Amar is still busy.

Amar told me to post this if he wasn’t home from the university place yet, so since he isn’t, then I am not doing a post but just letting you know he won’t be going a post today. He is with Ben all day and they are doing Maths.

They decided to stay for a later Maths lecture after they had dinner there. So he might come on later when he gets home.

I still don’t like doing posts all that much but I will do one for Amar.

He told me he will have a big post for you tomorrow and will tell you all about stuff so stay tuned!

From Erik

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8 Responses to Amar is still busy.

  1. Doug says:

    Thanks, Erik!

    Next year it’ll be your turn to skip out of regular classes, hop on board a bus and see the university for a day. If they have a horticulture or biology department that might be great fun.

    Say, why not ask your Sciences or Bio Prof if they do A-level trips to those departments. Once you find out what’s available, maybe write to Carlton. I bet he could offer some grand suggestions for questions you could ask. Just sayin’…

    Hugs for you, Terra and that green-eyed one too,

    Erik says, I’m not sure I am ready for that tour thing.

  2. JerBear says:

    Thanks for the update Erik. I know doing posts isn’t always “your cup of tea” so I really appreciate your doing this for your brother.

    Amar, as always we will be excited to read your post tomorrow. I know how special it is to get time to spend with Ben and am happy you had time together today. I know one equation that is always correct: Amar + Ben = Love!


    AMAR SAYS: I’ll talk more about it in tomorrow’s post.

  3. Gimpy says:

    Thank you, Erik. Nice job keeping us posted!

    You are a terrific younger brother (I know because I am one too, and have been for a long time!).


    Erik says, thank you. :)

  4. Ringvejen says:

    Erik thank you very much for letting us know that Amar will not be posting today and will look forward to his post tomorrow.

    Regards and hugs

    Erik says, OK :)

  5. Daniel says:

    Hi Erik ,

    Thanks for let us know what’s going on. Oh , I alway’s like to hear from you too


    Erik says. Thanks you! :)

  6. tinricky says:

    Thanks for the update and taking the time to do it. Have a good evening.

    Erik says, Thank you. :)

  7. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the update, Erik. And thanks, too for not taking such deep, deep breaths before writing your sentences. :)


    Erik says, OK?

  8. Day says:

    Thanks Erik for filling in for your big brother. It’s always nice to hear from you, even if you don’t fancy writing too much. You always do a nice job, and the readers really appreciate it. Thanks again!


    Erik says, Ok, thank you Day. :)

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