Laying Low

I will be laying a bit low these next few days.

Had a Chemo drip session late this morning, and am a bit tired, and I didn’t eat any lunch since I wasn’t hungry after. The Doctor is also putting me back on the Chemo “pill”, which I’m not looking forward to because of the side effects and tiredness. But I have to do what I have to do, and the Doctor is in charge of my treatment.

That doesn’t mean I can’t hate going through it.

I don’t know if it is because it was Friday today and the end of the first week of school or what, but it seemed everyone was a bit “low key” today.

Theo and Kees were in school, and made it without any problems, but they both seemed a bit sullen. Theo’s nose was still a little swollen, but he said he could deal with it. I barely heard Kees mumble a word all day.

The Dean Master was hardly seen today, and I even asked his secretary about it, and she told me he just had a busy schedule with several meetings. One of which was with some of the members of the School Board of Directors.

I won’t speculate or even anticipate anything at this point. What will be, will be when it comes to the decision about Theo and Kees. All I can hope for is the best outcome – and I have hope and confidence that it will happen no matter if the two are able to board or not.

I do appreciate all of the advice I received in comments about yesterday’s post, and at this point, all I can do is be patient.

Ben was my big help today, and I have gotten many hugs and winks from him to help boost my spirits after I got back to school from my Chemo session.

Right now, I just wish I could be watching the sunset at the North Sea with Ben at my side.

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6 Responses to Laying Low

  1. Doug says:

    Hang in there Amar. You’re tougher in mind and heart than anyone I know.

    All will seem brighter when you’re through this latest round of treatments. Of course you hate them, who wouldn’t, but unlike some you recognize the necessity and soldier on, uncomplaining. Very British. :-)

    Hugs of Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: True, thank you. ;)

  2. Roland says:

    Wish you all the best.
    Your Dean Master will find a good solution. Do you remember the last sunset at the North Sea with your love Ben? Remembering is similar to experience something. It will bring alive all the feelings you had.

    I’m thinking about what may helped you to boost your spirits. The presence of your love Ben for sure. But may be as well a sentence or one single word. Are you able to focus your spirit to that word?


    AMAR SAYS: I ALWAYS remember sunsets at the North Sea with Ben. ;)

  3. Day says:

    It’s understandable to feel a bit sullen after the events of yesterday with Theo and Kees. And going back on chemo drip and the pill, while necessary, is certainly nothing to look forward to. This week began on a well high note, and ended on low one. But there are many more notes to be played in this song of life.

    I know you have the courage and resolve to bounce back from your treatments. It is my prayer that, with the same spirit of grit and fortitude, Theo and Kees will do so as well. For that which tries to defeat us, only makes us stronger. Never give up on your dreams, and help Theo and Kees to learn from their horrid experience to never give up on theirs.

    For now, please take whatever time you need to “lay low”. With Ben at your hand, and thoughts of the North Sea, I know you will weather the storms of your life’s journey.

    Hugs, Health, and Hope — Always Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  4. Evan says:

    Of course you can hate it. Fun is generally not the term that comes to mind when discussing chemo. And on top of the treatments, you are likely also emotionally stressed from the events of this week. But the doctor is obviously keeping close tabs on everything and adjusting your treatments so as best to fight the cancer.

    As for Theo and Kees, the only thing to do right now is of course to keep an eye on them and continue to encourage them. They are obviously still shaken and still not sure if they will be safe. Still, I am confident the Dean Master will come up with a solution that will be the most appropriate for the situation and will ensure they will not be put at risk by attending school.

    Now just get the rest you need and rely on your family to get through this and keep fighting!

    Strengthening Hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you, Evan.

  5. JerBear says:

    Amar, it’s frustrating for you to have to deal with the side effects of the chemo drip and pill. Focus any anger that surfaces on those well nasty cancer cells, then go back to dreaming about the ocean. Maybe you can get a CD or Mp3 album featuring sounds of the surf. I have a bunch of nature sound albums and they help relax me.

    I wish you all the best in this battle with a stubborn dragon

    Hugs of Love & Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks. Yes, I have nature recordings.

  6. LittleMark says:

    Hang in there Amar!!! You need your rest. Imagine the day when the cancer is gone. Keep that thought in your mind and always close to your heart.

    Things will work out for the two lads. After being bullied and attacked as they were, it will take a little while for them to get over. But time heals all. Give them your reassurances and they will be fine.

    Hugs and have a restful weekend….


    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Mark. :)

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