FIXED – with other issues!

Well, the problem with my site is fixed.

Thank you to all of you who gave suggestions and tried to help, but dad said since we are paying for this, it is the responsibility of the server to fix and remedy the problems, and that is what they did. It just took a bit more time since I had other issues to deal with this weekend.

But things are up and running as normal now, so we can move on.

The other issues?

There was/is a problem with Erik this weekend, and I have been spending most of the entire weekend with him. He is in a major “funk” and we have spent quite a bit of time together talking about things and working everything out.

When he feels comfortable with me filling you in, I will do so, but most likely it won’t be until tomorrow’s post.

Just send Erik a cyber hug to help him through and to cope with this new dilemma in his life.



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10 Responses to FIXED – with other issues!

  1. JerBear says:

    Glad you and WordPress and your hosting company got the problem solved (please ignore my recent email ;-) ).

    I hereby send Erik a big cyber bear hug, in fact as many hugs as it takes. Erik, I know life can suck sometimes but you do have an awesome big brother there to lean on.

    Hugs All Around!

  2. Day says:

    Glad to hear your site issues have been resolved. Big hug to Erik.

    Hugs, Health, and Hope — Always Hope!

  3. Ringvejen says:

    Big Cyber Hugs to Erik
    Regards and Hugs to you all

  4. josh says:

    Big, massive, huge, loving hug for Erik. Whatever problems come your way, trust yourself and trust the ones who love you. Your mum and dad and your big brother Amar will always look out for you, as well as your other “brother” Ben. And right behind them will be all your friends there and on-line.

  5. Evan says:

    Good to know the technical issues are sorted out. Big hugs to Erik right now. Whatever his dilemma may be, at least he has a very understanding big brother who can help him work through any problems.

    Hugs for Erik,

  6. Roland says:

    Erik big cyber hug to you:
    I do not know what’s bothering you. You are never alone. You are loved by your family. Guess it was a very good experience having Amar around.
    Your past is gone and never will come back. You are a strong young man. I know to be in a major funk is a difficult situation. Remember you successfully passed through a lot of difficult experiences before.

    I believe you are able to cope with this new dilemma. The solution will come step by step. Good to have your caring big brother on your side and your parents and all your friends.


  7. Jeremy says:

    Everyone loves you and I send you big hugs. Some days do suck – but you have come through more than most with courage, joy, and hope. Remember there are so many who care for you and those that hold you up.

  8. Tee Tee says:

    H U G E Hugs to Erik..
    Erik if you’re reading this ,sometimes life deals a bad hand,but after you lets say ‘fold’
    you deal again …and all changes .No matter what’s got you a bit confused ,it’s called LIFE !! It can be a very complex thing..You are by far no dummy …CALM DOWN
    Take some “ERIK” time to yourself …We’ll ALL watch Amar for you K ??

  9. art says:

    When I think of you Erik your brother says your very attractive and for most of us that would be enough . But we have experienced your love for others and your caring heart. When you include your gift of gardening and your chef skills. I do not know how more perfect you could be. Beautiful and lovable Erik I offer my hugs without reservation.
    Trust your heart.

    Love and hugs



  10. Doug says:

    Just a big hug for my little buddy, Erik. Sorry you’re in the dumps. We all are from time to time and often for good reasons. But it’ll get better I promise. Get outside. Run around the park with Terra. Whatever’s got you down a bit of fresh air, exercise and a loving dog will always help!


    AMAR SAYS: Erik says thank you.

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