
    I read your blog and i love it! I am amazed to read your posts , i do it all the time , since i found your blog!
    It’s very intressting! And especially the “skinny dipping” fotos! Do you have more?
    How old are you? And how old is erik? Ben?
    Oh and , do you have msn , or facebook?

    Big Kisses!!! :D

    AMAR SAYS: :-?

  4. Amar Didd I said smthng bad? :(

    AMAR SAYS: If you read my blog then you will know the answers to your questions. And this is NOT a blog where photos are traded or exchanged.

  5. Jake C says:

    thx 4 doing this its interesting and help full
    Big hugs,Jake

  6. Brian Reeves says:

    Amar, I am in no way throwing any stones, because I too have been very much on the edge and fully understand where you are coming from. HOWEVER! I have, particularly recently, begun to tangle with Jesus Christ and He has firstly taken me back as a child to see the none relationships I had with my parents, particularly my father and where there was very little love, and secondly, to hand over all this utter mess to him and allow Him to heal me of this hunger for love. This particular aspect I feel he has now completed and for the first time I feel know myself and can shakily stand on my desk. “Carpe Diem!”

  7. Jérôme says:

    Bonjour Amar,
    I have only recently happened upon your blog here, and must say you have lead quite the life! I wanted to leave a comment saying that I have enjoyed reading of your life and commend your writing abilities. I hope you are successful in whatever you choose to do in life.

    Avec amour,

    AMAR SAYS: Welcome, and thank you, Jerome. ;)

  8. Tina C says:

    I cannot recall how I stumbled upon your Blog but I am SO impressed. It took me a few minutes to discern your youth because you write with such grace and maturity. You have skill. You are certainly an old soul that has returned to teach us a few more things. Thank you,

  9. Robert says:

    happened upon your blog. I must keep reading. So far, very happy and warm. Love Robert

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you, Robert. ;)