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Ending a Well Grand Month and Starting Another!

I will say that July has been a well grand month where more things happened over my summer holiday. After getting over the melancholy of missing chums and school, I have to look at the three times I was able … Continue reading

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Final Preparations!

Erik was getting as excited as he was the days before he flew to Sweden to see Parker and his family!  This time, it was flying to England to see Granny and Gramps and also meet up with Marcus and … Continue reading

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Welcome to my Brand New World!

There are some similarities, a few new things, and some old things that were left behind at Nibble.  As I well get used to my new home here, I might be changing a few things around, adding some things, and … Continue reading

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A Change in the Landscape

This truly has been a year for changes, and I find it well hard to believe there are yet five months to go before the year is actually over. I’ve seen friendships and relationships change since the beginning of the … Continue reading

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Erik’s Excellent Swedish Adventures – Part 2

I asked Erik about the castle he visited while in Sweden. “We got to take a ferry boat to the castle, Amar. It looked big as we got closer, but it turned out it was WELL big. Parker, Sven, and … Continue reading

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A Well Relaxed Dean Master

I woke early, but it wasn’t because I couldn’t sleep, it was because there was a sneaky snuggly Erik that slithered into my bed and wrapped me in his tentacles! And after I had showered and wandered downstairs to breakfast, … Continue reading

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