My Report! The Dean Master & More

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about my report.

OUTSIDE EYES ON AN INSIDE WORLD is what the title ended up being. I well didn’t need to put “Boarders” in the title, since once the first paragraph was read – you knew what it was about.

Actually, I have been working on it since the first night I boarded, on Monday, November 9th. I’d been taking well lots of notes those three days and two nights. And each night after, I would spend nearly half an hour writing, adding and deleting, going back over my notes, editing, fine-tuning, and then building up to the final draft. That’s what I learned in all my Creative Writing classes the past two years.

I finished the final copy last night and put it in a nice folder, letting Mum and dad read it. They told me it was well fantastic! I was well embarrassed at their praise, but a tad proud as well, cuz it was a lot of work over the last two weeks!

And first period, I was sitting in my favorite leather chair in front of the Dean Master, nervously waiting for him to read through my report. I think I sweat all the liquid out of me and wouldn’t need to pee for three days! I even felt my eggs sweating!

To make matters worse? When he finished reading, he put down the folder and folded his hands on top of it. Then he just looked at me, slowly shaking his head and not saying anything!! OMG! That was well nerve-busting! Then a smile slowly came, and he finally said something. “You are amazing, Mr. ****. You have such wonderful insight. Such deep feelings. Such emotion that you show in your writing. It is well obvious your grade points average is at the highest it can get, and that you are at the very top of your class.” I whispered “Thank you, Sir,” feeling myself well blush.

He went on. “I want to keep this report for a while. I would like to use it as a construction point in what works good in our boarding system, and what is broken and needs fixing. With your permission, I would like to first, let all the Dorm Masters read this, as well as all the Professors and teachers and staff. Lastly, I want the Board or Educators to bring this under discussion at a few of the board meetings.”

I gulped and whispered, “I feel well honored, Sir.” He laughed telling me, “You should feel honored! You are a brilliant young man! I will grade this paper myself, and let the Lit Professor know my decision, but just reading it once, I suspect I will give it my highest grading as well as the highest points allowed for extra credit.” Again, I whispered my thank you.


But it was when we started talking about Marcus that things turned well serious. I told him how my first week went, and how it was well hard keeping Marcus focused, since his attention span was well short.

I was honest, and said it was well surprising that no Prof had brought this to the attention of him (the Dean Master). I went well out on a ledge, telling him I had read some information (which I did read ever since many readers here told me what the problem might be) about ADD and ADHD, adding that I was no doctor, but Marcus seemed to fit into some of the categories of it. I finished by telling him how I was able to keep his attention with colored pencils and other “gimmicks”, just to get through a few problems, adding I knew it was still early in my tutoring of him, but it was a well hard challenge from Erik. He seemed astonished that I mentioned ADD and such.

He pulled Marcus’ file and looked through it, nodding, scratching his chin, shaking his head, etc. I told him I hoped I wasn’t out of line by blaming the Profs that they didn’t notice, adding I wasn’t sure how he really was in his other classes. The Dean Master said Marcus was “average” in his other classes, but that his Maths scores were at the bottom, hence him needing tutoring. But he told me he was glad I brought Marcus’ behavior to light, telling me he would let me know his decision as to the next step. “What next step, Sir?” I asked. I was well worried and hoped I didn’t get anyone in trouble.

But he ignored my question, made a few more notes in Marcus’ folder, and looked at me with a smile. “I’ve set tomorrow during lunch for our first meeting of the Liaison Officers.” He said, watching my eyes widen. “You will need to come to the conference room here in the office during your lunch period.” Adding that we would be having a “get acquainted” lunch there.

As I was leaving, I overheard the Dean Master telling his secretary something about a Doctor, and something about the Maths Prof . . . Now I was WELL worried!


