Woeful, Wistful Wednesday!

“Oh,oh,” I mumbled to Mum and dad when Erik came down to breakfast looking well awful and literally dragging his feet. “What’s wrong, little buddy?”

“My node id all thufft up and my throad is sore,” Erik mumbled, plopping down in his seat.

Mum immediately came round the table and put her cheek on Erik’s forehead. “You stay put, honey, and I’ll get the thermometer.” She said as she dashed from the kitchen only to return a moment later. “Under the tongue and no talking,” She added, slipping the digital thermometer into Erik’s mouth.

“37.4º (99.3º USA),” Mum said after the thermometer beeped and she read the numbers. “Drink your orange juice, Sweetie. You’re staying home from school today.”

“I can’t, Mumb!” Erik whined. “I don’t wand to miss anythink!”

“Listen to your Mum, Erik Christian.” Dad said calmly.

“Awwwww!” Erik grumbled.

“If you go to school and your cold gets worse, little buddy,” I reasoned, “You might miss more than one or two days. If you stay home and let Mum pamper you all day, you might be well enough faster rather than later.”

“Now you march back up to your room and get back into your jams and into bed, honey.” Mum instructed. “I’ll bring you some hot tea with honey in a bit.”

Erik got up and glumly climbed the stairs.

“How do you feel, Amar?” Mum asked, feeling my forehead.

“I feel fine, Mum.” I said. “I just don’t want to catch what Erik has, is all, so I hope you can get him better quickly.”

“If anyone can, your Mum can, Amar.” Dad winked at me.


“Where’s Erik?” Parker came up to me with a worried look in his eyes as I was walking into my Base.

“Erik’s at home sick, Parker. He woke with a pretty nasty cold and a slight fever this morning.” I said, looking at Parker’s suddenly woeful look. “Can you write down his assignments from today so I can give them to him when I go home?”

“Sure, Amar,” Parker sighed. “I’ll write him a get well card too. I hope he gets better soon.”

“Thanks, Parker.” I said, giving him a hug. “He’ll be back to school before you know it.”


“How are the two lovebirds?” I asked Carl as he joined Ben, David, and I as we walked to Chapel.

“Driving Rick and I bloody nuts!” Carl rolled his eyes.

“If they’re not in my room giggling and carrying on, they’re in Rick’s room giggling and carrying on!” Carl said.

“Are you going to ask the Dorm Master to room with Rick?” Ben asked.

“I already did and he said no,” Carl grunted. “But I found out Shayne and Lars asked him earlier, so he got a bit pissered. He said lads can’t just be up and changing roommates and rooms on a whim. I think he was in a bad mood last night anyhow, so maybe Rick and I can ask him when he’s feeling a bit more chipper. And maybe someone with an understanding heart can talk to the newlyweds.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Carl.” I snickered.


Shayne came up to me after lunch and gave me a big hug before planting a wet kiss on my cheek.

“Thanks SO much, Amar!” He said, floating next to me as we walked.

“Where’s Lars?” I asked, looking around and not seeing him.

“He’s having a serious talk with his roommate, Rick.” Shayne said. “I guess Rick was kind of pissered that we were distracting him last night. But Lars said he’d meet me later in the Media Centre.”

“You know Carl was also a bit pissered last night at the two of you.” I said as we ended up walking to the Media Centre. “I think you and Lars need to take a few deep breaths and take things down a few notches. I know this is all brand new to you two, but you also have to think of everyone else around you, Shayne.”

“I wish Lars and me could be like Ben and you, Amar.” Shayne sighed as he plopped next to me on the large sofa in the cubby. “You and Ben are so natural.”

“That’s because we breath normally, Shayne – we don’t pant when we’re around each other, especially not in public.” I winked at him. “And you also need to go slow. This is all new to Lars, and I don’t want to see either of you hurt.”

“I guess we did kind of take that plunge kind of quickly, didn’t we?” Shayne pondered. “But at least I’m not in love with Carl anymore.”

