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Bringing in the New Year With Ben & Erik

I will be telling much more of our adventures, and also how our ringing in of the New Year went with Ben, Erik, Chris and me. I will say that Erik is WELL excited about everything, and putting Chris into … Continue reading

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Ben & Me at The North Sea

OMG! I have a lot to say, but can’t tell it all here and now, because some of it Nibble will allow, and some of it Nibble WON’T allow! It was well grand to get a BIG hug and kiss … Continue reading

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Bye to Granny & Gramps

It was kind of a sad day, as we all knew Granny and Gramps would be leaving today. It was also well cute that Erik followed Granny around all morning, chatting with her and telling her how much he was … Continue reading

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Give Me a Break!

I’ve just been thinking about all the well awful things that have been happening lately in “Blog Land”.  OMG!  If I use quotes, will someone out there think I am referring to some sexual act??  (Yes, and him and I … Continue reading

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The Master of the House Rings the Christmas Bells

I well love my Mum and dad! Love Granny and Gramps, and love my little brother, Erik. It was a grand Christmas Day! Erik kept tossing and turning well early, and of course that kept me tossing and turning! I … Continue reading

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And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight . . . Happy Christmas to all! And to all a good night! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Wishing you the “Magic” of the Holidays! Love and Hugs from Amar ***************************** … Continue reading

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