Carel, Pieter, and Joopey!


It appears the soap opera saga continues – but now there is something new!

On the tram ride to school this morning, Erik seemed fine and I think he was sorting things out in his heart and mind to sum up a serious chat with Parker.

“But not until after I have my time alone at the North Sea, Amar.” He told me as we got off the tram. “The Sea is a good listener.”

“I agree and understand, little buddy.” I said. “Ben should give me the word today if we are going this weekend, OK?”

But it was when I headed to Base that I was stopped by Carel!

“We need to have a serious chat, Amar.” He told me with a well worried look in his dark eyes. “A WELL serious chat!”

“No clues, Carel?” I asked as he unconsciously followed me into MY Base and up to my Station – getting a few looks from some of the others.

“It’s too long and complicated to go into without having enough time to tell you everything, Amar.” Carel sighed.

I too sighed. “Let’s meet in the Media Centre after lunch then.” I told him.

As Carel left, Ben came in and gave me a puzzling look. “Troubles in Carel Town, Love?” He joked, giving me a quick peck on the cheek.

“He wants to have a serious chat about something, but he wouldn’t give me a clue, Ben.” I shrugged as we unpacked our totes. “It looks like another Soap Opera is in the making.”

“Maybe Carel also needs a bit of time at the North Sea.” Ben winked, getting a grand hug from me when he said that’s where we would be heading this weekend AFTER I got the Doctor’s permission!


I was baffled and perplexed as I listened to Carel explain his dilemma – a complex one involving both Pieter and Joopey – as well as his family and the Harpers!

“Now Pieter wants to move back with the Harpers on weekends and Holidays, Amar,” Carel sighed as he began. “Joopey is missing staying with us and now HE wants to move back in with us on weekends and Holidays.”

“What do your Mum and dad say about this, Carel?” I asked.

“They think Pieter belongs with the Harpers.” Carel shrugged. “They said he just seemed happier before. They also miss Joop something terrible.”

“And what do YOU think?” I pushed.

“If I had it my way, I would have them both stay,” Carel smirked. “But I know that’s not possible. Actually, Pieter is great, but I sure miss Joop a lot. He and I go a lot further back and are closer.”

“Have you talked to either of them?” I asked.

“I had a chat with them both alone and together.” Carel said.


“Pieter agrees he was a bit happier living at the Harpers.” Carel said. “He misses them and misses the Music Store and everything. I think deep down he really wants to return. He’s a bit homesick, I think.”

“Then I think he should return.” I said. “What do the Harpers say?”

“They would take Pieter back in a heartbeat.” Carel smiled. “They miss him at the store, and on weekends and such.”

“And Joopey?” I asked of our mutual chum.

“He cried when he pleaded with me to let him live with us again.” Carel lowered his head. “He misses his room and even told me he loved us as his family.”

My heart filled with warmth and I smiled widely just then.

“I well think you solved your own dilemma, Carel.” I said, giving him a quick hug. “If Pieter wants to return to the Harpers, and the Harpers want him back. That should happen, and if Joopey loves living with your family as much as he says, then I think you should make the arrangements with your Mum and dad to take him back in.”

“I sure could use a chat with the North Sea about all this, Amar.” Carel sighed.

“Interesting you should bring that up, Carel.” I smirked.


Since I don’t have a Chemo drip session this Friday, the Doctor gave his blessings for a North Sea excursion! That is GRAND!

Ben said we should invite Carel AND Erik. He said there was plenty of room for them to have separate rooms at night and have at the Sea during the day!

“They won’t get in each other’s way when chatting with the Sea, will they, Ben?” I asked jokingly.

“It’s a BIG Sea, love.” Ben gave me a kiss.

Carel was well excited about being invited to the North Sea, and I was pleased that Erik was mature in saying nearly the same thing as Ben – that it was a big enough Sea to hear about both his AND Carel’s dilemmas.

It was quite the relief to have this Soap Opera solved in such short order!

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7 Responses to Carel, Pieter, and Joopey!

  1. Roland says:

    :-) soap opera and real life.

    I’m sure Carel was thinking about the same solution before. He trusts you very much that he likes speaking with you to find a solution.
    Thanks be to God this chemo session is finished.

    Have you ever attended a retreat?
    I propose Carel and Erik should have the Saturday as a retreat day.
    From morning till afternoon nothing to work, nothing of outward attraction like games and fun, a lot of silence and time staying alone and listening to the North Sea and their thoughts and hearts. One talk with you or Ben.

    May be at the beginning some leading questions as input.

    AMAR SAYS: No retreats, Roland. Just time with the North Sea to reflect and think.
    And my Chemo sessions are NOT done – I just don’t have another one until next week. :-|

  2. Day says:

    It was heartening to hear that Erik is coming to terms with his feelings about Parker, and wise that he will take reflective time this weekend, before talking to him. There is too much love and friendship between them not come to terms with their differences.