“You were never in love with Carl, Shayne.” I said bluntly. “You were however completely infatuated by him. Do you know the difference between infatuation and love?”

“I’m not quite sure,” He mumbled.

“When you’re infatuated with someone, for example, Carl,” I began, “It’s like you are possessed by an unreasoning passion and attraction. That can tend to cause someone, like yourself, to act well foolish as if you were really in love with someone like Carl. You behaved like you were crazy in love with him, when in fact you really weren’t because it was all one way, coming from you. I think your feelings are far different with Lars – as are his feelings for you. Does that help you understand better?”

“I guess I pretty much knew I could never go further with Carl than just that one little kiss.” Shayne whispered. “I wished I could, but deep down I knew I couldn’t.”

“Wishful yearning, Shayne,” I put my arm around his shoulder. “That’s called being wistful.”

“But it’s not that way with Lars, Amar.” He smiled at me. “Unlike Carl, I know I can go further with Lars.”

“But just – go – slow, Shayne,” I said. “Don’t force your love on each other. Let it happen between you and Lars naturally, and I promise it will be beautiful.”

“THERE you are!” Lars said, putting his hands on his hips when he suddenly appeared in front of us.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” I said, giving Shayne a quick kiss on the cheek before I got up and gave Lars one as well. “Remember, GO SLOW!” I gave my final warning to Shayne leaving the two with a wink.


“How are you doing, little buddy?” I said as I sat on the edge of Erik’s bed and looked at my miserable-looking brother.

“I’mb sick, Amar,” Erik mumbled as he snuggled under his covers. “My chest hurds and my throat hurds.”

“Awww, I’m so sorry, little buddy,” I said, kissing his forehead.

Mum had set up a vaporizer in his room, and the nostril-opening smell suddenly reminded me of something well special. That’s when I ran downstairs to the kitchen as Mum was preparing dinner and a side pot of soup for Erik!

“Mum!” I said breathlessly. “Remember when I was younger and we lived back in Maidstone? Do you have any of that Eucalyptus Oil so I can draw Erik a bath?”

“I don’t think so, honey,” Mum said. “Besides, Erik or you don’t have a tub in your loo anymore.”

“But you and dad have one in YOUR loo!” I smirked.

“Check the back of the linen closet in the hall, Amar.” Mum said. “And if you find some oil, don’t make the water too hot.” I heard her add as I ran back upstairs.

“I’ve nebber used Mum and dad’s loo before, Amar.” Erik said as he sat starkers on the side of the large tub as I drew the bath with steamy water. “They won’t commb in, will they?”

“Relax, little buddy,” I snickered. “It’s not like they haven’t seen you starkers before. But don’t worry, they won’t come in.”

I poured a bit of the potent eucalyptus oil into the water, and instantly the loo filled with wonderful memories and odours from my childhood. Then I swished the water around with my hand to mix it up before I helped Erik step into the deep bathtub.

“My eggs bedder not get hard boiled, Amar!” He said, sucking in a low squeal as he gently eased himself down into the steaming water.

“Trust me, little buddy,” I said. “After you soak in here for a half hour, you will feel SO much better. Mum always cured my colds and chest congestions with this treatment.”

“Mmmm,” Erik hummed softly. “I feel bedder awready, Amar.”

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11 Responses to Woeful, Wistful Wednesday!

  1. Hazedge says:

    Poor Erik. :(
    Get well soon little buddy …
    With Mum’s tender care and Amar’s love, I am sure you will heal fast.


    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, I will tell him. :)

  2. Ringvejen says:

    Poor Erik I can imagine that was the last thing he wanted to get at the moment especially as he was really enjoying being a member of the lighting team so much,but I am sure that under your Mums expert care he will soon be back to normal in no time.
    Think your explanation to Shayne was absolutely spot on and hopefully he will slow down and take his time as it could still be a bit bewildering to Lars.
    Once again Doctor Amar comes to the rescue and this time it is to help Erik soak in a bath with Eucalyptus oil .
    Regards and hugs

  3. Jerbear says:

    So dealing with 2 sorts of sickness today are we? First you discover Erik is ill with a nasty cold then you encounter a love-sick Shayne. I’m not sure which is easier to deal with, but I would guess it’s Erik’s Cold. Being love sick can last a wee bit longer than a cold.

