My Date with Carl

First of all, I want to thank Ben, my love, and congratulate him on his well BRILLIANT post on Friday! When he told me he had an idea for a bit of a different post, I was somewhat sceptical. But when he explained to me that it would be somewhat in a BBC news format – I was a bit intrigued, but wondered at the same time how he would pull it off.

Well, I had some grand laughs when I read it, and it also appeared that many of the readers were pleased and enjoyed it as well. My Ben never ceases to surprise and amaze me! Now it appears he could actually take my place!

I also want to thank David for his participation and humour, which added a bit of his wonderful wit and playful sarcasm to spice up the newscast.

I love you two with all my heart!




Oh my, were Shayne and Lars watching our every move! From their antics at lunch with all the blowing of kisses, to their near drooling as I came into the dorm room as Carl packed his overnight tote!

“Are you SURE you two are going to this orchestra concert thing?” Shayne asked, as him and Lars sat on Shayne’s bed, legs crossed quite lady-like as they watched the two of us.

“Why do you choose to get on my nerves just because I am going to the Concertgebouw Orchestra Hall with Amar, Shayne?” Carl grumbled as he walked to his closet and took out his blazer. “Sometimes you can be so annoying whether you intend to be annoying or not!”

“Well, I’m just a bit jealous that you and Amar are going out on a date.” Shayne said, as if the Queen was scolding the Prince.

Carl threw his blazer on the bed and roughly stuffed a few more things in his tote. I could tell he was irritated because he was gritting his teeth.

“So what do you and Lars have planned for YOUR date this evening, Shayne?” I asked quickly before Carl could react. “Dinner at a private table in the Dining Hall might be nice. Maybe you two could take a nice hand in hand stroll through the dim hallways afterwards, and perhaps do a bit of snuggling in your private room tonight?”

Shayne grinned and Lars blushed.

“Just don’t use my bed!” Carl smirked as he put on his coat, grabbed his blazer and tote and the two of us walked out of the room as we heard Shayne and Lars giggling before Carl closed the door.

“Thanks, Amar,” Carl said as we headed for the tram. “I was about to ring Shayne’s bloody neck!”


It was obvious that Carl had a well proper upbringing, as he addressed Mum and dad as “Ma’am” and “Sir”.

Mum did the meal up just right, and her Roast Beef was by far the best she’s ever prepared – with fresh roasted green beans and creamy mashed taters with butter and gravy!

After dinner, Carl and I brushed our teeth and freshened up a bit.

“Your loo is ace, Amar!” Carl said, looking around at everything. “I can’t wait to use your fancy shower tomorrow morning.”

“You’ll have to check Erik’s blue shower stall out as well, Carl.” I said.

It was still too early to leave since it didn’t start until 8:15 pm. And dad was going to drop us off at 8:00 pm. So we just lounged around my room, polishing up our shoes and talking about all sorts of things – mainly the play and how he was proud of his crews and the work they were doing, and also how much he like Reece.

But at 7:30, we put our ties back on and brushed our hair before donning our blazers. I will say Carl looked well sharp in his blazer! We both were starting to get butterflies dancing and flying around in our tums as dad prepared to drive us down to Concertgebouw Orchestra Hall for our wonderful night together!

Dad dropped us off and said he would meet us back here after, which was about 10:15 or 10:30 pm.

I think both Carl and I just stood there for a few minutes looking up at the beautiful building with its ornate exterior.

But once inside, we were totally in awe and gazed around wide-eyed and with mouths agape like two young lads experiencing a Candy Shoppe for the very first time!

We almost felt underdressed for a moment as there were several men in tuxedos, and a lot of the women wore formal dresses, some even with white gloves that went well past their elbows, like white, silk casts. Carl and I even joked softly that Reece should have had such a soft, moveable cast at the beginning!

But we started to feel more at ease as we wandered slowly toward the Great Hall and saw several other gentlemen in normal suits or blazers and tie.

Carl and I decided to hit the loo, just to be on the safe side before going into the Great Hall! Even the loo was ornate, and there was a gentleman there ready to hand us a small towel after we washed our hands!

We then stood in the short queue at one of the doors.

“Welkom bij Concertgebouworkest Hall.” (Welcome to Concertgebouw Orchestra Hall.) The kind gentleman said to us at the entrance to the Great Hall.

“Dank U”, I replied with a nod and a smile as Carl and I handed him our tickets and he gave us our programmes – The Ultimate Vision of Beethoven.

Once inside, and again in total awe, an usher looked at our ticket stubs and nodded for us to follow him to the 25th row. (The white arrow shows about where we sat.)

“I can’t believe what grand seats you got, Amar.” Carl whispered as we sat in the two seats right on the middle aisle. “This is going to be so wonderful.” He added looking at me with a smile as his eyes glazed with tears – along with mine!

Bernard Haitink is BRILLIANT!!

Even though we were 25 rows back from him, it was exciting to see him so “up close”! The Chamber Orchestra of Europe was also heart-stopping in their performances!