    Carel’s dilemma well sorted it self out as you actively listened to him in the Media Centre. Pieter’s homesick for the Harper’s and the Harper’s would eagerly welcome him back. Joopey misses Carel and his family as they do him. So, it looks like a win-win situation for everyone, except perhaps Carel, who wishes he could have them both at home. Some reflective time for Carel sounds needed as well. Kudos to you, Amar, for being a great listener!

    And it’s great news that you WILL be able to make it to the North Sea! I just love your Ben for having Carel join you on this journey. Yes, it is a WELL big sea. Large enough to let one be alone with their thoughts and feelings. The sea puts life into perspective and revitalizes your spirit. Powerful medicine!

    Today, good fortune moved in your favor as life’s dilemmas began to sort themselves out. I could feel the sea breeze at your back, pushing you all forward to renewed relationships. I believe I hear the North Sea calling!

    PS: Kudos to Andy Murray for bringing Olympic gold and the US Tennis Championship home to Great Britain — Well done laddie!

    Hugs, Health, and Hope — Always Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  3. Bryan says:

    Hi Amar,

    AMAR SAYS: No retreats, Roland. Just time with the North Sea to reflect and think.

    Actually, I think that’s what Roland means by “retreat”. The word, as he uses it, doesn’t mean military retreat, like falling back and regrouping. When it’s used with regards to events of a spiritual nature, it is withdrawing, but withdrawing from the distractions of life to contemplate, consider, regard, and meditate on things happening in one’s heart and soul. Retreats, as spiritual functions, can be rather formal events tied to one of any number of religions, or they can be unguided, individual explorations.

    As you describe it, the North Sea is your retreat, as it is Erik’s, Carel’s, and Ben’s. Each of you is looking for something, exploring, considering, and contemplating. It is a very descriptive word for where you’re going and what you’re doing.


    AMAR SAYS: Call it what you may. It will surely be an unguided, individual exploration for the lot of us. ;)

  4. JerBear says:

    Interesting developments in the continuing saga of Amar, the amateur psychologist and his assistant the North Sea. Your empathetic heart attracts those in need of counsel amongst your chums and brother. Then of course their is healing influence the North Sea holds for those lucky enough to have walked her shores.

    It does appear that Carel had a solution to the family longings of Pieter an Joop. He just needed to receive your guidance and that of the North Sea to sort out how he felt about the changes. I will admit to some confusion about how Pieter ended up leaving the Harper’s for Carel’s home in the first place. I can see how Joopey and Carel have a real bond given their shared experiences on the mean streets of Amsterdam. I imagine their may also come a time when Joopey wants some time with your family the next time he feels the need to help out his beloved Amar. Having two loving families to turn to is just what Joopey’s formerly love starved heart needs.

    So my friend perhaps you should set up a small counseling service and call it Amar & North Sea Counseling associates! ;-)

    Healing Hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: All I can say about Pieter is that he is a bit wishy washy at times, and looking for new adventures, he chose to trial a time away from the Harpers and with Carel’s family. But I think he missed the Harpers more.

  5. Ken says:

    Well time to go to the ocean and deal with our inner conflicts. I hope the boys can get to the core and come away refreshed and happy. I also hope the outcome doesn’t cause Reese and Dalton to need a trip to the North Sea.
    The sun will be crossing the Equater soon, that event always causes the winds to kick up on the ocean for about a week before and a week after the crossing event. Here on the Atlantic coast, We have been having strong north winds (steady at 15mph) for three days. quite pleasant temps around 70 degrees, usually 85 to 90 this time of year. Two or three storms in the Atlantic should also kick up some waves for you, all depends on how much your home island protects you.
    Hugs and Blessings to all,

    AMAR SAYS: I am certain the North Sea will work wonders on ALL of us. ;)

  6. Jeremy says:

    I’m sure you have noticed – but sometimes just be talking through something out loud to someone you trust – the tentacles of a problem begin to untangle – and resolutions seem to be a bit clearer. I hope that some of us do not forget that many of the chums we learn about from you are young teenagers. Even though they may have been through some difficult times they are still young and searching for the maturity of their teen years. It is never easy, even for you, who relies on your dad and mum, the dean master, and your love Ben as sounding boards and as guides through difficult issues. And of course your own sharp, discerning mind. But the voice of the wilderness or the sea or the sky – faced alone – is surely cleansing and instructive. A place to find the truth apart from the noise of the day. Lead on in your wisdom Amar.
    I’m so happy Erik and now Carel have learned from you and seek the solace of the sea to help guide them.
    Peace to all of you,

  7. Evan says:

    So it’s Carel who has the latest crisis on “As Amar’s World Turns..” ; ) Seriously though, it is not that surprising there is quite a bit of drama in your life lately. You and your chums and getting older and older teens have more complexities and issues that come up in their lives. But Carel’s dilemma was actually not all that difficult, and while talking to you, he had pretty much sorted things out. But it is very fortunate you have the North Sea available as a place to think clearly and sort things out. Its power has been evident ever since Ben’s dad made that trip up there to clear his head so long ago. Erik and Carel will take great benefit from this time.

    Strengthening Hugs (for everyone),

    AMAR SAYS: We ALL will take benefit from this trip. ;)

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