    I think your advice to Shayne was very wise. Taking it slow and respecting each other and those around you. Shayne was treating Carl like all those screaming lasses at a Teen Idol’s concert. There is something about being young that confuses lads and lasses when it comes to infatuation and love. Shayne just had it a bit worse than average.

    I do hope your special aromatic bath does the trick for Erik. It does sound like he has a well nasty cold. I do hope the virus limits itself to Erik. Just remind him to cover his mouth when he sneezes and everyone should wash their hands frequently – the best infection prevention in the world!

    I also should not forget poor Parker. I know he really misses Erik. It is times like this that remind us of how much someone means to us.

    So to you, your brother, mom, dad, Parker, Ben, Shayne, Lars and all your chums, here’s to your health (a toast to all with orange juice of course).

    Healthy Healing Hugs,

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks! ;)

  4. Phil says:

    That nasty cold is going around. Just last week I was sick, not with the congestion but the stomach flu… it was not pleasant… my fever was 101.8 (US), I was pale, and slept all day long since I was so weak. I hope Erik returns to his normal self in no time. I’m sure you concocting the bath helped as well. Get Well!!

    AMAR SAYS: Thank you. I’m glad you are better now. :)

  5. Day says:

    Poor Erik; plagued with a cold and sore throat. I understand and applaud his desire to be at school. Yet, risking his own speedy recovery and passing along the virus to others is woefully unwise. Mum knows best. It’s back to bed, young man, for some well proper motherly pampering!

    I can well imagine the Dorm Master being quite pissered with requests for room changes from Shayne, Lars, and Carl. He is wise enough to see what is going on between Shayne and Lars, and how it is manifesting itself in disturbing Carl and Rick.

    But the Dorm Master is not running a home for love sick lads, and he certainly does not want to get into the habit of allowing lads to change room mates on a whim. First and foremost the Dean’s duty to ensuring the highest standards of the school, academically, morally, and ethically. And while the Dean is tolerant and accepting, there is the matter of appropriateness as you have pointed out to Shayne in defining your and Ben’s relationship.

    Right now, I don’t get any sense that Shayne and Lars are able to demonstrate restraint in displaying affection for one another. Rooming them would be like tossing petrol on the flames of their passion. They need to demonstrate greater maturity before being considered as room mates.

    And at home, with ailing Erik. A nice soothing Eucalyptus Oil steam bath was just what the doctor ordered to speed his recovery. One, just like mum used to do for her oldest son

    Amar — Counselor by day, caring brother at night. All on a woeful, wistful Wednesday.

    PS: I look forward to hearing how your conversation goes with Dorm Master over the
    “room mate crisis”!


    AMAR SAYS: I changed some of your “Dean Master” to Dorm Master, Day. It is the Dorm Master’s responsibility on room changes and being in charge of things in the Dorms, not the DEAN Master. ;)

  6. Day says:

    Thanks for the correction. That makes much more sense.

    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  7. LittleMark says:

    Awww, I hope Erik gets well soon!!! I think he’s just trying to get all those Winter germs out of his system so Spring can come rushing inside of him making him feel all alive and new. ;)

    It’s very nice of you to take the time and care for him. I feel a bit of a chill coming on too…achew achew. Does Dr. Amar make house calls? ;) ;)

    Good job talking with Shayne, but somehow I think it’s going to be awhile before those two can reduce the drama around one another. Maybe a trip for them to the North Sea would help them get some of it out of their system….then again maybe not! lol

    Hugs and tell Erik I hope he’s better soon.