The Leonore No. 3 (similar to the one I posted in the Snuggle post yesterday) was SO much better hearing live! There was so much excitement in the piece, from the soft valleys to the thunderous mountaintops! Carl and I whispered to each other that it was a GOOD thing we used the loo before we came in, otherwise there would have been a couple of damp seats to explain!

The 7th Symphony in A, Opus 92 was also a brilliant piece, and Carl and I kept nudging each other with our arms or knees to silently tell each other we liked this movement or that!

There was a 20 minute intermission, and we wandered about gawking once more, but this time we were carrying a glass of bubbly champagne which was complimentary, along with a choice of wine, to all attending!

But by far, they saved the best until last! The 4th Symphony in B flat, Opus 60 had both Carl and I a bit weepy with the beauty of the piece! When it was finished, both Carl and I wished we could hit the replay button and have it performed all over again! Of course, Bernard Haitink received a LONG standing ovation!


“Thanks so much, Amar.” Carl said as the two of us lay in bed after I turned the light off. “I had a grand time tonight.”

“You’re welcome, Carl.” I said. “I’m glad you were the one who was with me, since I knew not too many others would appreciate the music as much as you.”

“I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we first met.” Carl sighed. “I was pretty much a pain in your arse at first, huh?”

“You definitely had a chip on your shoulder, Carl.” I snickered. “You were an arrogant, head-strong lad who just didn’t like anyone telling you what to do. You came a long way since then, and I’m glad you and me are good chums now.”

“Thanks for not giving up on me, Amar.” Carl whispered as he rolled over on his side and looked at me.

My eyes were adjusted to the dark as I too turned toward him and saw the faint outline of his face. “I don’t give up on many people, Carl. Especially if I know they have what it takes in their heart.”

“Do I have what it takes, Amar?”

“You have more than what it takes, Carl.” I said, leaning forward and kissing his nose.

“Thanks,” He said softly. “I’m glad I have you as a chum.”

“Me too.”

“Reece and Joopey told me to be on the lookout for Erik and Parker sneaking in your bed in the morning.” Carl said.

“You want me to lock my bedroom door, Carl?”

“That’s OK, Amar.” He whispered, letting out a puff of sweet breath as we just looked at each other in the darkness.



No, Erik and Parker didn’t sneak into my room or my bed this morning.

Carl and I slept in a little later than I was used to, but we did stay up later than normal just talking. We talked about Ben and me, and we spent time talking about Shayne and Lars as well.

I told Carl I secretly fancied him because he was so cute, and we had a good quiet giggle over that. He told me he somewhat fancied me as well, but he was certain it wasn’t in the same way – although he said he liked sharing an occasional kiss with me, and he did enjoy our mutual wank together – but he didn’t think he could take things any further with someone; just not yet, at least.

We did promise complete secrecy, but I also told him I would tell Ben, since we held no secrets between us.

“I think that’s why I like Ben and you so much, Amar.” Carl said. “You’re so open and honest with each other.”

“Ben and I have to be, Carl.” I said. “That’s one of the things that help keep our love and our relationship so strong.”

After breakfast and a shower, Carl and I planned out our day. I also offered him another invitation to spend another night, and he readily accepted.

Erik and Parker were planning on “Green housing” at school most of the day, so Carl and I took a different direction.

We rode bikes to the Music Store, since it has been a while since I’ve seen Mr. Harper and Marten. We must have spent a good two hours there – Carl trying out and playing a few violins and even a viola.

It was also grand to see Hummer once again! I was so glad that the Harpers were well pleased having him teaching lessons, and he evidently has become quite the popular teacher!

“It probably won’t be long before we move Hummer to full time, Amar.” Marten said.

Hummer also was now out of the Shelter and living in a small studio apartment above the Music Store!

 Carl and I found a nice place to have lunch, and then I came up with the idea to visit Ben afterward.

Ben was surprised, but so glad to see us, and thanks to his dad, he gave Ben a break from helping him in the wood shop, and treated us to an ale as we went up to Ben’s room to spend some time chatting.

We told Ben all about the grand time we had at the Symphony, and it was so nice that the two of us could get to know Carl better.

Up until now, pretty much all I knew was that Carl was from Liverpool, but we knew nothing about his family. It turns out, he has a brother named Graham who is 3 years younger than him, and we learned Graham will be attending our school in the 7th Form beginning the fall of this year! Graham also plays the cello!!

He also has a sister who is 5 years younger. Her name is Kaila, and unfortunately she has Multiple Sclerosis and is confined mainly to a wheelchair, which we thought was well sad and Ben and I gave Carl a big hug.

Carl’s middle name is Simon, (which I told him I loved) and he said he has been playing the violin since the age of 7. His Mum is a Music teacher in a Liverpool school, and his dad is a Paediatric Doctor!

Eventually, Ben had to get back to helping his dad, and Carl and I had to bike back to my house before it started getting dark. It WAS nice that Ben gave me a grand kiss, and it was even sweeter that he gave Carl a little kiss as well! I did invite Ben to spend the night, but he couldn’t as he had to help his dad finish this project that needed to be delivered on Monday. He also hinted at a trip to the North Sea soon!

“Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do with Amar, Carl.” Ben warned playfully, making Carl blush scarlet as we rode off on our bikes.


