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Missed Chance!

Ben was well upset at missing the Ginger-Fest (otherwise known as the Red-haired festival in Breda, Netherlands this past weekend).

He and his family wanted to go, but they felt it wouldn’t be complete without Becky attending along with them – so they opted out.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to be included in the number for the record, which in total, made it to 1,255 natural redheads (or gingers) gathered at Breda this past weekend. That meant the city of Breda now claims the world record in the Guinness Book of Records – topping only 890 red-headed folks that was set in the State of Washington (US) back in 2010!

A report in the Dutch News said that between 4 and 5 thousand natural redheads from around the world showed up for the event in Breda, but that only 1,255 met the legal rules set by Guinness.

The redheads had to stand between gates for 10 minutes in order to qualify for the record.

Ben is still kicking himself for missing it!

Ginger Fest in Breda, Netherlands



Some of you have asked about when the clubs at school start.

The Chess Club, Theatre Club, Garden Club, Art Club, Reading Club, and soon a few new clubs that will most likely get underway in the next few weeks. They are in process of being organized and formed with interested lads being recruited, along with adult supervisors chosen.

The Dean Master wanted to stress the fact of the lads FIRST dwelling on getting a routine for their studies, as opposed to getting involved in Clubs right at the start of the school year.

I personally think that is a well wise move and decision on his part!

So when the clubs start getting underway, I will surely let everyone know.


Carel – Boarding vs. Transit Student

Some of you have also asked why Carel is still a boarder as opposed to being a transit student now that he has moved to a new home with his more stable family and being his dad and Mum are now gainfully employed.

Well, it is quite simple why he is still a boarder – for now, at least.

Carel was the first recipient of the Promise of Hope Scholarship Fund. He was honoured a FULL tuition for as long as he was attending our school. He has the choice to switch to being a transit, but at this point, he is choosing to stay a boarder as he has discussed this with his parents, the Dean Master, and even the school Doctor, the Dorm Master, as well as my dad and I.

According to the Dean Master, Carel has become quite the asset as a “leader” of his Dorm AND Form, and the lads love him so and want him to stay a boarder. He feels being a boarder is the best for him at this point – but he also has the choice to become a transit student as well. He will make that decision before the end of the First Term.

He is also staying a boarder because it is a huge benefit to Pieter. The two have become closer that ever. Since Pieter IS a boarder and also living with Carel and his family on weekends and Holidays now, they have become quite close, like brothers.

This is a beautiful thing not only for Carel and Pieter, but for Carel’s family, and the Harpers at the Music Store, who are quite happy to see that their little Pieter might have just found a permanent family to really call his own!

Carel (look-a-like)

Pieter (look-a-like)


Sad Day

Granny and Gramps left this morning back to Maidstone – and they will be missed tremendously until they return again. That might not be until the upcoming holidays.

But there is a chance that Mum might pay a week’s visit back to Maidstone. That is IF dad and I can convince her she needs a break and some rest AWAY from taking care of me.

I told her that between dad and Ben, I’d be fine. It’s taking a bit of convincing, but the possibility is moving forward!


Pills and Chemo

I am still doing the Chemo drip, as you all well know. I was also put back on the Chemo pill.

But there is a bit of a difference!

When the Doctor first prescribed the Chemo pill to me, he told me I could either take it in the morning or in the evening with either breakfast or dinner.

After explaining some of the possible side effects, I opted to take the pill in the morning with my breakfast. That way, during the day, I could monitor if any side effects took place. One of those was also the chance of having a blood clot or some other blockage that could form in my bloodstream – mainly in my legs or even my arms!

UGH! That was all I needed!

So I decided the best time to take the pill was in the morning so in case I got one of those clots, I would at least be awake and be able to scream or act on it right away and get to the hospital fast – rather than being asleep at night and having the clot possibly move and . . . well, we won’t go THERE!

So this last series of my prescription of the pill, I decided to start taking the Chemo pill in the evening, right after I ate. Because one of the other main side effects was the fact that taking that pill made me a bit drowsy and zapped my energy level!

So I concluded: What better time to be drowsy and zapped of energy? When I was sleeping at night – not trying to be alert and perky during the day!

And now that I am on that new schedule of Chemo Pill at night, and not during the day, I have MORE energy in the day time, and sleep a load better at night!  BRILLIANT!

I do have a Chemo drip session tomorrow, and Mum will be with me. I plan to convince her she SHOULD go to Maidstone for that visit.

I also hope to convince her that maybe while she’s gone, Ben could spend the nights that I have my Chemo session the next day, and get permission from his folks and the Dean Master to come with me to sit while I have my sessions when Mum is gone.

Just a thought – but a GRAND one none the less!

