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What a Year It Has Been!

Thank you to all my faithful followers! As I look back over 2011, I am amazed that the year flew by so quickly! I now have two million three hundred twenty thousand views to Amar’s World. I have published 807 … Continue reading

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Preparing Joopey for the North Sea!

Joop was WELL beside himself as soon as he woke this morning! He rolled over and looked at me with a huge crooked grin on his lips. Our noses were almost touching! “I am excited for to go on a … Continue reading

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The Plans Are Made

I told Erik after dinner last night that I wanted him to also help out with Joop to make him feel as much a part of our family as possible. “Maybe you can take one of the Group 6 books … Continue reading

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Slowly Reaching Within

I rolled over in bed and suddenly felt the void between Erik and me. I strained my neck around and looked at my digital clock – it was 1:37 in the morning. There was also something missing at the end … Continue reading

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What to Do About Joop

Personal Note: My thoughts and Prayers go out to the Royal Family in hopes that Prince Phillip has a full recovery! ************************************************* ************************************ Note: Joop speaks Dutch, and I’ve decided to no longer use my translation formula of Dutch/(English). I … Continue reading

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A More Than Memorable Christmas – 2011

Note: This post was written over a two and a half day period, so as you read it, I speak in present day time – i.e., Saturday’s post was written on Saturday and Sunday, and Sunday’s post was written partially … Continue reading

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