    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Mark. I know it will take a while for Shayne and Lars. And actually, Ben will let me know tomorrow about the North Sea trip this weekend. ;)

  8. steevo says:

    I suggest you encourage L&S to communicate! I have noticed that is often a huge problem with gay or wondering youngins! They do not have the language skills to really listen or the skills are numbed by being so hot to trot! They may also be unable to say what they feel. They may not have the words. IN Lars case he may not be as comfortable as Shayne is with “acting” on his feelings. Maybe you and Ben could do some big bro sessions. They admire you no end, so use that to help them? I am sure they would have many questions and you can get in a few hints on how to deal with all this “new stuff”. You are very good at asking questions that help a lad clarify an issue in his mind, or have something to think about and consider.

    And playing and having fun is OK! They do not have to be so serious about everything. Enjoyment cements connections! …as it were!


    AMAR SAYS: We shall see! ;)

  9. tinricky says:

    Putting Lars and Shayne in the same dorm room may not be the best thing at the present time. Give them some time for things to settle down alittle before that next big step. A little control and restraint may be the wiser choice at this time. Coaching and counseling with you and Ben to answer some important questions is a very good Idea.

    Tell Erik that we all hope he gets better soon. I just got over a nasty one myself and I really feel for him. The fact that he is out of school is probably worse for him than the cold itself. Rest and liquids and tender motherly care are in order.


    AMAR SAYS: I don’t think the will become roommates anytime soon. :-?

  10. Evan says:

    Poor Erik! But it is far better for him to stay home to recover as quickly as possible, not to mention avoiding spreading whatever he has to others at school. Get well soon Erik!

    I agree with Day that this request for roommate changes was not likely to be granted. The Dorm Master is not in the business of arranging hookups and they clearly do not want to overtly encourage such things (there are no locks on the doors after all). While Marcus and Jason are roomies and a couple but they have been roommates from the very beginning and are considerably more discreet than Shayne and Lars. I also agree they probably aren’t mature enough to keep calm if they have constant “access” to each other.

    Still not sure if Shayne really “gets it” this time around. He still seems to be defining the difference in his loving feelings as how “far” he can get. Despite this, it does seem clear he does have real deeper feelings for Lars, and it is a very positive sign that they both have the goal to model their relationship after yours and Ben’s. You are going to have to keep a close eye on them, so they don’t blow their relationship before it has a chance to get going.

    Get well hugs for Erik,

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Evan. Time will tell with those two, along with Ben’s and my help. ;)

  11. Doug says:

    Amar, sorry I haven’t commented this week. Crazy busy here, as you know.

    Your date with Carl was brilliant, what a great evening for two music lovers. The quiet chat you shared later – eye to eye, breath almost mingling – was both incredibly sexy and yet totally respectful of your different feelings. He trusted you and you respected his limits. I don’t know how you controlled yourself, lol, but you did and that earned Carl’s friendship.

    Sorry Erik’s down with a cold but of course he’s doing the right thing by staying home. When people come to work like that we run away from them as fast as possible. Just stay home! Your description of the eucalyptus bath was so evocative I could almost smell the vapors (oops… vapours!) from here. Get well soon Erik!

    Great job getting Lars to TALK about his feelings for (and especially with) Shayne. I was afraid to do that with anyone until I was 22, so missed out on the joys (and heartaches) of young love. That’s an amazing time to enjoy, as you and Ben well know. I hope L&S can take it slow enough so neither gets hurt. You’re doing your best to help them, I know.

    Agree with the other commentors about them not swapping rooms willy nilly. They aren’t mature enough yet and the dorm is a school, not a love hotel, lol. (Remember 2 years ago when you wanted to take Ben on your Boarder experience? Your Dad and others said no and, as you quickly realized, they were right. A love weekend was not the purpose of your visit, lol.)

    SUGGESTION: have L&S prepare a respectful proposal to the Dorm Master that they be allowed to room together next year, PROVIDED that they meet certain conditions. The Dorm Master, Dean Master and even Carl, Rick and you should have some input on what the conditions are. This will teach them patience and purposeful planning, and make it all the more valuable when they finally do room together… they’ll have earned it.

    Hugs to you and the lovebirds, and Erik too,

    AMAR SAYS: Thanks SOOOO much for your comment, Doug. :)

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