Adjusting Erik Before Holiday

I well believe it has been raining here for the last three weeks! But that is how winter here in Amsterdam starts.

Mum did a well grand job on getting Erik’s room all done. Even the old dusty, dull desk that dad and I carried in was well polished and almost looked like new! Dad had the computer all set up, and Mum had nice drapes and a swell bedcover. I told them Erik was going to have a grand time sleeping on a bigger bed for a change! We all couldn’t wait to see his surprise when he saw his own room! I said I bet he gets weepy, and Mum said she bet we all would! I agreed! LOL

So, after lunch, I took the tram instead of having dad drive me. I said I wanted Erik to get to know the tram from school to here and back again for the times he might just come home on a weekend here if I was going to go to Ben’s or one of my other chum’s house after school.

Before I went to Erik’s room, I looked in on Marcus. It was well strange cuz he was fast asleep on his bed in the middle of the day. I wondered if it was because of the medication he was now taking? But he looked well cute laying there on his side in his skivs, so I went over to him and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. He moved a little and rolled onto his back, but didn’t wake up. I kissed his forehead and quietly closed his door and went to get Erik.

He was patiently sitting on his bed reading a joke book, and when he saw me, he jumped up and leapt into my arms, smothering me with kisses! He grabbed his tote and we were off to the tram stop. I explained he needed to get to know which tram to get on and where to get off, in case he was coming for the weekend and I was not there, or staying at a chum’s house. He was well excited, asking if he was going to be staying at our house every weekend from now on. I told him we would well work out the details with Mum and dad and the Dean Master.

Once home, he made the rounds, giving Mum big hugs and kisses, and dad the same! Then he said he was going to put his tote in my room and dashed up the stairs. Mum, dad, and me were all smiles as we all went up to my room. Dad winked at me and nodded, and I told Erik to grab his tote and follow me. He looked well confused, but picked up his tote and we walked down the hall to the next room. I said, “Go ahead and open it and have a look.”

The first thing Erik did was look silently around the new blue room. His mouth was open as wide as his surprised eyes as he slowly turned in a circle looking at everything. Then he looked at the three of us smiling and asked, “Is this . . . my room?” Mum, dad, and I nodded, causing Erik to squeal with joy as he now walked around the room touching everything, bouncing his bum on the bed, opening the dresser draws, sitting at the desk, kneeling and feeling the carpet, and looking out the window. Then he turned and looked at the three of us and burst into sobs as he ran over and hugged me and we all had a well sweet group hug as he continued to sob. Mum was right! We all got weepy along with him!

After a bit, he calmed, sitting on the bed and just looking around again. “I well love my room! Thank you so much!” Both Mum and dad gave him a kiss and hug, and left the two of us alone. I explained to Erik that when he stayed here, this was his own room, adding “I have my room, and you now have yours.” He showed a bit of a pout, until I said, “You’re still my little brother.” He asked if we would still “do stuff,” and I gave him a hug and kiss, saying, “At times, yes. But you well have to understand, Erik. I have Ben and other chums that might spend the night in my room, or at times I might spend the night at their house. That’s when you, my little brother, need to well respect our privacy if one of my chums stays here. Just like if you have a chum, like Kyle or someone stay over in your room, I will well respect your privacy.”

Erik got well excited saying, “You mean I can have a chum sleep over?” I smiled and nodded, telling him he was family, adding, “But you just can’t bring a chum home without letting Mum and dad know well in advance, OK?” He said “Deal!” and gave me a kiss. Then he got well quiet as he was thinking. He looked at me and asked, “Amar? Can I call them . . . Mum and dad?” I kissed him and said that would be up to him and whatever he felt comfortable with.

So I sat on the bed and watched him while he unpacked his tote and put his things in one of the drawers, then putting his empty tote in the closet. Next I explained that he would use the loo in the hall. Again he pouted asking, “I won’t be sharing yours?” I said the one in the hall would be his own private loo, and the only time he’d be sharing my room and my loo was when Granny and Gramps came for Christmastime and they’d be in his room for a few days and he’d be sleeping in my room. That brought a well sexy smirk to his lips!


At dinner, dad outlined the rules to Erik. Dad and I talked earlier that it’d be better coming from him rather than me. He explained the house rules, that he’d be assigned chores, “Just like Amar has chores, you will too, Erik.” He went on to tell him about cleaning up after yourself and basic study rules, even though it was going to be during holiday, “You are expected to maintain good study habits. I’m sure Amar will help you with that.”