Charles was still out sick, so during Maths, Ben and I sat together again. At lunch, I told everyone at my table I’d be having lunch with the Dean Master and the other Liaison Officers tomorrow. They all thought that was well special. I looked around, and didn’t see Marcus, and asked Erik and Kyle if they knew where he was. They didn’t know, but when I saw Jason, he said Marcus had to go to some meeting or something. I told Ben when we had a chat in our cubby in the Media Center that I was feeling well bad and my tum was in knots for fear I caused some not good waves with this Marcus thing. Ben told me not to worry, that maybe Marcus was meeting one of the Profs to get help with his other studies. I told Ben, “I well hope so.”

Last period, I had the colored pencils lined up on the table, thinking I would have Marcus pick four different colors than he was using, just so he wouldn’t get bored with his first choices. I had time, since he was late, so I folded the drawing paper and ripped it in the four sections. Then I laid the index cards out in a row, and waited, thinking it was well strange that Marcus was five minutes late already. I peeked out in the hall, but there was no sign of him, and I started to worry.

But then, well to my surprise, the Dean Master opened the door and smiled down at me, looking over my “display” on the table I had ready for Marcus. The first words out of my mouth were, “Is there something wrong with Marcus, Sir?”

He explained that since our meeting this morning, he had a “chat” with all of Marcus’ Profs, and they helped him evaluate his study habits, behavior, and grade points in all his classes, as well as his attention span. He said in some of his classes, he was having some “issues”. I was starting to sweat again! He apologized for making me wait here in Study Chamber 2, and added, “We need to hold off on your tutoring sessions with Marcus for a day or two, Mr. ****.” I asked if Marcus was all right, and he smiled at my concern, putting his hand on my shoulder. “Your concern is outstanding, and Marcus is fine. He’s just taking a few tests to evaluate his grade points. No need to worry.”

He got up and smiled at me, saying, “You’ll have a bit of free time on your hands last period, Mr. ****. You deserve a little break in your routine. We’ll have another chat tomorrow after the Liaison Officer’s Lunch meeting.”

I said, “Yes, Sir.” And he was gone . . .


I explained everything to Mum and dad at dinner. Dad said it was well brave of me to take a stand and bring this issue to the Dean Master. He added it was most obvious that Marcus had some type of learning problem in certain situations. He explained to me that the “tests” were probably with a psychologist who would evaluate Marcus’ learning abilities to determine if he had ADD or ADHD.

I don’t know why, but I suddenly felt the tears well in my eyes and run down my cheeks. I said I was well sad that I probably got people in trouble and I might have hurt Marcus more by making him take more tests. Both Mum and dad moved to hug me, telling me I did the best thing for Marcus by letting the Dean Master know. Dad seemed a bit pissered that a 14 year old boy could figure out there was a problem within a week before a Professor with a university degree could in nearly three months!

Mum wiped my tears and pushed the hair off my forehead telling me she was so proud of me, and that things would turn out much better for Marcus because he would get the help he needed. I figured right then that I probably wouldn’t be tutoring Marcus anytime soon.

I talked to Charles for a short time, and he said he won’t be back until Monday. Teddy told me the same thing when we talked. And when I talked to Ben, he said the same thing as Mum and dad. He also said that sometimes magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t. He added that my magic worked with Marcus because it would get him the help he needed. He also told me my magic worked for him and his dad. . .

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17 Responses to My Report! The Dean Master & More

  1. Kevin says:

    I’ve undergone evaluation for ADD and ADHD since it runs in my family. It’s really not that bad or embarrassing. Mostly it is a series of questions that are designed to see if he’s having trouble. Then they try and determine the severity. I really am surprised that an educator in any country did not suspect Marcus of ADD of some variety. He seems to be a bit impulsive, his attention span is short, and he seems to need to be actively doing things if he’s going to get decent grades in something like Math, that requires a high level of concentration. You did the right thing by talking to the Dean Master.

    Hopefully Charles will be feeling better soon. Must have come down with something nasty for him to be out so long. He’s probably also getting a bit of ‘cabin fever’. heh

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Kevin. I just feel well bad for Marcus, that’s all. He’s probably going to have to be on medications, right?