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7 Responses to Pish-Posh Post

  1. Ringvejen says:

    I can well understand that Ben was well disappointed in not going to the Ginger Fest with the family this year and can well imagine that he was even more upset in not being present for the Guiness Book of Records achievement.
    I hope that you and your Dad are able to convince your Mum to take a break and go to Maidstone as she desrves it but can imagine that like any good Mum she is concerned about leaving you at this time, hopefully you will be able to make a good argument and convince her.
    I am not surprised that Carel has become a huge asset in being a boarder at the school and as his full Tuition is covered then I am sure that he will find it easier if and when he decides to change. I am sure that he will be a great help as far as Pieter is concerned and it will help the Harpers in some respects.
    I hope that the variation to your chemo tablets is better for you.
    Regards and Hugs

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Ring. :)

  2. JerBear says:

    Thanks for the informative post. As one of the always curious crowd, I appreciate your explanations. It is grand that Carel is such an asset in the dorm. I’m sure Pieter appreciates having a “big brother” to look up to. Are Joopey and Reece still alternating weekends between your house an Carel’s?

    I am glad you found a way to take the chemo pill so that it doesn’t affect your waking hours. One quite remarkable side effect you seem to have avoided is hair loss – or it’s happened and you haven’t mentioned it. I understand it’s quite rare to avoid that side effect so if you have avoided it you are very blessed. As for blood clots I had a serious one ounce in my leg which swelled up to twice it’snormal size in the calf bellow the clot. I was in hospital for a week with drip to destroy the clot. I’m sure the doctors have told you what to look for. I know in my case it was many days before I sought help so I doubt taking a pill at night is a problem – just be aware when you are awake.

    I hope your mom gets a vacation and Ben can fill in. His loving care and comfort will be more than adequate to make sure you are WELL taken care of!

    Best wishes for tomorrow. Then you have a weekend to recharge your batteries. Something to look forward to.

    Hugs of Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: Most hair loss (so I am told) comes with radiation treatment, not Chemo treatment, so I still have hair on my head – so far. ;)

    Your question about Joopey and Reece is a bit confusing. They are roommates and now have a tendency to want to stay together in the Dorms and do other things with the other lads on weekends. They haven’t visited since school started, and Pieter has somewhat taken over the place of Joopey at Carel’s home. Also, Joopey wants to introduce Reece to Opa, but Reece is a bit apprehensive. I am working on that to help ease his doubt. ;)

  3. Day says:

    Thanks for catching us up on a veritable potpourri of interesting tidbits today.

    Sorry that Ben and his family chose not to go to Ginger Day, although it is understandable with Becky off at school. Still, I am sure that they were all there in spirit.

    Thanks for the explanation of Carel remaining as a boarder. It is heartwarming to hear how he has grown as a leader and become a brother to Pieter. Of the many wonderful stories of hope and all you have done, the story of Carel stands out. For it marked the beginning of the Promise of Hope which has gone on to benefit so many.

    I’m sure saying goodbye for now to Granny and Gramps was a bit sad. I do hope you and your Dad can convince your Mum to go back to Maidstone for a nice visit.

    It sounds as if you have devised a great plan for taking your meds in a way which minimizes the side effects. And I well think having your Ben stay over on your chemo drip days is a brilliant idea!

    Thanks again for your pish posh post!

    PS: Not being familiar with the term, pish posh, I looked it up in an ace site called the Word Detective. http://www.word-detective.com/2008/08/pish-posh/ . Very interesting!

    Hugs, Health, and Hope — Always Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: Maybe I should have used “Mish-Mash” as I did before? ;)

  4. JerBear says:

    Sorry to be so full of questions lately. I do have a curious mind – I think that is why I LOVE science so much. When my curiosity gets too personal or confusing you can always tell me, “I don’t feel comfortable answering that.”


  5. JerBear says:

    I looked into hair loss and chemo. It seems it is drug-specific meaning some chemo drugs cause hair loss and some don’t. One resource said newer drugs were less likely to cause hair loss. You are benefiting by having the latest drugs and a highly competent medical team. Thank goodness! Now your empathetic friends get to keep their hair. Wearing a leukemia awareness bracelet to show support is better than shaving your head!

  6. carlitos says:

    Well, it looks like you are definitely gearing up for the school year.
    I don’t remember you saying previously that these chemo pills can cause blood clots.
    If indeed that is a serious issue, then i am indeed surprised your doctors don’t put you
    on a blood thinner pill as well. That would reduce considerably the threat of a clot.
    i suppose you are aware just how much of a serious issue it could be. And I cannot imagine your parents are not aware of that possibility.

    AMAR SAYS: Carlitos!! My Doctor explained these things and I am aware! I am on an aspirin dose for that purpose! :-|

  7. Ken says:

    It was grand to hear good reports about Pieter. We’ve not heard much about him lately. I hope with all my heart They’re relationship can be as sweet as Amar’s and Eriks. I can feel Ben’s disappointment, but remember it’s just too soon for his parent’s to do special family outings without Becky. Seperation from children causes a pain only parents can understand.
    We watch for your posts everyday and thank you for your efforts to keep us current. We understand when you miss and pray your only tired. I wish you well and pray you and yours are comforted through this ordeal.
    With Love and Hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Ken. :)

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