Had the Chemo drip Tuesday morning, but it was OK and didn’t seem to get me as knackered this time.

The thing I will most likely start to hate is having those sessions take me out of school! It was an 8:00 am session, so I was able to take the tram to school with Erik and say hey to all my chums in Base – with a hug and quick kiss to my Ben. Then we headed to Chapel before Mum and Granny picked me up to take me to the hospital.

Granny and Gramps leave for Maidstone on Thursday.

I was also glad to know Theo and Kees made to safely to school on the tram! They didn’t need to use their whistles, although I was certain Kees wanted to give it a quick try. Theo talked him out of it!

I still think they both are a bit sceptical, and Theo did confide in me that he and Kees kept a close eye over their shoulders for any sign of lurking thugs.

“But riding the tram for free is a treat for Kees and me, Amar!” Theo told me. Evidently he didn’t associate his School I.D. as also being a pass to ride the trams for “free”. LOL!

I missed A-Levels Maths and most of my language (Dutch) Tuesday morning, but got the tail-end of Dutch before heading straight to Lunch. That God my afternoon classes weren’t interrupted!

But one of the main reasons I didn’t post Tuesday was because I have to spend more time on my studies when I have a Chemo Session. That’s important as I don’t want to fall any more behind than I already am.


Wednesday (today)

I was able to have a nice private chat with Bert today.

Bert is a nice lad, a 9th Former, and I was glad to get to know him better. He is a local transit, and did exceptionally well on his Entrance Exams, hence his acceptance into our school. His grade points are quite impressive as well, and the Dean Master and School Board wasted no time signing his admission papers.

He is a quiet, modest lad and jokingly chalks that up to being studious; loving to read, study, and dwell more on his school work and grades as opposed to trying to be a social person.

Bert (look-a-like)

Don’t get me wrong! He is not a recluse or anything – he just knows how and when to set his priorities, and they happen to be his school work first with all other things following. I admire that, and I see a little bit of me in him.

He lives about 6 blocks up from Theo, which is a bit better part of Amsterdam proper – but still considered in the poorer section. Bert is the oldest and has two younger sisters and two younger brothers. Both his parents are working parents and according to Bert, sometimes struggle to make ends meet.

He was fortunately awarded full Mission of Hope Scholarship money and accepted the lower fund of being a transit as opposed to a boarder. He said on his Entrance Exam that he felt he needed to be a transit to help out as much at home as possible. Another thing I admired about him! It also well impressed the Dean Master and the Board of Directors.

“It would just be a temporary assignment, Bert.” I told him after lunch as we walked to the Media Centre to have our chat. “A few weeks tops. Possibly to the end of September until Theo and Kees feel more comfortable riding the tram alone, and those thugs are a distant memory to them.”

“I suppose I could get on my tram and transfer a block from Theo and Kees tram stop, then walk down to theirs.” Bert contemplated quietly. “I just don’t want them to think I’m babysitting for them though, Amar.”

I had to chuckle!

“That’s exactly what Theo said, Bert.” I told him. “You three should get along just fine. Just consider this as more a Buddy System rather than a babysitting service. After all, you three are pretty close to the same age and all.”

So after a few more questions and sorting things out, Bert agreed to take on the task and would ride the tram and keep an eye on Theo and Kees for the next three weeks until they were safely at the haven of school.


“I like him!” Kees said after I had introduced Bert to him and Theo during final Base, and Bert had hurried back to his to gather his books.

“Yeah, he’s OK,” Theo nodded. “Not bad for a babysitter.” He added jokingly, causing us to laugh.

And so it was set! Bert would ride the tram to and from school with Theo and Kees, and I was confident the threesome would quickly become grand chums!

That’s a WONDERFUL thing!

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5 Responses to Bert

  1. Day says:

    I was encouraged to hear that your Tuesday’s chemo drip session was not as draining as it has been. I realize that these sessions are a necessary inconvenience that disrupts your school attendance, so please do not apologize for not posting each day. Your health and your grades always should come first. Besides, you always do a grand job of catching us up!

    Hooking up Theo and Kees with Bert the Babysitter was a ace idea. Seriously, this is about looking out for each other, and having one another’s backs. Besides, it’s a grand way to build new friendships. And from the sound of it, Bert is the type of chum anyone might benefit from. Once again, you found a way to take a bad circumstance and make it better.

    Hugs, Health, and Hope — Always Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you. ;)

  2. Roland says:

    I admire how you get to find such excellent solutions. I’m sure too Bert, Theo and Kees will become good chums. Three taking the ride to school will work.

    Take as much time for your studies as you need and take as much time to recover. Your first priority above all other aims is your health. I wish that you needn’t to fall back. For me, to get well again is far more important than to repeat a whole school class.


    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  3. JerBear says:

    I am glad that your chemo didn’t sap your energy this time around. I do admire your tenacity in keeping up with school while dealing with your treatment. I know you are determined to do well and that is very inspirational given all that life has thrown at you.

    Bert seems to be a likable lad and a person devoted to his school work. I can see why you admire him so. It was kind of him to agree to take on the buddying job. I am sure he, Theo and Kees will become good friends.

    I do have one question that is a hold over from previous posts? If it’s not too personal I am wondering why Carel is boarding this year? I am just curious as he seemed to be doing well at home. In any case it is gratifying to see the first scholarship recipient joined by even more this year. The project you took on a year and some months ago has now brightened the lives of more Dutch lads. Congratulations!

    Hugs of Hope,

    AMAR SAYS: It is quite simple why Carel is still a boarder. Because he was the first recipient of the Scholarship, he was given FULL tuition for as long as he was in our school. He has the choice to switch to being a transit, but at this point, he is choosing to stay a boarder as he has discussed this with his parents, the Dean Master, and even the school Doctor, as well as me and my dad. Carel feels being a boarder is best for him at this point – but he also has the choice to become transit as well. He said he will make that decision before the end of the First Term. He is also doing it as a benefit to help Pieter – who IS a boarder and is living with Carel and his family on weekends now. ;)

  4. Doug says:

    Buddies and whistles. Two simple, inexpensive yet effective ideas for addressing your little problem.

    I like it that Theo does NOT want a baby sitter. Despite the beating he took he wants to show his independence and strength. But Bert can be more than that. As Kees had noticed… they can be something better… FRIENDS!

    Bert is now officially adopted into Amar’s Brotherhood (with your permission of course!). He actually reminds me of me when I was that age… even his lookalike.

    Glad the Chemo drip isn’t hitting so hard this time. Back to the books!

    Hugs from me, Paul and his Mum visiting from England,

    AMAR SAYS: Of course Bert is in the Brotherhood. He will make a grand member!

    And have a jolly good time with Paul’s Mum! I think it’s quite ace she is there for a visit! ;)

  5. Evan says:

    That was a nice idea to team up Bert with Theo and Kees as a “not babysitter” ;) But the combination of additional numbers and Bert being a bit older will help provide a bit of extra security. And I do think they will become good chums through this interaction, and it will likely benefit Bert as much or more than Theo and Kees.

    Strengthening Hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

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