Amar Faces a Challenge!

I am posting for Amar today since he is now in the midst of facing yet another challenge. This one is quite a bit different than his fight with the battle of his AML, Chemo Treatments, and such.

He mentioned he wanted me to fill you in on something major that happened today with a short post so none of you worry too much that he is not here telling you about it. He is already working on notes so he can re-create pretty much the beginning and ending facts for tomorrow’s post. Please bear with and be patient with him (as Amar would say!).

This has to do with Theo and Kees (more so, Theo, but Kees will undoubtedly be a big part as well in this). But I will be letting Amar tell you in his own descriptive words as to the events of yesterday that turned into one of his greater (and another of his many) challenges.

Amar is fine. He showed unprecedented strength and courage today, but is now quite exhausted physically and emotionally. I have been here with him to give him any comfort I can. He was definitely a Knight in Shining Armour today, and I am well proud of him. I was there – I should know.

I hate to keep you on this unfortunate “cliff-hanger”, but it HAS to be explained by Amar, and not me. Amar was the first one involved in finding the resolution, as he always seems to be in situations like this that involves any student of our school.

That’s why he is the Master Liaison. That’s why he is the Master in most everything he pursues and does in his life for others. That’s why he is Amar!

Amar is truly a Master of the Heart.

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10 Responses to Amar Faces a Challenge!

  1. Day says:

    Thanks for stepping in, Ben, and letting us know that a crisis with Theo and Kees has been averted by the swift, capable, and caring actions taken by Amar. I well understand your decision to forgo details as this may be best explained , first hand, by Amar himself. Please ensure he gets his much needed rest. Thanks again, Ben.


    BEN SAYS: Thanks for understanding, Day.

  2. JerBear says:

    Thanks for the update Ben. I know Amar has a big heart and is always there for a person in need. I await his, no doubt, masterful account of the event(s).


    BEN SAYS: He will tell all in tomorrow’s post.

  3. Ken says:

    Thanx, for all you do.

    BEN SAYS: ;)

  4. Roland says:

    Thank You Ben for writing this short post. Well done. You introduced some important news but giving us only one hint it has to do with Theo and Kees and Amar doing a great job is fine.
    I’m bursting with curiosity to get to know the whole story.

    My imagination:
    May be Theo and Kees fighting with each other. Differences of thinking and behaving. Theo in love with Kees but Kees not.

    Looking forward to read the story.


    BEN SAYS: It’s nothing like that, Roland.

  5. Evan says:

    Well Ben, looks like you’re pretty good at writing a cliff-hanger yourself! You have certainly learned from the master. Just glad that Amar is fine, so it is no problem waiting until he is able to tell us the full story.

    Strengthening Hugs,

    BEN SAYS: Thanks.

  6. Doug says:

    Thanks, Ben, for being the faithful supporter that you are and have always been since the day you met your love. I couldn’t have described his amazing abilities and successes in dealing with personal crises any better than you did… so I won’t try!

    Hugs to you, to pass on to your exhausted but ever willing Amar.

    BEN SAYS: Thank you! He will well appreciate that! ;)

  7. Day says:

    So nice to hear your thoughtful and caring voice again, Doug.

    BEN AND AMAR SAY: Yes it is!!!! :-D

  8. Ed H. says:

    Wish I could get away with Benny but I do like it. You have become very good at this blogging. I always thought you didn’t like doing them but they are getting longer and better from you. Good job.

    I just hope I can make it till tomorrow now. I just am glad you came and told us all is OK as I was wondering where our master blogger went to.

    You are a wonderful person Ben


    BEN SAYS: Thanks, Ed. :)

  9. Jeremy says:

    Ben & Amar,
    I thank you for keeping us up to date and for being “The Great Protector” of the “Master of the Heart.” Together you are unbeatable. I hope that Theo is mature enough to be trustworthy. We shall see. Until then -

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  10. steevo2 says:

    Being patient!

    AMAR SAYS: Well, something seems to be working, but it wasn’t on my part that I know of. ;)

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