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Missing Erik

Dad dropped me off at school early on his way to the office, because I wanted to see Erik, since I hadn’t seen him in three days and felt well bad about that because I missed him! The 7th Dorm … Continue reading

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Getting There!

Charles looked well awful when he got on the tram, and I asked if he was OK, and he said he had an upset tum, but his Mum made him go to school anyway. Chris leaned over and asked if … Continue reading

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My Ben

Mum, dad, and I talked at breakfast. I didn’t sleep well, and I really wasn’t hungry, but Mum made me eat, saying, “One thinks better with a full tummy.” Dad said, “Maybe they had plans for the weekend, Amar.” I … Continue reading

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Scotty & Grams & Tramp

Ben was in a well jolly mood! I asked what was up, and he just said, “I have to keep a positive attitude all day, Amar. If I go into the talk with Mum and dad thinking positive, then things … Continue reading

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I Feel Well Bad! (not really!)

No Post today!  Sleeping over at Scotty’s house! I feel well bad . . . not really!  LOL See everyone Saturday! This is a scheduled post, and I well hope it works!

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A Chat with Marcus

At breakfast, I talked to Mum and dad about Marcus, the new student I was tutoring. I said he might be a difficult one because he well had an attitude I wasn’t quite used to with a lad. Mum said … Continue reading

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