It was well cute at bedtime. He gave Mum a hug and kiss and said, “Goodnight, Mum.” Which brought a sweet tear to Mum’s eyes. Then in the study, he gave dad a hug and a kiss and said, “Goodnight, Sir.” Dad looked at me as I shrugged and he gave me a wink.

Erik followed me into my room and we sat on my bed. “Next time I want to bring my pajamas.” He whispered. I asked why, and he said, he remembered getting ready for bed and putting on his pajamas, and going into the kitchen to give his Mum a kiss goodnight. “She was already well pissered drunk each night, but it was well nice just being in my pajamas and kissing her goodnight. Whether she even remembered or not, it sure gave me a nice warm feeling in my tum.” He leaned his head against my shoulder and I hugged him into me, kissing the top of his head. I whispered, “I used to do the same with Mum when I was a bit younger. I’d be in my jams and give her and dad a kiss goodnight. I think Mum would like that if you did.”

Erik looked up at me and we had a well sweet kiss. He told me he was going to well love having me as a big brother, and I told him I already loved having him as my little brother. We kissed goodnight, and he got up and headed to the door. But then he turned and blushed. “I don’t have a handkerchief . . .” I snickered and gave him a clean one, and he kissed again me and headed to his room.

Somehow I knew he’d be back, though. And it was in the middle of the night that I felt him crawl into my bed and snuggle against me. He said he couldn’t sleep, “Cuz everything was all new to him.” I well understood and told him so, asking if there were any other reasons he couldn’t sleep. I didn’t need to see him smiling in the dark, but I knew he was.

After, we just cuddled each other and soon Eirk was fast asleep. But I convinced myself that we couldn’t get into this habit. He had his room and I had mine. If we did “stuff” that’s well fine, but I didn’t want him to get into the habit of sleeping all night in my bed. So I gently shook him awake, and led the groggy lad to his own room and his own bed, tucking him in and kissing him goodnight before returning to my own bed and drifting off to a well fine deep sleep!


I woke well refreshed, smelled bacon cooking, and walked down the hall to peek in on Erik. I was well amazed that he wasn’t in his room, but his bed was made well proper, and his packed tote was sitting on the chair! I walked down the hall and listened at the stairs and could hear my little brother and Mum chatting it up in the kitchen. It gave me a well warm feeling in my tum just then, and I smiled and headed to my loo to take a quick shower.

Erik gave me a sweet hug when I walked into the kitchen. Mum was well pleased that “Erik is such a sweet helper, setting the table and helping prepare breakfast!” It was a grand breakfast of eggs and bacon and even Erik helped prepare and bake the cinnamon buns topped with sweet icing!

Dad told Erik he would get him a pass for the tram. Mum said she wanted to take Erik shopping on his next visit so he could have “some things that stayed here in his room so he didn’t have to drag his tote with him every time he came ‘home’. Erik was so overwhelmed, he had another hug and sob session, which we all understood.

Erik wanted to “Catch the tram alone” so he could learn, and he kissed and hugged Mum and dad before I walked him to the tram stop, hugging him and making sure he got on the right one, explaining the stop he needed to get off to be at the school.

Back home, I hugged Mum and dad well tight, feeling the wuss in me and the tears flow. I thanked them for being so caring for Erik. They asked me if I was “fine with the situation”, and I knew they meant if I was jealous or anything. I told them I loved them and loved Erik as a little brother. I said I knew over the holiday there may be times that might get a bit “testy”, but having Erik here was what I wanted, and I knew it was what Mum and dad wanted – but most of all it was what Erik wanted. That was all that mattered. Because now he had a family again.

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13 Responses to Adjusting Erik Before Holiday

  1. twinny says:

    Your whole familiy is a living role model to all of us.
    I totally feel like christmas now.

    Thank you so much.

  2. yugo 13 says:

    it is not easy to play the elder brother, when Erik has a loving feeling towards you, Amar.
    then patience.


  3. Steve says:

    Awesome Amar you make a well fine big brother for Erik :) glad you and your family are there for him at a time he most needs it. hugs

  4. Rene says:

    I am happy for you all.
    Just wondering what will happened after this schoolyear, but its still far away.



