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Packing Up Our Troubles

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! It was a Grand time had by all last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed being with my family and Ben. I even was able to enjoy my … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Love!

  Happy 17th Birthday, Amar! The day is planned, and Amar won’t know about it unless he reads this post or until we head out for his birthday celebration. First of all, Erik will make sure Amar doesn’t read this … Continue reading

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Carel, Pieter, and Joopey!

OH, MY GAWD! It appears the soap opera saga continues – but now there is something new! On the tram ride to school this morning, Erik seemed fine and I think he was sorting things out in his heart and … Continue reading

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Problems Solved!

Just to let you know, the issues with Go Daddy (our server) seem to have been resolved and rectified. It appears the entire server site was “hacked” by a group known as Anonymous. They caused havoc to the entire server … Continue reading

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Mending Broken Fences

It has been a rough and tumble weekend for certain, and I was sure there would be plenty of fence to mend along the way. Erik seemed in a bit of a “funk” and out of sorts during the tram … Continue reading

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FIXED – with other issues!

Well, the problem with my site is fixed. Thank you to all of you who gave suggestions and tried to help, but dad said since we are paying for this, it is the responsibility of the server to fix and … Continue reading

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