  2. Kevin says:

    Not necessarily. It depends on the severity of his case. Some cases can be resolved just by teaching someone coping mechanisms.

  3. yugo 13 says:

    congratulations on your report Amar. Poor Marcus, I hope that you are going to bring him very l help that it is needed to him.


  4. twinny says:

    Your DM truly is not the kind of person who’s procrastinating things. I think it is great that he is making Marcus his personal matter. I’m sure only good will come from it and help Marcus to get more motivated. Lets just hope he understands that people are trying to help him and are not against him. At the beginning it might be hard for him to adapt and to admit that he could need some help. Like Christopher and his little inconvenience he might be embarrassed at first. That is if he really has ADD or ADHD. Just funny how Ben spoke of magic the way I did a few comments ago.

    Have fun at lunch tomorrow and kiss Charles to get better soon.

    PS.: Oh and don’t worry about getting people into trouble. I think everybody will just be fine.

  5. leonardo says:

    Amar, you really are amazing. Don’t worry about Marcus. You did exactly what Marcus needed. If he has ADD or ADHD he will need some help. It is important that his teachers know what he has and how they can “handle”it. If they know what is going on, they can understand why he is behaving like he does. Medication cannot “heal” ADHD but sometimes a bit of medication can help to reduce his problem. Talking to the Dean master was the best you could have done. You have proved to be a caring chum! Hugs.

  6. alx says:

    Calm down, dont ready the horse before bringing it, even has not decided that Marcus has problems of type ADD or ADHD, that does not worry for the drugs. In any case it is important to do these tests in any student who presents problems in several matters, if they prove negative, hurt is not done, and if they prove positive they allow a suitable and rapid treatment; anyway you do not worry, in my opininion you did the correct thing.
    2 years of creative writing, it is not strange that the this blog is very good written : )
    Luck & animo.
    PD:It is difficult to write this, I read good, but to write takes me a lot of time.

  7. twinny says:

    I have a book called “Unusefull Knowledge” with 1374 bizarre facts. Sometimes I find a fitting one to one of your posts. Here are some of my favourites:

    - “A person suffering from medectophobia is affraid of other people seeing his erection through his pants.” – that reminded me of how you sent Erik back to class without his skive on :-)

    - “The unit of measurement for scent is called >>Olf<<. One Olf is the strength of the scent comming from a human who is taking 0,7 showers a day.” – how many Olf does Teddy have?

    - Last weekend when Ben was gone and you didn’t know about his whereabouts you cryed a lot (poor thing). Did you know – “The human being is the only creature that cries. One tear weighs about 15 milligram. During his live a human fills about a bathtub with his tears.”

    I’ll let you know if I read about more interessting facts.

  8. anon says:

    Don’t jump to conclusions that Marcus needs medications. If he needs any, the right med is usually a low dose to see if it can slow his brain down. Then proceed slowly. A big part of ADD is the brain going so fast that things are a blur when it comes to tasks such as maths. It is sort of like if you were in a car driving 100 mph down a street. Everything is equally distracting and it is difficult to recognize your own home as it goes by. If the car slows down (meds) you can see where you are, what is happening, and not be so frazzled. That may be a weak or less than perfect metaphor, but you might get an idea of how the ADD/HD brain functions. In some people a strong cup of coffee will help. For some reason the caffeine slows a person down. Sugar is likely toxic for his brain as far as focus goes. I have a theory that if you let me control what a boy with ADD/HD EATS, I could could cure him! Whole grains, very low sugar, fresh fruit and veggies! FWIW!

    And in no way should you worry that you are making problems for Marcus. The DM seems to “get it” which many educators don’t because they have never been educated on the _latest_ and best teaching methods for such students. It requires flexibility and a willingness to adapt and modify some things for the Marcuses of the world. And if they did alter some attitudes and methods ALL students might benefit.

    All the best!

    Keep it up Amar! You may have discovered a profession! You have the intuitive skills it seems, all you need is a proper degree and license.


    AMAR SAYS: Thank you.