  5. Little Mark says:

    I think you did a real good job getting Erik situated to regular life in your house right from the beginning. He’ll be more than willing to follow the rules in exchange for that warm, fuzzy feeling of belonging some place special.

    Your mum and dad should be knighted for the way they are handling all of this. They definitely get my vote for parents of the year! :)



    AMAR SAYS: Thanks Mark. That’s well sweet for you to say.

  6. Kevin says:

    It will take him a little while to adjust to the new room. It seems like it is bigger than what he’s used to and thus is probably making him a little nervous. Perhaps next time just snuggle with him. It might be what he’s really looking for when he does it. The other stuff is a loved bonus. heh He’s a good kid by all appearances.

    The lower dosages of ritalin and even the stronger adderall don’t usually cause drowsiness. Not to that level. He’d probably had a long night or a hard morning.

  7. johnsworld says:

    Well it took a bit but finally got all caught up. Very nice to give Erik a little time to get use to staying at your place for the holiday, and who knows you might not have chums visiting all the time. :D Nice to have someone close by to share some body heat on those cold Amsterdam nights :D Like the road sign! Nice to set the rules down in advance and letting him have some friends over too, and who knows where that will lead. :D Hope you had a great week, I enjoyed time with my family and looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

    Hugs, lil bro.

  8. ken says:

    The ****(yours) family is the best. This is the sweetest kindest most generous deal I have ever heard of. I am totally overwhelmed by how much and how far you all have gone out for Erik. A little boy lost is now a little boy saved. Erik will warm up to your dad. His relationship with his father didn’t leave him anything to go by or build on. You will have to use your “magic” to show your little brother how to express love to your dad. Well bravo to all of you and may the Lil Bro Erik have the best holiday season ever.

  9. yugo 13 says:

    I do not succeed in sleeping! (4:20 am). I think that the rules of life are very important .Je know about what I speak since in period from school I live at my Martial uncle’s.

  10. C.J. says:

    I am so happy for you and Erik. But I have to admit I am a bit jealous. From the age of 7 or 8, I desperately wanted a little brother. My big brother and I were completely different and din’t get along most of the time. I was very quiet and shy and needed that unconditional love from a little brother. It certainly would have helped my self-esteem which was non-existent. I was going to say why I was in a bad place, but this is a happy time for all of your family. I’m not about to bring anyone down. I made it through, and that’s really all that matters.

    Your parents are the best. My parents took in my best friend for a year after his parents moved halfway across the country. LOL They didn’t abandon him if that’s what you’re thinking. He was in college and couldn’t afford his own place, his girlfriend was here and so were all his friends. It’s nice to see there are great parents all over the world.

    Hugs to you, Erik and your mum and dad


    AMAR SAYS: Thanks C.J. and hugs!

  11. Doug says:

    I remember nominating your parents for sainthood when they first invited Erik into your family. If Little Mark can get them knighted too, even better! :-)

    Kind of you to understand Erik’s needs during his first night, but also very wise that you set limits and gently enforced them. You need privacy too – Amar’s life is way too full to surrender that.

    >> “I used to do the same with Mum when I was a bit younger. I’d be in my jams and give her and dad a kiss goodnight. I think Mum would like that if you did.” I bet she’d REALLY appreciate it. Good of you to think of that.

    Just a perfect first visit, thanks for sharing…

    Morning hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: That’s well sweet, Doug. Thanks!

  12. midnight says:

    Its great that Erik loves his new room and I loved the way he had to go around to see and feel everything just to know that it was real. I think you and your parents are doing something fantastic for him. It is also something that he needs now too after all he has been through, something that he can actually call his own.

    I agree with Little Mark saying all three of you need to get a knighthood and I will take it one step farther, next year’s Nobel Peace Prize!!!!!


    AMAR SAYS: Thanks Midnight!

  13. Paul says:

    I have been very touched by your accounts of the affectionate and loving way you deal with your friends, and your family sounds the same. I don’t know how you have time to write something new in your blog in such detail and so often! I was trying to work out which country you live in – your English is so good that at first I thought it could have been the UK, but now I know it’s Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Some of your colloquial English expressions are rather out of date in England, though! (like your constant use of ‘well’). Also, your school has things like ‘Base class’ and so on which are not the words used in British schools, but I can guess what they mean. Good luck to you, from a well-wisher in England!

    AMAR SAYS: We used to live in Maidstone.

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