Just wanted to get a quick post off this morning early before the lot of us head down to the Pride Celebration to have a bit of fun and also watch the Canal Pride Parade!

It will be Erik, Joopey, David, Becky, Tom, Carel, Pieter, Ben, and me having a gay old time! This will be Erik’s FIRST Pride, since he missed it last year. He is WELL excited, as we all are!



Doug has written a new poem (sonnet) that is now posted in North Sea Songs. It is brilliantly done, so please visit North Sea Songs and have a read and let Doug and I know how you like his latest submission.


Had my Doctor’s appointment yesterday (Friday) morning, and the Doctor is somewhat encouraged that I am “stable” – meaning there are no changes for the better OR worse.

I was told the cancer cells floating in my blood stream have diminished just a little bit, but that is mainly because of the awful steroids, Chemo (pills and drip) I have to partake.

There was also talk about the possibility of my future Bone Marrow Transplant. I will most likely see a transplant specialist in the future to decide on things.

My biggest problem with a transplant is that I could possibly be in the hospital for up to a MONTH! That’s a big UGH!!! And it would mean missing and not being in school for all that time and that is something I do NOT look forward to!

I honestly hope it doesn’t come down to a transplant, and that things will just improve and get better with my Chemo and pills and such.

Plus, me being in the hospital for up to a month would literally kill my Ben, and it would also be a well heavy strain on Mum and dad, Erik and Joopey – not to mention my school studies and A-Levels!  UGH!


So, I am going to close this post and get ready for my chums to come over before we all head down to the Pride Celebration. Who knows who else we will meet up with!

I’m WELL excited!

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5 Responses to Briefly

  1. miles says:

    Hi dear Amar,
    the best you can do, is to have fun, anytime there is some.- most prob. when you visit gay pride parade, with all your chums. Joops face will be priceless again, yes ? – and I think, Erik’s – too.
    I understand that you somehow fear, having to be in the siekenhuis for poss. 4 weeks.
    But please, just wait and see what the future might hold for you – and Hope for the best – and >i> TRUST
    I really thank you for giving us the update.
    Hugs to you and all your chums and of course your MOM and DAD!!!!!
    ( Ehm, can you give my thoughts to your docs as well?)

    Come around please!!!!!
    <3 miles

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  2. JerBear says:

    I hope you had a wonderful gay day at Amsterdam Pride – I remember my first Pride Day so I understand Erik’s excitement.

    We need to dial up the hope-o-meter a bit more and cheer for the chemo drip and pills to get busy killing off those well nasty Leukemia cells in your blood! I understand your concern about what might happen if you need a bone marrow transplant but your health is the most important thing. You will get through this one day at a time. Yes others are there for you and are impacted by your ups and downs but it is because they love you – your job is to get better and their job (and ours) is to love and care for you, keeping that flame of hope burning strong!

    So in the spirit of hope and one day at a time, I hope this day was fab-u-lous! The energy and excitement of thousands of LGBT people celebrating is bound to give you a boost. Cheers!

    Hugs of Hope and Pride,

    AMAR SAYS: :)

  3. Ringvejen says:

    Thanks for the update and hope that the present treatment continues to do its work and that a bone marrow transplant is not neccessary
    Have a great day at the Gay pride day and will weait wth interest on your report.
    Regards and hugs

  4. Doug says:


    Hope you had a FABULOUS Pride Day. What a treat to live in a city like Amsterdam… which not only celebrates its gay citizens but has parades on the canals! I well remember your wide-eyed description of your first Pride Day. So vivacious and colorful… especially how you and Ben got so many admiring looks, lol.

    You get a lot of admiring looks here too, well over two million and counting. :-)

    If you need the transplant then remember that it’s just one month out of your life. What we’re you doing one month ago today? See how time flies? It’ll be over before you know it. Besides, the time wont all be lost. Erik, Ben and the DM will bring you as much work as you can handle. Let’s not have any slacking! ;-)

    I’m full of Gay Pride… I’m proud to think that when people think of gay people they think of a young man like you.

    Proud hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you, Doug. ;)

  5. Evan says:

    Hope you all had a grand time at the Pride parade!

    You can at least take that as somewhat good news that the cancer is not getting worse. As for the transplant, it will only happen if the doctors feel that is the only way to beat this. Hopefully the chemo will do its job and, if a transplant is needed, that will be something to deal with when it comes up. Always, positive thoughts are the key.

    Strengthening Hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you.

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