Sunday (today)

Briefly, before this turns into a novel –

Carl and I stayed up late again last night just chatting, listening to music (Bach and Tchaikovsky) and me teaching him how to play chess.

We exchanged another kiss after we got into bed, but that was all we did, which was fine with both of us for now. I figured if Carl wanted to ever do anything again, he would be the one to ask me, and I told him I would never press anything on him that would make him feel uncomfortable.

“That’s why I like you so much, Amar.” He said, giving me another kiss before we fell asleep.

He left for school with Parker shortly after breakfast, and Erik and I spent most of this day catching up on the studying neither one of us did on Friday night or all day Saturday!

It was a well beautiful weekend, and I am so glad I could spend it with Carl, because we are now so much closer than we were before.

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6 Responses to My Date with Carl

  1. Ringvejen says:

    Once again your descriptive writing has brought everything to life with an amazing effect and I am glad that you enjoyed every minute of the whole experience at the concert and absolute agree that attending a live concert in person cannot be beaten.
    I think that this weekend will have strenghtend the friendship between you and Carl as a good chums and the fact you have got to know about his family always makes it easier. It seems that he is quite accepting of the relationship between you and Ben just as David has and just maybe he will be able to join you on one of the North Sea visits .
    Regards and hugs

    Sorry forgot to say it was great news that Hummer will be teaching full time soon and that he has now moved from the shelter into a studio flat above the Music shop and he seems to be well on his way back.


    AMAR SAYS: ;)

  2. LittleMark says:

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful weekend with us, Amar! Carl certainly sounds special and it’s always nice to have someone who shares the same interests. The present Erik gave you was extra special as well so you could enjoy the concert.

    I’ve always loved just being inside great concert halls even when they’re empty. There’s something about them that just lifts my spirit even more so than a church.

    And of course there’s Ben who is extra special, kind and understanding. ;)

    I bet Shayne will have been going nuts when Carl spent a second night with you! That should prove to be quite interesting on how Shayne will be tomorrow…. lol



    AMAR SAYS: Thanks, Mark! ;)

  3. Day says:

    What a wonderful weekend for you and Carl. Hearing a live performance of a cherished composer in a grand concert hall with a world class orchestra led by the renowned Bernard Haitink — priceless.

    And the bond you formed with Carl certainly grew ever deeper. I was a bit surprised that you shared intimate moments with him. He seems to be sorting out his feelings. It may lend understanding as to why Shayne’s teasing so unnerves him.

    It was nice that you went to visit Ben. Your deep love for one another built on a foundation of openness, honesty, and respect is truly admirable.

    Another grand chapter in a remarkable story — I eagerly await the novel!


    AMAR SAYS: One thing just led to another – quite naturally, I might add. ;)

  4. tinricky says:

    Wonderful post. I am sure that this weekend will be in your mind for quite a while. Brilliant concert with a charming mutually interested, understanding friend. A visit with the chocolate eyed wonder of your life. The chance to get to know a good chum better. Spending time with your brother. Relaxing. What a well grand weekend you have to remember.
    Curious to hear all the Questions that Carl got from Shayne when he got back to School.
    Enjoy your evening.


    AMAR SAYS: Yes, those questions from Shayne SHOULD prove to be interesting. I’m sure I will hear tomorrow! :roll:

  5. Jerbear says:

    Thanks Amar. Once again you have outdone yourself and written a wonderful post. I can tell just how excited you and Carl were as you attended the magnificent concert. You are right in saying that a live orchestra is wonderful. I have a few 5.1 audio surround sound recordings of classical works and those come close but there is no substitute for the real thing!

    There are so many tidbits in your story that were quite wonderful, from your deft handling of Shayne and Lars to the shared experiences with Carl as sleep drew near but the best was your time with Ben. I loved that part because it says so much about you and Ben and the wonderful relationship you have with each other. One of the reasons your relationship with Ben is still going strong is your openness and honesty with each other. It is good that Carl experienced that as it will serve him well when he finds the right lad or lass for him.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post. Yes Ben did a wonderful job filling in but you are still the undisputed master! You can take scenes from your life and make them leap off the page like a 3D movie. We are lucky you give us a peak into your world on a regular basis. We also get to know the lads that are your good chums like Carl. Thanks for taking us along for the ride!


    AMAR SAYS: Thank you, Jerbear. ;)

  6. Gimpy says:

    So glad the weekend was fun, as well as memorable, Amar. Carl certainly has come a long way since encountering you, as have so many others whose lives you have touched. And any concert that includes the “Pastoral Symphony” has got to be good – it has always been my favorite of the nine – although whenever I hear it now, I immediately think of how it “looked” in Disney’s “Fantasia” (not a bad thing!). And I must say that your writing is even more colorful when you are describing something that particularly inspires you.

    Speaking of those whose lives you have touched, it is wonderful that Hummer is doing so well, and that so many more people are now benefiting from his talent.

    And, although it is true that Ben’s and David’s post was quite brilliant, you must realize, Amar, that you could never be replaced! Have a great week.


    AMAR SAYS: Awww, thanks, Gimpy. That was nice of you to say. ;)

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