  9. ken says:

    I’d say a grand day overall. Marcus is well lucky to have met you. You cared more than all the prof’s he’s had. The Dean Master recognised the problem as serious and jumped right on it. He was not aware until you did something. Your just a reluctant hero.
    There is some controversy over the medications used for adhd add, but they do help.
    they also make wanking more fun (more intense).
    ” Sometimes The Magic Works” a book by Terry Brooks for creative writers. Who may want to write fantasy stories. Terry writes some terrific books that are more like J.R.Tolkiens Lord of the rings.The Sword of Shanara is a good one to star with.
    Well gotta go, this Holiday is the beginning of Christmas madness. I work for a major retailer and have a 16 hour shift to work today.

  10. Little Mark says:

    Amar, not all kids need medications for ADD, etc… Trust the adults in your life to do the right things. If Marcus does have a problem, you might have saved him from a lifetime of frustration and repeated failures. I’m sure your school will handle things so that Marcus is not embarrassed in any way. Remember how your Dean Master handled the bedwetting problem?

    I know it was hard for you, but you did the right thing in raising this question about Marcus. You’ve helped him in ways that you won’t understand for quite some time. Please don’t look at it as a failure on your part in tutoring him. You did beyond excellent, and I’m sure the Dean Master will let you know it too.

    Amar, you’re fantastic! Never doubt yourself.



    AMAR SAYS: Thanks and hugs, Mark!

  11. David says:

    I’ll tackle the question about medications, in a moment, Amar. First, though, congratulations to you, for the professional manner in which you handled your “Boarders” research, and, secondly, for the concern and maturity you showed discussing Marcus’ problem with the Dean Master.

    As to medications, it’s possible, *if* he’s actually got ADD/ADHD, and, *if* it’s severe enough to justify medication. Marcus doesn’t sound particularly hyper-active, from your description…just a poor attention span. That can be treated a number of different ways not involving drugs. Again, from what you’ve said, he’s doing “okay” in other subjects, so, I’d be surprised if any doctor prescribed medication as a first treatment for Marcus.

    And, finally, as far as you feeling any guilt for talking about Marcus, first, that’s your duty as his tutor…and, it’s your duty as his friend. He might be upset, at first…but, years from now, he’ll thank you. And, that’s what really matters, right? That he turn out to be the best he can be. You’re simply helping him get there.

    Chin up, and, smile, Amar!



    AMAR SAYS: Thanks David. And a big hug!

  12. Jan says:

    I am also glad that you mentioned the problem with Marcus to the Dean Master.
    And to your question: Yes, he could get on medications but it degrees on the stage of his ADD.
    He will still need special attention. But now I think he will get it and his grades will become better.

    Hugs, Jan

    ps. I’d love reading your report about your bording time because it must be very good outgoing from the reactions of those who read it…

  13. Hazedge says:

    No need to worry as I think you have made a right decision by telling the dean master. Marcus will be evaluated and if he showed the symptom of ADD and ADHD, he needs to be taught by using a certain special ways that will be suggested by the doctor. I got a cousin who are facing the same problem. Hopefully, everything will be alright. Let us pray for the sake of Marcus.

    LOVES, Hazedge

  14. rudyyy says:

    Amar there is no need to worry i have ADHD and ADD they is nothing wrong with it just sometimes it is hard to stay on one thing your brain wants to do a million things at one do grow out of it some what like you learn to control it more and focuse on what ever you are working on i am almost 25 and havent had to take the meds for it since i was out of school since well most people with add and adhd think school is to slow and boring….You helped marcus alot by letting someone know what it looks like he has the meds will help if he gets put on them he might be more mellow tho intell they get the right percentage of the meds…well it is normally one pill 2 times aday morning and night depending on the person……so amar it is a good thing you said something instead of letting it go like the other teacher’s seem to do if you need to know anything more about ADHD and ADD email me you have my email addy…i canefectly fine oo and those test are kinda boring tho lol had to take them 3 times when i was younger to check my leave of add and adhd as i got older… time you see marcus give him a big hug to let him know that he is still ok with you since those test can make you feel kinda down about being different…..

