Real Class Mates

I will admit, yesterday was a real eye-opener in actually getting to sit in on University classes!

It was so grand to have David and Miguel along, and we became real class mate and University chums for the long day together in and out of Physics experiments and a variety of classes. It was obvious the other University “big boys” were quite intrigued with us as visitors, and most paid no attention to us, but there were some who were more curious and chummed up to us to ask questions of why we were here and such.

I was impressed that a majority of them spoke English quite well, and a handful had a bit of a struggle, and David and Miguel were grateful I was there to do a bit of translating for them.

But we did have a nice lunch and dinner before we were treated to quite the riveting lecture before we got back on the bus, headed back to school only to grab our books and either head back to the Dorms, or home on the trams at nearly close to 7:00 pm with a bit of the University logo embedded on our hearts!

But for the day, the three of us were University lads, and the mystery was ours and continuing to linger as that eventually most all of the lads in the 10th Form would be paying a visit to the grand old school near the heart of Amsterdam over the next few days – the problem was, none of us knew what day and for what subject!

In the back of my mind, I just couldn’t wait for the day when Ben and I went there together to “get our feet wet” when we roamed the grand halls together!


It was also strange adjusting to our new version of a temporary schedule! Leaving the same time in the morning to walk into a new, surprise schedule for that day – not actually knowing what that day would be like. Staying at school would be normal – but hopping on a bus to the University and spending the entire day going through classes there was quite the challenge – fun and interesting, but quite the challenge – and staying until the evening. I guess in essence, it is getting a taste of knowing what attending University is REALLY like.

But as I said, it was exciting, and it would be happening the rest of this week and the beginning of next!

Then there was talking to Mum and dad about my experiences during the day away, and their excitement for me and all my other chums who were going through this with me after I got home in the evening!


“And everyone misses you at school, Amar.” Erik said as we sat in the snuggle chair.

“It’s not like I’m gone forever, little buddy.” I snickered. “Don’t worry; things will start to get back to normal next week when going to the University is finished. Then I can help you a little in your planning for Spirit day!”

“That would be sweet!” Erik smirked as he showed me what he had so far.

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5 Responses to Real Class Mates

  1. Day says:

    Reading of your university experience today reminds my of my first days. The transition to a variable schedule with classes early in the morning and late in the evening was well challenging to begin with. So much different than my grade school experiences.

    Another thing that surprised me was the Professor’s were somewhat indifferent to whether you succeeded or failed. The responsibility was all yours. Some were brilliant minds who considered their primary responsibility was to research and publishing. All the same, you were treated as adults and your opinion, if well informed, was generally welcomed and encouraged.

    I’m sure you will continue to enjoy your immersion into the world of university life. And yes, it would be grand to see you and Ben walking those hallowed halls — hand in hand.


    AMAR SAYS: We’ll just settle on walking the halls together for now without the hand in hand. ;)

  2. Bryan says:

    I guess in essence, it is getting a taste of knowing what attending University is REALLY like.

    Think of it more as what attending university classes are really like. Fully half of what you learn at uni is (and should be) what you learn outside the classroom. The change from what you have now is not just a classroom mindset as it is your entire lifestyle. It sounds like you got a taste of university life both in and out of class. The in-class stuff is easy to observe in how it’s presented and what’s expected of the students day-to-day. The out-of-class stuff is harder to understand in one day’s observation, but I’m sure you picked up threads of it with your interaction with the uni students, and at your on-campus meals.


    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  3. JerBear says:

    Now this is an ingenious approach to secondary education or should I say “university preparatory education.” I don’t know if this is a standard feature of an A Levels education but if it isn’t it should be. I wish such a program had been part of my secondary school education. It would have helped me decide on the direction I wanted to take with my university education and given me a flavor of what to expect.

    This triggers a couple questions: Were you taught classes specially prepared for you? Were they seperate from the main university classes so they could be taught English or did the University offer classes taught in both Dutch and English. Finally are you a day behind or did you have 2 days of physics classes?

    I am well intrigued by this exposure of yours to university level classes. I am bursting with questions but I will ask no more and see if others ask them and/or you explain further in future posts. I became interested in physics later in life mainly because I am a huge science fiction fan (some would say nerd or geek). The first book on the subject that I read was called the Physics of Star Trek. It looked at various story plots from physics prospective and determined if different ideas like time travel or “phasers” were theoreticaly possible. I know many scientists have been influenced by an early love of Sci-Fi.

    I am excited for you as these days of university study seem very interesting. I know the long days are tiring but I presume you had a couple long breaks here and there. I look forward to hearing more about what subject areas you covered. It is times like this that I’d love to be part of your family so I could join in asking questions around the kitchen table. I guess your blog is a virtual version of that. So thanks again for the window into “Amar’s World!”


    AMAR SAYS: We went to University yesterday (Tuesday). We only attended the A-Level classes we are taking.

  4. Doug says:

    Wow! Sounds like quite the eye-opening day. Do I understand correctly that you may be going back for several days over the next week? That would really help give you a feel for university life.

    One HUGE difference between your going off to university (eventually) and mine: you have a loving bf to share the journey with. I never even kissed another “lad” until I was 21. Being able to bring that relationship with you as you enter a whole different world will make it so much better. A friend to lean on, learn from, snuggle with. Such a wonderful time you will have. Sniff! :)


    AMAR SAYS: I will be going back to University two more times. Once for Maths with my Ben, and the last time for Psychology. :)

  5. Evan says:

    That must have been so exciting for you! I think it’s a great idea, and a sign of how much your school cares for it’s students, that they are not only arranging these University visits, but starting in 10th form, quite some time before you will actually start applying to universities. Since you have just been plunged into the heavy work of A-levels, I’m sure this was meant to give you beleaguered students a vision of the reward at the end of all this hard work. I believe this will be a push for some students to put in that extra effort now to get where they want to go later. I am totally sure that someone like you would thrive in University, even more than in school, since you never want to stop learning and like to put in the extra effort to look at something a little deeper, which is what you are expected to do at that level.

    It seems your impressions of Amsterdam U appear to be a bit more positive than when you toured Oxford last summer. You are also quite eager to get another tour, this time with Ben. May this University have risen as one of your preferences? I can just imagine how thrilled Erik would be if you decided to go to University without having to move away ;) But of course with your talent, grades, and ambitions, you could go to pretty much any school you wished, anywhere in the world.


    AMAR SAYS: Each 10th Form goes though this every year Final Term when they begin their A-Levels. ;) And my impressions of Amsterdam U are that way because school was actually in session, and Oxford was not. ;)

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