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Making Choices

The last day of July! Now was the time things would start to move as we walk into August and so many of us will be thinking about and anticipating the start of school. Some lads more so than others, … Continue reading

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A Small Bit of Heaven!

Friday/Saturday early am It was nice cuddling with Ben all night, and I had the perfect rest. Although I was SO looking forward to the trip to the North Sea, I could barely sleep and was a bit restless. Joopey … Continue reading

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Taking Charge!

Ben here. . . Amar’s Chemo drip session went as normal today, but I have stepped in and taken FULL charge over the situation! Naturally, this has brought many a “Grrr’s” growling from Amar’s throat, but I pay no heed … Continue reading

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BIG Steps for a Little Lad!

I heard the noise and soft clicking in the darkness. At first, I thought it was Terra scratching at an itch or chewing on something. I was half in and half out of sleep, but then in the dim darkness … Continue reading

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The Doctor’s Decision

From my Chemo session on Monday (yesterday), it appears my platelet count is up a little, but it is still my Haemoglobin that tends to fluctuate and causes a bit of concern. One is good, the other, not so! The … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Surprise!

First of all, I just want to thank all of you who have mentioned to me that you have ordered, received, and are wearing orange wrist bands! That means loads to me, but more so it means your contribution in … Continue reading

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