    ekkk i said ”i canefectly ”’ i meant marcus will be perfectly fine ” i deleted that on accident lol was not paying attension lol sorry

  15. midnight says:

    I think its great the you got the Dean Master to notice that Marcus might have some attention problems. And that he is taking tests to find out what the problem is if there is one so he can get some help. I wouldn’t worry about the fact that you noticed his problem and not the profs. That is probably because you know him as a chum and the profs see many students all day long and never really have the time to see if here are any real problems.

    You are getting more amazing every day and I’m really proud and happy for you :)


  16. Doug says:

    Great work with your report! Your new title is better. It’s intriguing. It makes people want to know more and they have to read to find out. Nice touch.

    Ernest Hemingway (great novelist) was once asked what made for good writing. He said, “There is no good writing, there’s only good re-writing.” The creative writing process you learned and which you practice is exactly what he meant.


    As your parents said, you did EXACTLY the right things with Marcus, the Maths Prof and the D.M. You observed, got some ideas (partly from here) and tried some things that helped – a little. You discussed with the Maths Prof, which was very fair and gave him a chance to respond professionally. Unfortunately, he didn’t. His only comment was that the colors annoyed him – not much help to Marcus. At that point, if you hadn’t elevated the problem to the D. M. you WOULD have failed Marcus. Getting him tested is good for him, not bad.

    Of course the D.M. was surprised you mentioned ADD, etc. Only one 14yo in a thousand would think of that. You thought of it because your skilled writing attracts the friendship of more experienced people, who shared ideas you could put to good use. Everyone who shared those ideas is proud of you.

    Marcus MAY need to be on meds, but that will only happen if the tests indicate so, if Marcus’s parents agree and (often) if Marcus himself agrees. If the meds don’t help or if he doesn’t like how they make him feel, they’ll stop. This may help him alot. It may change his life for the better. Wonderful job, though sad for Marcus. Life isn’t always fair…

    The Maths Prof probably won’t get in as much trouble as the bad cook. But he will be told to pay more attention and to respect serious ideas and questions, no matter who presents them.

    This is how leadership works: you get important things done by getting others to help. Remember how you helped get Erik’s crutches adjusted, when the nurse failed? And the meals improved, when the cook failed? You just did the same thing with Marcus, when the prof failed. Being an effective leader IS nerve-wracking, but if the goal is good, isn’t it worth it?

    Glad that Ben mentioned his dad. Hope they’re slowly chipping away at that wall.

    Morning hugs,

    P.S. Don’t ever stop crying when tears are needed. That depth of feeling (which the D.M. noticed in your report) is one reason good people are willing to help you; they see how genuinely you feel about other people. Everyone loves a good wuss! ;-)

    AMAR SAYS: Well thanks, Doug! Your comments are always some of the best and helpful! BIG hugs!

  17. cjsoul says:

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. ” – Edmund Burke

    One thing I admire about you Amar is that you follow your heart. You truly care about people, and I think that’s why they gravitate to you. Don’t ever apologize for that. It’s very easy to give up on someone or something. Standing behind something and seeing it through is what’s hard. You never take the easy way out, and I think everyone respects you for it including the DM.

    On the other hand, I would love to take a boot to your Maths Prof’s head or other sensitive areas of his anatomy. There is no way he should be teaching kids. He clearly has no problem taking the easy way out. He was ready to cast Marcus aside and write him off as a poor student who doesn’t take his studies seriously. What your Prof should have been doing was finding a way for Marcus to be successful in the class. But that means taking the extra time to do it which your Prof obviously has no interest in doing. Marcus knows you care about him, so hopefully he’ll understand why you did what you did. Even if he doesn’t understand at first, he will eventually.


    AMAR SAYS: Thanks C.J. I always well love reading your comments because you are so wise. Thanks and hugs!

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